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  1. ScreamingDingo


    The canopies would encase the area in the deep tones of green that would collapse over the forest, a dreary yet peaceful sign of nature as a lone man would traverse through its bed. The branches would swing and rustle, ever following the intruder upon their space with each movement meticulous. The wind would stain itself with the scent of pine, with the suffocation of the senses through overwhelming the mind and body which would hinder most except for the intruder below. The symphony of nature and its true personification, nothingness. The stillness of the air and forest were mesmerising to him, but this had become his haven away from society. He’d approach the entangled ruins, his cloak of leather shifting which each movement as the man would embark on the journey to traverse the jutting peaks of stone that would break from the density of the forest. Where the wind would linger briefly and then pass by without another trace, where the birds would not perch and sing, this was where nature had overtaken man. His boots would clatter against the stone, their make allowing for the outlying stone to not be any burden to his journey. Time had passed as he entered the heart of the ruins, a lone map would sit in the center of the outlying area. The surrounding outcrop of the wilderness was encamped by four distinct areas to each cardinal direction, a fortress and outpost to the west and south, with a hamlet and a military camp to the north and east respectively. The inner depths of the forest sanctum were scrawled with previous markings either done by the man himself, or wherever this map was retrieved from. A tattered banner of red and yellow would be in the corner of the small area, hung up next to a makeshift weapons rack that would hold the man’s arsenal. An arbalest would lay on the bottom, while two axes would drape themselves across one another by the branches of the rack. One head made of silver and the other made of steel, yet both stained with blood and showed obvious wear. The man would drop his hood to revealed the disheveled appearance beneath it, age had taken his toll upon his entire form it seemed. His eyes carried the murky brown that most low-born were accompanied with, while the fuzz of grey would overtake his defined features upon his jawline. Streaks of grey would come through his mattered and otherwise dark hair, which hung loosely below his ears and glanced against his shoulders. A simple sigh and a yawn came from the man as he’d approach the other side of the small hideout, where a hole would be dug out and a large metal pot would be draped upon it. A contained fire it seemed, where smoke was to be hidden when possible. He was nestled between two sets of decrepit walls, where both of his flanks were covered by high outcrops that lead further into the forest. Contained and secluded, it is all that the man wished for. He would unclasp the cloak that would hang from his neck and place it over near the dug out pit, a cracking of joints and bones following as he would roll his neck around. After such a movement, the man would unclasp each of the straps upon his leather gloves. Distinct clicks and rattles coming from the glove before the man’s flesh would be revealed beneath. A scarred and brutalised hand, a faded brand wrapping itself around his palm and over the back of it. Though, it reached within the pot and grasped onto a morsel left from the last few days, the softness of meat before it rots is the most tender. The man would then slip the morsel of meat into his mouth, a squelched smack of his lips as he’d chew upon the meat. The silence would linger for the moment before it’d be broken by the sudden snapping of branch from the upper outcrop, the man’s vision shifting as he’d spot the yellow and red banner now raised from that position. The cascade of metal and men would fill the otherwise silent outcrop as soldiers would rise from the foliage, arbalests and swords at the ready as the men would assemble. But the single man would simply stand there, his finger slowly removing itself from his lips as he’d come to the realisation of what happened. The last morsel, the last piece of life within his pitiful existence. “Stand down! We of the Barony of Braibent have come to claim the bounty upon your head, of ten thousand marks!” The order would be simple, yet the man would gaze over to the other side of the outcrop where an almost mirror like assembly would make itself apparent. The man’s eyes would dart to each of the men, remarking their weapons and form. Though his count would be lost as he’d reach at least the tenth man on the adjacent outcrop, outnumbered, overwhelmed. Crossbows and arbalests were trained upon the man’s figure, the ever watching eyes and the judges of his next few moments. His dried and cracked lips would purse for the minute, then part as he’d speak. “You have got me, you have heard of my reputation have you not? I have hid and slaughtered more insurgents than you have within your pitif-” Sometimes silence is truly the answer, as the man would speak to the outcrop in front of him a violent snap would be heard from an arbalest. The bolt flying through the air and tearing through into the lower back of the man with a sickening squelch, the leather gambeson doing truly nothing as the man’s knees would buckle from the shot. Shock, realisation as pain would flood his body, the flaring of his back and each muscle twitching. His eyes widening as the coordinated strike would not cease, another bolt loosed from the back as it would strike into his right shoulder. Another squelch, another stagger as he’d shift his foot forward only a single pace. His eyes would droop as he’d hold his tongue, he did not wish to scream, he did not wish to plead, he only wished to observe. Through the darkness that now encapsulated his vision, a gauntlet would sent outward to point towards the staggered man. One… Two… Three… The strikes would come one after another, each bolt burying themselves deep within his form. The first one was towards his upper leg, flesh tearing as he’d buckle from the strike. Yet the second followed through with its course, aimed towards the center of his back. Another sickening strike as the bolt would eviscerate the flesh it would enter, another jolt of pain coming forth as his head would reel upward from the pain. The third, the flesh in the back of his neck would split as the bolt would tear straight through his tendons. His head raised for the moment would be followed by an attempted scream, but yet the bolt caught on to any words that may have come from his throat. The head of the bolt would protrude outward, the tip just passing by his chin as he’d gurgle and splatter upon his own blood. The stones around him now dripping into a pool of crimson, dragged from the first shot, yet now he would not see anything else. His last words were stammered, croaking as blood would fill his final moments. The horrific sensation of drowning was something people can imagine, but when the water is replaced by the warm ichor that flows through you, it creates a crueler fate that many would never wish to face. “Why did I join them.” Darkness would fade over the man, a final thud coming from the man as he’d collapse in his own blood. The last volleys of the arbalestmen would unload themselves onto the corpse, yet the corpse was not even a man anymore. He was target practice.
  2. ScreamingDingo

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Alright this discussion is not directed at all to professions, don’t deviate it towards there at all because that’s a whole other can of worms. Idea behind this is to simply ask nation leaders and group leaders to cultivate their noobs into better rp’ers. I couldn’t care less about a professions system at the current moment lmfao. If you want to promote those professions in your group you simply encourage your players to interact with them. It just seems like unnecessary paperwork that is automatically accepted, if it’s such an easy application then what is the point of doing such? The server mentality needs to change but we can’t shove it down people’s throats with bureaucracy and redtape, needs to be a natural progression done by the players.
  3. ScreamingDingo

    The Secrets of Carbarum

    sorry where’s my breathing application??? @Elennanore
  4. ScreamingDingo

    when you don't play lotc

    this is. epic
  5. ScreamingDingo

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Agree completely with the first part, people should really limit the OOC interactions in game because you create an environment where people think its okay to mess around and not do things properly. Though I cannot stress enough how much I am against villain roleplay requirements, I believe characters and situations that require it should be allowed to participate in roleplay that is not hidden behind redtape. It’s probably the biggest thing I want to push for, less restriction and more choice when it comes to roleplay scenarios.
  6. ScreamingDingo

    Voidal Lodestone - The Voidally Scarred

    Human players with lore get 2 IRL years from about starting a character at 20. I just don’t believe it’ll be ever used, it’s not a bad piece at all it’s just more of a useless piece. The idea of humans having to take the fonts of immortality to keep their magic is something I do enjoy, old school liches (not how poorly they’re played on lotc) normally did as such to retain their magical knowledge and prowess. If the roots of that were explored it’d be great, otherwise I don’t think there is enough of a problem among human mages to make this worthwhile.
  7. ScreamingDingo

    Voidal Lodestone - The Voidally Scarred

    Look, I see the intention of this and everything. But is it really needed? Pseudo-immortality for mages is something I don’t think people will even use because of how consequence heavy it is and how anti-consequence the magic community is. Seems like it’ll become a dead piece quite quickly.
  8. ScreamingDingo

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    LotC - The importance of Rolemodels Hello to everyone once again, you’re here to watch me ***** and rant about things on the forums that I get annoyed at. Last time was the ‘Manifesto’, which I have decided to actually aim criticism towards something that the player base can change and not something that requires staff intervention. The hot topic of the past few months has been on the quality of role-play and how its declining, various doomsayers screeching the end of the server and the rise of the “PvP” goons. Are they wrong? Not really, though it’s because of something that people don’t understand has such a massive impact on role-play standards. And that is, role-models. I believe one of the biggest problems currently on LotC is how new players are thrust into bad behaviours and role-play which many people dislike, mass recruiting for activity to get to the next map or to get the most amount of people in war-claims is such a pivotal movement happening right now. This is done without the idea of quality control or even nurturing those new players, they are simply numbers to most groups and nations and this is why things are declining. Veterans and leaders have a massive obligation towards newer players that people seem to forget, cultivating role-players is something that should be the number one priority in every single group on this server. Yet, the leaders and veteran behaviours that are not acceptable are being forced onto new players who think this is what they’re meant to do. The monkey see, monkey do mentality will always prevail when considering our players. Though people scratch their heads and wonder why there are subpar role-players and ‘goons’ (using the word that people screech about, but essentially it’s just an uncaring pvp’er). It’s because these new players are taught these behaviours by problematic players who they meet first in the server and wish to copy them, this is what I believe originally the biggest part of the orcish decline was about. Orcs are definitely making their comeback and I’m quite happy about it, but they fit perfectly into the idea I’m trying to explain. Do not take offence to this, but it’s something that I’ve observed and seen in quite a few nations, the orcs are just the easier example to explain. I won’t name specific players, but there was a time-period after Wud’s ban where the orcish mindset shifted towards PvP and a bigger focus upon the disruption and harassment of players.Though, the new players didn’t just come into the orcs and see this, they adapted and joined in with the veteran players who used this behaviour and crippled the potential of quite a few players. Most either now serve blacklists or bans for ill-behaviour, and it is the easiest example to showcase. When new players do not have that strong, RP leader to emulate the behaviours of OOC’ly, then what happens is that the quality of the newer generation drops significantly. Most players have little to no clue how to role-play on the server, I knew I didn’t about seven or so years ago. I was a 12 year old boy who liked minecraft and joined in probably one of the most depraved and disgusting time periods of lotc, Aegis. My RP I was exposed to originally was edgy torture, mutilation and cannibalistic RP which was over gratuitous in explanation and content. People were honestly horrible during that time period and I would’ve become someone like that if I never joined the White Rose. The White Rose was such a molding experience for me in regards to RP standards and mentalities, the role models of the White Rose are normally still revered in the human culture today by the old guard. (Shout out to Chump, Steven, Tommy and Paul). Without them, I would’ve never developed my own standards of RP or even come close to creating enjoyable RP for people. I know quite a few guys who also went with the White Rose and became role-players that people respected and enjoyed, there was no mentality of disrupting role-play or trying to **** with players for the OOC sake. It was all RP driven, and that’s what I believe is missing currently on the server. Nations and Groups, they NEED strong RP role-models. They are rare but I know they are within the community, if we truly want to keep this server going we need to try and promote the standards of roleplay through veterans and players who know how to RP well. It shouldn’t matter about OOC connections or anything of the such, which it’s become as of recent. If people complain about RP standards in their own group, then those people should step up and show people how to do things. If people generally criticise your nation and group’s RP, maybe it’s time to look and see if you have those positive influences that can cultivate those newer players. We can do this. If we as a community want better role-play standards, we as a community must contribute to solving this problem.
  9. ScreamingDingo

    January Community Newsletter

  10. ScreamingDingo

    Shades of Arun'Asna [Rewrite]

    i eternally hate shade and spook rp
  11. ScreamingDingo

    [Denied] [Pending]Dingo looks to train small green men

  12. ScreamingDingo

    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    You broke lore numerous times on playing certain shaman spirits and also tried to circumvent the magic system by using your own PEX to teach people magic that you didn't have. I don't know or want to even know about your own personal beef with sky and you guys can handled that however. (Since those accusations are absolutely yikes).I'm just knowing of how problematic and abusive you were in the past, and most people truly don't change.
  13. ScreamingDingo

    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    Yeah your last ET run was an absolute mess filled with abuse of PEX and privileges. But once again me saying no on the app is like something that the ET look for in a candidate to accept
  14. ScreamingDingo

    ultimate actor application

    why would u waste ur time
  15. ScreamingDingo

    Redemption for Incompetence

    look, the current tile revoking wasn't actually because of the duel, I was fairly sure Dragonslayer got it given back and a majority of the orcs told him to **** off. If Namman can sustain a decent playerbase in the next few months I find no problem with him being able to get the opportunity to get a leftover tile. Though, at the current standard the orc culture is seen as toxic because it legitimately is. This entire duel **** and the elves v orc ooc war literally broke apart any semblance of culture or meaningful rp that was made into the orcs, where the vanguard of the playerbase became jaded and started just pvping and getting themselves bad for **** tier RP. This is just my opinion and doesn't reflect anything how staff will handle it, but what's done is done. Throwing a tile to the orcs right now after everything would just confirm their demise. Build your foundations before screaming for land back