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  1. No better time to genuinely try to join the LT than now. On the eve of the lore games, you'll be able to contribute to probably one of the biggest lore projects the server has ever undertaken. You will make a massive impact on the server if you apply.


    1. TrendE


      Hope I’ve still got that open invite, Joel! :-)

  2. hi please dont look at unread content or have follow post notifications on for me thanks

  3. Because a majority of those mundane creatures will most likely be hit in the lore-games and are not connected to the current continent. I will not be allowing undead atm, for the sake that this is a trial to see that people do not abuse this. If it runs with little to no reports of abuse then maybe I can extend that.
  4. No worries! It’s my pleasure. All I wish for is to neglect my ST duties and allow for people to fend for themselves 😄
  5. D.I.Y Build-an-event Hello, so essentially this post will be detailing what is allowed for Nation Leaders and other groups to do for themselves without ST inclusion. I strongly believe that an NL is able to provide to their own playerbase better than an ST could and that we shouldn’t place things behind massive barriers of bureaucracy on event creatures. What I want to do is to enable the playerbase to be able to do their small “hunting” requests and anything like that on their own. It shouldn’t require an extra staff member to hunt for a boar in a forest and that’s something that I want to emphasise from now on. List of “playable” creatures - IRL game animals Anything “mundane” that doesn’t give the nation any explicit benefit. Harpy Bears (All Variants) Wolves (All Variants) Boars Deer Trolls Gremlins (More can be added, otherwise you can elaborate with myself or ask me any questions as to if it’s playable or not) There are a few rules with this - You CANNOT use these to attack other nations You CANNOT use this to defend your nation from being attacked These CANNOT be tamed under any circumstance. This is to avoid people abusing these events to gain an armada of Lur Wolves or something like that. The ST will not provide item support or anything of the sort. Trophies and stuff must be made solely by the players involved, you will not get an ET sign for a player-ran event.
  6. Literally why did you have to ******* call it CallaX come ON
  7. giving NLs the ability to dictate if they'd rather protect their playerbase or encourage RP is probably one of the most overlooked things in these rules.




    1. shoahinsnowyfields


      yeh like even if they wanna encourage rp they dont wanna be known as the guy who let their nation take the fall for it 

    2. WuHanXianShi14


      Maybe we need to create an environment where NLs dont think the only way to prevent the total destruction of their RP hub is to avoid all international conflict alltogether then. What percentage of wars IRL ended in wiping an entire nation off the map, vs how many do on LOTC?

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