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  1. Humanistic


    Hello, everyone. It seems like a bit much to put all my thoughts into a single post before I leave, but there’d be nothing otherwise. I could not put into words the ups and downs that I have experienced on this server along with the many upon many people I have encountered, RPed with, and genuinely made a fun experience with. While being with the Orc community I have seen person after person join the server and leave due to their own circumstances as well as circumstances that are repeated in-game.While I did play through many maps and do plan to post some screenshots here and there I also must admit that Atlas by far has been the worst map i’ve played on and is likely the main reason why I do not wish to stay. Before I explain things from my perspective I will include a few screenshots during my time here to provide some good memories: VAILOR AXIOS ATLAS So before I make an exit I will try to put it as simply as I can. For some time I have had a firm belief in progress of LOTC and in some part of my mind hoped that it could possibly make it far in the aspects of server growth and development. It’s almost hard to believe that I have long lost the faith I had once had for the server and I doubt it will be back on track for a while now. While I have enjoyed playing part of different communities and experiencing the people who make them up there are just some things in the server that are beyond the control of some communities and in turn prevents any type of leverage. It’s been clear for a while now that this is a community server and is not ran with the growth of business. While there may be an owner of the server he does not take part and leaves the decisions of the server to the community itself including the staff and moderators who only put effort into their jobs and respective communities. It’s unfortunate next map that there will likely only be valid Elf and Human Nations that will hold next map while the rest of the descendant races as well as other Nations will be listed as anything other than their own community. Instead of having 4 different nations for 4 respective main descendant races there is likely only going to be 3 nations that hold a domain and their own main RP hub on the map. As a chad Orc player, I have seen time and time again the Orcish community and other communities get infiltrated, screwed over, or exterminated completely while any other nation who gets involved in war or any other risky situation seems to stay fine and stable map in and map out without any consequence even while considering Orcs are a main race. It is beyond unfortunate that through each map LOTC seems to experience different rules, different plugins, almost as if each map is just a complete different version of LOTC that players must try and adapt to. It’s hard to see a server just extinguish the many communities that make the many different groups of the player-base and cycle them out instead of making an attempt to preserve some sanctuary of a group. I could continue on and on ranting about the many aspects of LOTC that has lost it’s direction, but it’d only be met with a rebuttal of some sort saying that the server has improved in many different ways when it has not. In conclusion, so many things have came to light and so many secrets have been let out but still yet nothing has been done about it almost as if there isn’t even an effort to try and do anything. All I can do is hope that things will change and maybe in the future there might actually be some direction of LOTC and some authority that knows how to put their foot down in conflicts instead a community member that only knows how to choose one side. It’s been good friends I may return next map or I may not depending on how things play out, but i’ve been unsatisfied for a long time during this map and I do not plan to return any time during it. It’s been real ya’ll, stay in school, stay lifting, and keep up.
  2. Humanistic

    Hacking During Nordengrad Vs Empire

    It is true that they can, but if you can’t see hits registering then you gonna have trouble knowing when you can actually pop somebody. It didn’t matter whether he had an army behind him or not, but it’s the fact that from the very beginning there was a spree of at least 5-7 people that he somehow killed without seeing his hits registering. In the end, it was a shitty battle anyway and one of the worst war-claims ever. Some people might think they warclaims have been improving and progressing but I find wars to be a problem when the whole army is sent to lobby while the other makes an impact upon sieging. There was no dynamic battle army v army. It was 200+ people who registered to join a war siege, took the time out of their life to prep for something they put effort into, and then come to find out that probably 30-40 people total of those 200+ were the only ones actually able to fight. It wasn’t even a fight. I’m sure you would be the one to know the best about PVP though. That’s all I got to say about that.
  3. Humanistic

    Hacking During Nordengrad Vs Empire

    In what other war-claim has any single person taken out a whole half of an army, especially in the midst of lag which doesn’t even allow you to notice when your hits actually interact.
  4. Humanistic

    Wurst Warclaim

    Call it a fight if you can? Most of the video is sped up so during the time in the lobby was a good 15-20 minutes passing.
  5. Humanistic

    The Avatar of Wurst

    A Lutauman spirit walk’s with Ancestrals not Immortals.
  6. My heart... I listen to this like all the time. Reserved
  7. Humanistic

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    Falum near the borders of Krugmar ventured into the sands and placed a Shrine to Skathach in honor to the pact he holds with the Fire Spirits. The blood of the wolf within Falum binds him to the Spirit, Freygoth , and thus a shrine was built in respect of the Wild Spirit, life-mate of Votar. If you notice, behind the shrine there is also a tomb displayed that is to be known as “The Tomb of the Ancients” in dedication to the Ancestral Spirits.
  8. Humanistic

    LoTC PVP

    back at it again with another PVP video
  9. Humanistic

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Isn’t it always the Neutral card?
  10. Humanistic

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    re-vise kha and metzili (daemon of time, wtf be reasonable) remove hou-zi and dont implement ratmen
  11. Humanistic

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    As a fellow Elementalist and Lutauman who has practiced the magic, I find that disconnection for the most part really isn't necessary. We have used Shamanism for all these years without a need for disconnection though it’s been spoken about several times. I dislike the idea of using staff as a way to act as a Spirit and remove people’s abilities from a community, when really it should be the united Shamans that must discuss these ordeals IRP and settle it by their own means. We all know that the best means of disconnecting someone not just from magic but from the soul itself is by pursuing that person and just simply killing them. It’s worked with Dark Shamans I have battled and it’s not necessary to an Immortal Spirit to get the job done. It does make sense that an Immortal Spirit would be likely to seek the unfaithful since these Immortals feed from the peoples of mortal society that worships Shamanism which really only exists within Orcish lands (because in any other society it would likely be heresy), and was meant to be used as a way to Immortalize yourself in history through your actions, behavior, and emotions but there are many conflicting Immortal aspects currently. The conflict I find with it though is that if this Spirit of Judgement is annexed by Ixli the Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge whom is sinister spirit, it creates a duty to the Judgement Spirit to act in a evil, wicked and ill-tempered manner and perhaps would even hold the aspect of Forbidden Judgement. As for the Dark Elves within Stargush'Stroh was very controversial to me and not because I don’t want Elves in the Spirit Heavens but because the way that it was gone about. The lore that was proposed had to do with Immortal Spirits of Moon and Shadow (which has nothing to do with emotions, actions, or behavior) taking their powers and creating a Realm in Stargush’Stroh for Dark Elves rather than the Elves being apart of a united spiritual society and fall under a Realm of one of the greater shamanic Elf ancestors, the natural habitat of the Ancestral Spirit. If it were even possible for Immortal Spirits to enter the Stargush’Stroh and create their own Realms within it there would undoubtedly be a great evoking of wrath with the Ancestral Spirits as their lands were invaded by Immortals and likely Krug the greatest Spirit of them all who was able to battle an Arch-Daemon as a Mortal (if not any other greater Ancestral Spirit) would expel the Immortals from the Realm. I find that many players that hold magics like to go about creating their own versions and lores without addressing the proper means to go about it or rather just sticking to the founding creations. Once it submitted while much lore that’s written is thrown out it’s just as easily accepted and when these new versions are accepted it makes it that much more susceptible to being power-gamed or abused since the new version are of their own guidelines. If confronted about it they just make their own truth on how things should be working and are obviously biased towards their own works. While I am a magic user I do not believe that magic should just be given to just anyone and everyone and there are proper means of achieving what is desired, including Shamanism and different racial societies under Orcs that could hold Shamanism. I think Mogroka knows what he’s talking about since he was one of the original founders of Shamanism, but I find it quite common that people don’t give Orcs the respect they deserve. Note I find it quite funny that people would like to learn Shamanism, but wouldn’t even go as far as speaking Blah. But, others would create cultures that literally go as far as speaking an entirely different language and using a translator for role-play.
  12. It only makes sense that the majority fits between RPers and PVP/RPers (as I consider myself PVP/RP) while the pure PVP section is at a very minimum. Though oddly I find it quite funny that the Role-Play community often directs their aim towards the Pure PVP group even considering how small of a fraction they are, unless they aim at both RP/PVP as well and simply want to just be rid of Player versus Player all together. It'd be nice to see PVP (including the rules) in a harmonic balance with RP, but more often than not there is a varying Nerf with rules to the PVP community, but there is not often any counter-action really taken against RP since you can't really Nerf role-play. I find that both RP and PVP have their perks and it's fun to do either or, but I stay solid when it comes to the actual dynamic combat system of the Minecraft platform which is PVP, though there are many flaws with PVP such as hacking, passing accounts, and auto-clicking that mainly affect smaller encounters compared to larger battles. At the same rate, it isn't by the same means but role-playing can be abused and power-gamed through old and new sporadically added magics, magical artifacts, and creatures even considering that when magic was released it was meant to refrain from combat as it could easily be power-gamed, but to this day it seems to be the norm. Mechanic/RP PVP = Mechanic/RP Magic or otherwise a sword-user should be on par along with a magic-user.
  13. Humanistic

    Rex Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk

    Falum'Lur smashes his head into Azhug's as he joins in the roar of enthusiasm by the bustling activity of the Orcish brothers. He raises his spear his into the air and holds the banner of the Lur Clan to his side "My spear is lats, Gilgamesh! Mi hunt da foes of the Rex and pass judgement of the Spirits unto dem."