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  1. Humanistic


    The Ancestors shall guide this one and teach him of their glory.
  2. Humanistic

    Clan Gorkil in San'Khatûn

    Falum of the Lur bloodline growls in great disgust as he spits upon the floor calling upon his Lur Wolf, Dash, "It am odd that one who would abandon their clan to join a lesser clan would also return and attempt to revive it in the midst of whitewash clans. The blood of Krug still runs strong in the Gorkils as much as it is still of the Lurs. Such a shameful display of Orcish brotherhood, the sooner these whitewashes are flatted the better."
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    RETURNING TO THE HUNT After a day full of spiritual labors, Falum of the Lurs retreats back into the Wolf Den as he drags the remnants of Minotaur that he claimed for a trophy. The scarred Orc climbs through the wilderness that grew within the cavern and deposits his trophies into treasure chests deep within the Den that is guarded by the great Lur Wolves. The rest of his claim is dragged toward the feast hall and a great lump of flesh and meat is tossed onto the table prepared and cooked by the skillful Clan Father, Eath of Lur. Falum rests upon a lone seat next to the feasting table as he lets out a loud and tiresome groan as his restlessness grows upon him after the Hunt and battle between his two Sons. He places a large orcish palm upon his forehead and begins to let his mind drift for many moments until a wanderer goblin draws upon his attention. The Wanderer shifts along into the Den with a large pelt draped over his head and a cane to keep his balance. As Falum begins to notice him they make direct eye contact as he approaches closer, a great cloudiness and weathering were the deep pupils of this Goblin. The grey and cloudy eyes of the Wanderer peered deeply into Falum's Spirit and bewildered him amidst his presence as they greeted one another with a headbutt. This mystical wanderer began to speak to Falum and asks, "How are yew, Lord uf Lurs" with a bit of a howl to his vocal tone. Falum recedes from the Wanderer and groans "I have been better, wise one. I fear that my Spirits have been down and I fail to prove myself to the greats of the stargûsh." The Goblin hops upon a stool resting himself as he speaks to Falum with curiosity inscribed upon his features "These Spirits, perhaps you have not failed them but they have failed you? What is it that keeps your devotion to these deities?" The Stranger begins tapping his cane upon the wilderness grown floor and continues pressing upon the Orc "Many greats have came before you, and many did not seek the Spirits and achieved greatness." A confused expression grows across Falum's face as he contemplates the influence that the Wanderer cast upon him. The Lurs face grows dark as he droops his head beading his eyes deep into those of the Goblin. "Many have devoted their livelihood to countless different walks of life, but only so many reveal the truth of the world the way it is and does not try to obscure it. Many wish for the World to grow into a peaceful state but do not wish for opposition or adversity in their lifetimes. With no strife and with no challenge to change the world it will crumble in the hands of those who will seek this stagnant life. The Spirits are undeniable for I have walked with them, I have spoke with them, and I have even been lent the blessings of their godliness. In the Spirits, those who wish to follow down the path of redemption can prove themselves to their brothers and those of the afterlife. Sacrifices must be made regardless of your position in life and is the only truth that anyone must encounter. I seek to prove myself to those who came before me and those who now stand alongside me. The Ancestors shall see my strife's and shall see the civilization's I continue to build and fight for in the name of the Immortals. In the name of the Spirit of the Hunt, in the name of the Spirit of the Wild, I will earn my place in the afterlife alongside Lur and the Ancestors of Stargûsh'stroh and leave my name immortalized in these lands of mortality." The Wandering Goblin raises his cloudy eyes directly upon the Lur's figure and bobs his head letting out a grand chuckle as he continues to tap his cane upon the floor. The great burst of laughter surprises the Lur and they both come to a stand as the silence drowns the air amidst their presence. The Goblin lingers around the campfire glaring deep into the flickers of the flame as if he had the ability to see the deepest embers within the Element. The Wanderer remains silent as he drags himself with the use of his cane back towards the entry of the Den and lets out a wispy cackle as he speaks to the Lur "So be it, young Lur. The Spirits will look upon you as you have upon them and shall spectate the challenges that you face. I accept your answer, but words alone will not prove to the Spirits what your ability is capable of. Only will your actions prove any of the things you speak." As Falum loses sight of the Wanderer and follows the figure out of the Den and into the brightness of the heavens only the whispering winds were left amidst the Orc. The Wanderer in plain sight vanished amidst the winds and was no where to be found.
  5. Humanistic

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    The magic in it's current state is exactly that, a gray zone. These are apparently teaching's that stemmed from Iblees but if strayed away from the Daemon, then why is the power source not cut off as well if not receiving magic from the God of the Undead? If it is from unknown sources then it will be nothing but bent with no actual platform. Funny stereotypes but all i'm saying is that the ability that is granted to revive people from the dead who ultimately hunt the living is not a simple school teaching and it has to come somewhere. You can have just as good role-play even if you do murder people, believe it or not. It was still considered a Dark Magic when Iblees passed the teaching onto necromancers.
  6. Humanistic

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Then how do they get their power? It's only passed to followers by a higher being.
  7. Humanistic

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Necromancy and Undead are stagnant without Iblees. Every magic comes from a higher power but Iblees has not been heard of for many maps, undeath has been lacking. Shamanism in itself is quite a chaotic belief/magic but Undeath as a magic should ultimately be the most extreme case of Daemon magic. Shamanism - Daemon Apohet Druidism - Aengulic Aspects Ascended - Arch-Aengul Aerial Undead - Arch-Daemon Iblees?
  8. Humanistic

    The Fall Of Laklul

    Mortal's and spooks combating a god is a very misleading ambition to pursue. It may not be the point but it does affect the common ideals that creates the society of the Lak Clan. If you kill a god like Laklul, the society of the Laks has no more reason of being but that would also mean that the Swamps would likely be destroyed or retaken by another Spirit of the Swamp. I dislike this cross-realm war and battling because it's just battling from behind the scenes trying to make Mortals on par with Gods. If you have disdain for the Spirits then quit trying to alter the order of the Spirit Realm and fight those that decide to praise the Spirits. You don't like Laklul, then fight the people who create a society with ideals of the Swamps and of Laklul. You don't like the Spirits? Then fight the people who praise the Spirits and make them stronger. Early Dark Shamans were better developed as they only abused the power of the Elementals, but now it's like a whole dark shaman conquest of each and every Realm if possible. (Also i'd like to mention that Freygoth is only the Spirit of the Wild which would mean Laklul would not be a lesser under Freygoth. The Aspects hold dominion over nature, not Freygoth) Refer to the Clan Wars and Dom Clan for a perspective of successful campaigns of Dark Shamans
  9. Humanistic

    The Fall Of Laklul

    Lak Clan/Civilization would be affected as their society has the common ideals of the Swamp. If you want to try to be impressive Dark Shamans then stop going around the Spirit Realm and attempting to battle Gods in their weakened states, and actually set up a war to attack the Lak Civilization instead of attempting to destroy the Spirit of the Swamps. Dark Shamans of the Clan Wars didn't go around trying to kill Spirit after Spirit, but actually led war-claims and sieges against other civilizations.
  10. Humanistic

    What Happened Bruddah...

    you dont get horns from just writing a book.
  11. Blah is the descendant of Old Blah.

  12. Humanistic

    Clan Lur

    “We are the hunters. Our enemy is the prey” The Lurs are not footmen, they are hunters. The hunt is the most important thing for a Lur and to prove themselves in the hunt is what all young Lurs wish to do. The Lurs have a bond to The Great Lur wolves. The Great Lur wolves are huge beast that only obey the Lur clan. When Lurs ride wolfs they are almost unbeatable in mounted combat. Lurs are most of the time quiet and stoic, from the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. Every Lur strives to perfect the hunt and the rise. They have a strict code of conduct and believe in honour above all. Lurs don't like to deal with politics for they think that staying in an office and discussing politics is extremely boring and would much rather enjoy the thrill of the hunt. But when they need to discuss politics and papers they will do it but not happily. Even so, in polities they believe it is better to be the wolf than the sheep. Lurs are usually smaller than other Orcs but they are much quicker and much more agile. The weapon of choice varies from bloodline to bloodline but all Lurs are masters of the spear. Government: The Lur clan is ruled by a Wargoth who is chosen by either a klomp or unanimously elected by the elders of the Lur. The Wargoth must always listen to the advice that the Clan father will give, the clan father is usually the oldest and most wisest Orc in the clan. Current Wargoth: Falum'Lur {Shamanistic} Current Clanfather: Eath'Lur {Sandk1ng} Current Packmaster (Person who takes care of Lur wolf pups and Lur wolves in general, normally being the Wargoth): Anak'Lur Elders, an elder of the Lur clan represent the bloodline of one of the heroes of the age of heroes. The current elders are: Eath'Lur {Sandk1ng} [Axe] Jukha'Lur (Slothtastic) [Fist] Timeline: History of Clan Lur Lore and myths: Lur and the Wolf The Trickster of Lur The Great Hunt, Origin of the Lur clan The festival of “Da Gajutar's Dahamab” (The Hunter's Fang) begins. This festival is based on celebrating the beginning of the Great Hunt of Lur. Lurs from all parts of the Lur lands flock to the city of San’lur. It is said that more than 75% of the Lur population was at the city during the festival. The Clan Wars https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Lur Bloodlines Bloodlines: Each of the Heroes from the ages formed their own bloodline, they act as a family and as political group in the Lur clan. Bloodlines are many times mixed with each other and with the bloodline of Lur himself. That is why all Lurs usually refer themselves as cousins. The leader of a Bloodline is an elder of the Lur clan and can fight for Wargoth of the Lur clan. The bloodlines and its leaders are: The Fist Bloodline: The fist are usually the most calm and cold of the Lur bloodlines, they think that physical strength is the purest weapon that a warrior can use. They descend from Tor the fist of Lur. The sons of Tor will go to extreme measures to get stronger and stronger. The bloodline is led by Jukha'Lur. The Trickster Bloodline: The trickster descend from the Trickster of Lur. They are the most diplomatic and the best at convincing others to do what they want, The Tricksters sons are many times goblins for their founder was goblin. They are often considered to be some of the smartest Orcs arounds.Their leader is gone. The Wolf Bloodline: The most savage and wild of bloodlines but also the most loyal and trustworthy. The wolves descend from Kurak the wolf of Lur.They are the biggest of the Lurs and their preferred weapons are metal claws that let them act as savage as they want. They also have a closer bond to their wolfs than other Lurs. The bloodline is lead by Falum'Lur. The Axe Bloodline. Primarily known as the most stubborn and rash of all Lurs, they are strong and powerful and put honour above all other things. They think of themselves as an always improving warrior. They descend from Bralkor the Axe of Lur. The bloodline is lead by Eath'Lur. The Sword of Lur. This bloodline is the most agile of all Lurs and some of the quickest as well, they enjoy riding as fast as they can and they descend from Jarkan the Sword of Lur. Their leader is missing/gone. Cults of the Lur Khor cult: “We are the wild, the unbound” The Khor are the most wild and savage of Orcs, they descend directly from Kurak the Wolf of Lur.They believe that Lurs should not live in the cities for being in the cities makes them weak. The main Khor tradition is to leave their cubs to be raised in the wilds with Lur wolfs, thus making them more savage and wild. Gob cult “We are the guardians” The Gob unlike others of the Axe family branch are focused on being calm calculative and they know when to use their rage. They created the Gob cult to become the guardians of San’Lur. When they need to protect their homeland they use the anger that their ancestors taught them as a weapon. The Gob went into a kamikaze rampage when they failed their task to protect San’Lur. They became depressed and lost interest in all things that didn't have the final goal of revenge. Dash cult “Ours is the speed” The Dash focus on speed, they are the fastest Orcs in the whole desert and descend from the Sword of Lur.They are agile, quick and ruthless. They host yearly tournaments to see who is quickest of them. They breed their wolfs not to be warrior wolves but to be as fast as possible. The Dash are many times messengers of the Lur. Traditions Birth and Young age. Lur cubs are taken to the lair of the wolves, where all Lur wolves have taken as their lair. If the wolves accept the cub then he is truly a Lur. If not the cub is not of Lur blood the wolves will destroy him. Coming of age: When Lur cubs reach the age of 9 years they are introduced to a Lur wolf cub. The Lur and its wolf are sent to the wilds to survive while 2 Lur wolves hunt them down. This is to prove that the time of weakness is over, they are no longer prey, it is time to be strong, to be the hunter. The wolf cub and the Lur are bound together not only as rider and mount but as brothers, elder Lurs have grown so close to their wolves they can hear each other thoughts. A Lur will have one wolf in his entire life, if the wolf dies, it is common for the Lur to kill himself, their loss is so great. The Hunt of the Betrayed: In honour of those who died during the Clan Wars the Lur go on a great hunt where the Lurs use black spears and arrows. The beast that are killed in the hunt are put in a great bonfire where they are sacrificed to the spirits ones who were murdered in the Clan wars. The Festival of “Da Gajutars Dahamab”: A dead festival, the last one was done before the Clan Wars. In that festival was where 75% of the Lurs were killed. This festival is based on celebrating the beginning of the Great Hunt of Lur. Lurs from all parts of the Lur lands used to flock to the city of San’Lur. Death of a Lur or his wolf: When a Lur or his Wolf are killed in the hunt or in battle their bodies are brought to their ancestral lands and then burnt. Their ashes go to the wind and will always ride in the wind. The Lur believe that when they die they go to a great plains of the spirit realm where they will hunt with Lur for all eternity. Oath to Lur: Lurs promise to always serve Lur, the clan and Krug. They make their oaths on the great Spear of Lur.They believe that their spirits are bound to the spear and the Lur that owns the spear can call upon all Lurs who have made the vow. The Vow:I swear that I will ride like the wind, hunt like the wolf and kill like my ancestors before me. My weapon belongs to Lur, my body belongs to Lur, my life belongs to Lur. I am loyal above all to Lur, I will die for Lur. I forsake land, wealth and glory, all that is mine belongs to my clan. Code of the Hunt, Laws of Lur When time was still young and Lur still walked in this land, hunting with his sons and brothers, he created a set of rules for the hunters. It was called the Code of the Hunt. The Laws are as follows: Only when in great need will a Lur hunt the weak. For there is no honour in hunting and killing something that presents no challenge to hunt and kill. A Lur will always seek strong prey, as the prize is greater and he becomes stronger in doing so. Never to hurt or kill another Lur outside of an honour duel. Obey the leader of the hunt (Wargoth of the Lur clan) with no hesitation. He was chosen by the elders and by Lur himself. Never try to take the position of another Lur for your own personal gain. The Clan always comes first. Clan Members: Active: Eath’Lur {Sandk1ng} Falum'Lur {Marijuanaology} Xem'Lur {LifeInVelvet} Anak'Lur {Gressy} Tajo'Lur {LordOfTheCraft} Gat'Lur {Adym} Inactive Members: Buubztik'Lur {Hellfiazz} Umrah'Lur (Radlad_) Erza'Ox'Lur {AWildMel} Yotul'Lur {Lizellan} Yertub'Lur {ZBigCheese} Burbur'Lur (KBR) Rap’Lur {Tasty_Cheesecake} Jukha'Lur {_Slothtastic_} Kurdon'Lur {knghtAtorias} Kramosh'Lur {Lothric} Mograk'Lur {IrishPerson} Yertub'Lur {ZBigCheese} Grom Snag'Lur {Billy5691} Ulok'Lur {Deckion} Rilug'Lur {Bubby_64} Borba'Lur {TenesseeGuy_} Grommok'Lur {Sea_Of_Daedra} Grokal'Lur {Epicethan4} Moksha'Lur {u000893} Urak'Lur {xray32} Bralkor'Lur {Vekaro} Lex'Lur {Lexperiments} Gooms'Lur {TheCleaningCrew} Jaur'Lur {aokavery} Tor'Lur {meanking} Venator'Lur {SomethingObscene} Akisha'Lur {Moryna} Nak’Lur {CTapNEWS} Dawk’Lur {MonstaaMunch} Milok’Lur {Leland22} Shorat’Lur {Cyndikate} Tibzlug’Lur {JackABeano} Nworblug’Lur {The_Brownster} Iga’Lur {SabrinaSchultz} Nel'Thok'Lur {Carnivore91} Craotor'Lur {Craotor} Wulgehn’Lur {mingpow321} Zogtar'Lur {georgebg} Nrubb’Lur {NoobCrafter14} Gonk'Lur {NiceGuyNorman} Goonk'lur {SirSnowMan} Glonkk'lur {Lionkopa} Grunk'lur {NoobCrafter14} Krul'lur{ zanesim123} Krurg'lur {radferrari} Morakk'lur {RossssM] Grak’Lur {Darksalvo} Tor’Lur {meanking} Oracle’Lur {Overlord2305} Jaget’Lur {Madezz_} Gordib’Lur {Agith} Deceased: Voltug'lur Bein'Lur {TheImpulseHQ} Relakor'Lur {u000893} Jarroc'Lur {jzillifro} (Presumed) Tikk'Lur {Vekaro} Jarkarll'Lur {Denboy444} Jutra'Lur {Opiedoodle} Bajare'Lur {Tentoa} Brool'Lur {empirerebel} (Traitor/Presumed)* Durp'Lur {anorexichippo} * Jutran'Lur {monkeymii} * Jarkan'Lur {anorexichippo}* Nuguth'Lur {zobekat13} * Zara'Lur {Randomness710} * Craotor'Lur {Craotor} Zhol’Lur {_Kraal_} Gronkk'Lur{_Aislin_} Beastiary: Lurgoi - Scaddernak (Lur) Dash - Falum's Lur Wolf (Shamanistic) Zaturn - Eath's Lur Wolf (Sandk1ng) Vortivazk - Xem's Lur Wolf (LifeInVelvet) Toto - Tajo's Dire Wolf (LordoftheCraft) Vuk'im - Anak's Lur Wolf ((OOC and FAQ:)) How to join? To join the Lur clan you must be either born into the clan or you must be a Lur whose parents or grandparents got lost in the clan wars and only now discovered that you are a Lur. Either way you would need to talk to an elder about joining. If you are an active Lur and not currently on the list please comment down below.
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    [Lutaumancy] [MA] Vorgak

    Stargush'Stroh waits (yes)