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  1. [MA] [Lutaumancy] TheNanMan2000

    Apologies for being late on this. Murak is perfect for walking with the Ancestors. I approve
  2. [Restart Magic] Magexit

    I honestly think magic was fine to begin with because it was well handled and didn't disturb to many great things and was rather just used for small things such as motivational drives, farming, etc. Since its creation it just generally became accepted into the role-play system and made magic users for each of their communities a sort of 'Gandalf' for the people. In the past, Magic Users of any type Ascended, Clerics, Shamans, Druids, etc. during any grand event or Undead battle for example has been said to have been able to sense it through whatever magic they held though would likely at this modern time have a sort of meta-game effect. I believe that Magic jumped way too far ahead of itself in the past few maps than it ever should have reached including Magical Creatures who's communities very rarely last, simply because they were not made to create societies like the descendants. I'm not saying it's not possible but some magic creatures were made specifically for their mages. Others were just magical growths that were implemented with written lore. I find this to be very odd since a Muyakelg for example is in practice a type of Necromantic Shamanism that creates a flesh beast which would with it's existence be more prophetic about the Spirits and afterlife (being a Ancestral Spirit) than the Shamans themselves. Anyway, when the magic canon was accepted it was meant to be on the platform of all the original magics the server started out with to not expand on the amount of magic, magical items, or magical creatures that is possible and capable of creating but rather to create plugins for example something that might allow a Farseer to provide a buff for a small duration onto a mass of players, but often things like that tend to be criticized as being unfair and unbalanced. I don't necessarily think it would need to be rewritten or thrown out the window but at least brought back to it's basic platform. I had to rewrite the address to access this post but this was the second half of the Magic Canon that was presented.
  3. Falum'Lur gathers together the loot gained from the battle and stores it within his room along with his many other trophies, hides, and treasured weapons "Thoze who wuld allow them alliez to perish alone and nub attempt to save them through klomp am true cowardz. Neva leave a brudda behind, or two." He remarks then looking at one of his other Orc brethren noticing his blade stained with another's blood
  4. [MA] RalphGiezer

    Yes sir
  5. [Shamanism][MA] Tortuga Throws Rocks xd

    Yes sir this is my guy
  6. An Open Letter to Heial Vientos

    "Damn." says an aged Donovan Ruric of the Krag "And I thought I was cross with him."
  7. Concluding the Hunt

    Falum'Lur while unbeknownst to the existence of the Witch would shout out a great praise to the Spirits before his Clansmen "Glozag Votar!"
  8. The Stolt Standard - Vol 1

    Falum'Lur looks into the Stolt Standard noticing there are many places for Ad Revenue "Wes gotta start advertisin tha Cactus plantation and start bringin in more shinies" he then leads off to get into contact with Stolt'aroloth
  9. A Call for the Council of War Goths

    "During the times of a Rex's Death a meeting of the War Lords is necessary to be called forth. It is not so simply decided that someone returning immediately assumes the Rexdom and must be discussed between each of the Lords and Noble Orcs. If you wish not to attend the events that transpire upon this meeting then you are free to isolate yourself, but the council has been tradition and WILL not be forgotten whether a Wargoth or Targoth is assuming the Rex position. As a Shaman of the lands I will conduct this meeting and bring the Lords together since it seems they refuse to do so themselves." Falum'Lur would state waving off Hazurk's declaration of bullshit "Woops me fix dat"
  10. A Call for the Council of War Goths

    [!] THE GREAT SCADDERNAK BANNER FLIES HIGH ABOVE THE LANDS OF SAN'KALA AS THE HORNS BOOM TO SIGNAL A RALLY TO THE WAR GOTHS AND THEIR CLANS [!] Goblin Couriers are sent across to each of the noblest Orcs and War Lords of Krugmar "Brothers! The Rex has been executed and the continuance of Krugmar as well as the Clans depends on your council! Krug bless be to the vitality of our people and our friends as they have returned the favor but the council of the Wargoth must come together and decide on such matters. Yes yes there be much to discuss! Many of our people rise even to challenge their own Wargoths! San'Kala is yet to be spurring with the spirits of the clans and our peoples. We must lay out our decisions to seek the better of our Clans and our Country." @KRUGMAR @grubgoth_wud @Catarrh @DarkSainthood @the 1 bow @Slothtastic @_Jandy_ @TheNanMan2000 @HONOR @Gressy @Yollyy RALLY AT THE LOWER RIDGE OF THE CLAN HALLS ON 2/3 @ 3 EST
  11. Falum'Lur hops onto an Orcish carriage with Great Stallions at heed of his lashes. He pulls himself to look into the back and is smacked with a dank scent emerging from barrels of cactus green that nearly knocked him out, but he kept awake anyway and prepared for his journey to Marna baring the most fertile plants and the greatest cactus greens of San'Kala. Falum glances towards his Clan Father, Eath'Lur and grunts"Letz mayk sum shinies."
  12. Fuze's Art Shop

    MCName: Shamanistic Type of Bust: Digital Color Position: Character name: Falum'Lur Hair: Long braided black hair Eyes: Red aged eyes Reference: Lets see what ya can do :J
  13. Raid Rules Feedback

    Hmmm. Although I wouldn't necessarily mind a GM to moderate the raiding that occurs it seems a bit excessive, but at the same rate it seems quite common that GM's are called to some combat sequence anyhow. Lawless Raiding is allowed 10 players on the attacking side along with moderation and for a 20 man Lawless Raid there must be a 24-hour notice along with a sign placed? I'm not sure why the sign would be necessary unless it was a cool-down sign. Lawful raids are a max of 20 players and must be handled with GM moderation. I think the cool down of 3 days is extremely excessive in my opinion and should at least be 1-2 days if anything, but that's just me. I know for a fact that Orcs likely won't care to put any sign down for a raid cool-down. Is Defender Default containing the same rule of 11 people for PVP combat?
  14. new scars for the collection