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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  2. If buffs will still be a thing, can we please have passive buffs and not something that must be activated through shifting twice?

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      you realise those are objectively worse right

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  3. I completely agree with this
  4. In my perspective of Shamanism things have slightly strayed from a core understanding of what Shamanism is. With the acceptance of the Dark Shamanism rewrite it penetrates through any consequence a Dark Shaman should have had from a withdrawal of the knowledge which is imbedded into their soul. With this rewrite, Lesser Spirits are still considered strong and influential when it comes to regular Shamans and Farseers, but 'Leyd's Chosen Trio' or Dark Shamans can now imprison a Spirit by using rituals from a Greater Spirit of Dominance and Physical Strength and somehow abuse the Spirits power without even having knowledge of the Spirit's True Name (The True Name of a Spirit is what contains the spirits characteristics and power). It also removed Ixli (Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge) who was the Spirit that cast the knowledge of spiritual hunger upon previous Dark Shamans, but now are taken in by a Greater Spirit even though they resent the Spirits. Dark Magic should not stray from it's path of being Dark (Evil) and Power-Hungry and be made into something that might be considered as something more powerful than it already previously was and not as Dark since it's a different Spirit. I also will note that I tried taking time out to read through the whole lore of the Dark Shaman rewrite, but I don't have the time of day to get across 30 pages of lore of something that had problems just from a quick read over. This doesn't make my opinion invalid in any way as I have just as common of a knowledge about the Spirits as any other Shaman including our LT.
  5. 2samspan and Ultravioletpixie have been implemented into the Fellowship. Meeting Minutes: Liberation and Knowledge of Whitewashes The Shaman Fellowship collectively agree to seeking Whitewashed Orcs that wish to propose redemption of their person. Trials will be held by the Fellowship Council and have the Whitewash reevaluated and judged before the Spirits and the Rex. The Hunting of Infamous Dark Shamans There will be a gathering and compilation of Kulgarok's offenses with Dark Shamanism including those who may follow him that will be presented before the next Fellowship meeting. Grand Rituals and Festivals Research of Spiritual Rituals for the Winter season will be conducted. A primary consideration are Spirits of the Hunt due to Game and food sources depleting during Hibernation. Organization of the Fellowship and Disconnection Rituals Unattunement Ritual will be examined and researched further in conference of the Spirits. Temple of Yar Construction, Fellowship Headquarters Progress is being made with the building of the Temple. An objective is being made to be completed in a Krug Year by the next Fellowship meeting. ((Attendants: Hedgehug, Kizumachan, Subsistence, HugeWud, InfamousTortuga, 2samspan, Hakkaido, Ultravioletpixie, micbox2, Z3m0s)) Meeting Minutes: 1:30 - 2:30 PM EST Saturday July 22nd, 2017 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1621
  6. LOTC Standards: Raiding and Banditry = Villainy Undead, Orcs, Dark Magic Users = Villains Elves, Humans, and Dwarves = Heroes True Standards: Raiding and Banditry = A challenge from one group to another to get a preview of their strengths. Elves, Humans, Dwarves = Heroes Orcs = Anti-Hero Undead, Dark Magic Users = Villains
  7. Orc Roleplay posts Rep pls <3 ->>>>>


  8. Reborn by the Storm On a cloudy day, Elphaba'Gorkil called upon her apprentice Zlash'Lur to continue his seeking of a Storm Spirit. Some Orcs tagged along the journey to see what transpired during the Lur's lesson with the Spirits. They climbed the steps to the guild the only place in the War Nation that allowed seaside rain. With the great might of Olog strength Durzy'Nub struggled but threw open the gates showing off his prowess of power as the rest of the group stepped inside. They all set up their places as the rain poured down onto the gatehouse while Zlash'Lur places his offerings of Vourukh remains, Halfling Meat, and a Rock Sturgeon which are beasts of the air, land, and water like he promised during his initial meet with the Spirit. During this time, Zlash brings comfort to his body as best as he could while he took in the features of the storm. He received the pelting of rain and the wind whipping across his body as he induces his trance with the aid of a very rare and extremely strong cactus green, 'Thunderkrug'. Meanwhile, the storm only grows more chaotic as the whirlwinds slap the orcs and goblins and the lightning cracks through the skies causing great flashes of light. "Spirit of the Storm heed my call! I have brought the offerings that I have promised to you" the Shaman calls out while he concentrates on holding a consistent trance. After a few moments, the pulse of the storm rages through the Orcs mind as he reveals himself in front of the Shamans eyes "You have called to me?". "Yes" the Orc states confidently "I have made you a promise, and so that promise I will fulfill. These offerings are more than I told you I would bring including beasts of air, land, and water". The Shaman's body stifles with the connection of the Spirit while the trance stabilizes around the Spirits dominion as the Storm speaks "You remember the trial I have proposed to you, yes? Are you ready for it?". "Yes I remember." the mortal would state with slight tone of worry as he shifts around the realm "Give me one moment to prepare myself this isn't exactly something I have done before" He hesitates a moment tensing his muscles to prepare for the bolt. Without a moments notice, a lightning bolt strikes down from the skies landing upon Zlash'Lur's chest while the branches of the bolt reach his arm and neck. As this occurs, each of the Orc's eyes widen while Zlash's steaming and bruised body drops his staff and falls backwards onto the floor, unresponsive. No mercy was shown as another lightning bolt is zapped into the Shaman's chest with a thunderous roar. The electrifying pulse shoots through the Orc's body causing his eyes to gape open and gasp for breath but shortly falls unconscious while his body twitches from the electrical shocks. "I think the lightning flatted him! What a sad story" Schnub'nub declares as the he observed the spectacle before his eyes. Elphaba'Gorkil checks Zlash's pulse in a panicked state "Spirits.. please.. do not take anyone else away from me please.." shes sighs in relief as he slowly begins to take in breath "He will be fine.. He must come to on his own though". As the Shaman apprentice slowly opens his eyes to the exposure of the sky after his near-death experience he is left with some words of the Spirit "You did well in receiving the element of Storm.. Your worthiness is noted" the Spirit's voice slowly fades from his mind leaving the Shaman with his true name.
  9. The Curse of Bloodlust The Curse of Bloodlust that Iblees cast upon Krug and his children causes a perpetual form of thought often thinking about the thrill of battle where the Red Mist (blood) fills their vision. The curse works in a way that is similar to a person with an addiction for drugs. The more an Orc fights the more the curse provides a sensation, however eventually like a drug addict if an Orc continues down a path of combat and battle their bodies will become more resistant to the high of bloodlust. This means an orc that's susceptible will want to continue battling perpetually. It is simply a strength of will to maintain themselves but it is easier for some than others. Due to this, the Bloodlust often splits the Orcs into 2 separate sections of a combined group. There are those who try to resist the curse who often consist of the Shamans and their followers with aid and guidance of the Spirits. Which leaves us with those who must often embrace the curse as the shield and sword for the Orcish people which often consists of the Rex and his warriors. Both sects commonly have an intimidating presence whether it’s from great Orcish strength or their great magical abilities of communing with the Spirits. (( Thank you, @Tythus for your contribution of Orc lore
  10. Conversations with one of Tythus's friends and Asulon GM's as to how the whole community obtained magic.
  11. The Shamanic Fellowship The Fellowship The Shamanic Fellowship is a faith mainly followed by the children of the first shaman and founder Krug, The Oldfather. It is known that many people of different racial backgrounds have converted their ways in worship of the Spirits. The Fellowship is an order of Shamanic peers that are dedicated to the balance of the Spirit Realm and representing Mortals to the Spirit Kind. Many of the fellowship are guided by the Shamans whose duty is diplomacy between the Mortal and Spirit Realms. There are many who return to the nomadic ways to bring others the teachings of the Spirits, but the Fellowship lies within the lands of the Krug who was the first to bring the influence and teachings of the Spirits. The collection of Shamans and Spirit worshippers are led by the High Shaman who is influential and renown by the Spirits as well as other Shamans. Many have worshipped the Spirits for a long length of time but the Fellowship is always willing to accept new dedicants. The High Shaman would also be willing to accept anyone who might seek forgiveness but more than often requests Spiritual judgement of the punishment. Those that consist of the Fellowship may seek spiritual guidance from or for any of their peers should they wish to do so. The Shamanic Fellowship collectively seeks a balance of the Spirits and a preservation of the powers that were bestowed to the Old Father Krug, his children, and the rest of Mortality. Shaman History & Lore Not much is known since the days of Aegis as much of the knowledge that was passed from ancestor to ancestor was lost with many of the older generations. There are records of Shamanism dating back to the early ages of Krug and the formation of Dark Shamanism during the Clan Wars. There are scribed accounts of the First Shamanic Revival being led by a great Farseer and Orc by the name of Mogroka’Gorkil The Farseer prospered greatly from Enrohk’s rise to become a Greater Spirit. In the most recent archives lie the tribulations that occurred of Kharak’Raguk and Orgon’s blight of Vailor that eventually cast it into destruction. The High Shaman, Motshams, and Dedicants The rankings within the fellowship are obtained through great lengths of dedicancy and guidance alongside their peers. The High Shaman The High Shaman’s responsibility is the lore keeping of Shamanic events and rituals. This rank includes the most experience of the Shamanic faith and is not easy to come by. The position provides both stability of the Fellowship as well as the Spirit Realm and brings guidance of the Spirits to the newcomers of the faith. The High Shaman maintains the diplomats of the several Realms of Spirits and keeps a watchful eye for some that might try to meddle in the politics and hierarchy of the Spirits. The Motsham The Motsham’s consist of knowledgeable and fierce teachers of the Shamanic faith. The responsibility of this position lies with the diplomacy and guidance of Krug’s children through the Spirits. There lies 5 positions a Motsham can gain that is diversified by each subtype holding a council formation with the High Shaman. A Motsham is a loyal follower of the High Shaman and the Shamanic Faith where they gain most of their knowledge from. The path to become a Motsham is long and difficult gained only through reputation and representation.. The Dedicant The Dedicant’s consist of Shamanic Teachers, Apprentices, and Worshippers. Their responsibilities include presenting shrines, rituals, and worship to the Spirits. Shaman Teachers and Apprentices may commune with the Spirits to negotiate praise for blessings. Spiritual worshippers have the duty of learning as well as assisting Shamans in any Spiritual matter if they ask for it. All together dedicants of the Shamanic Faith have the obligation of introducing others to the ways of the Spirits. Teachers and Dedication Dedication to the Spirits is one of the most vital things the faith calls for. For many it takes great lengths of time to prove themselves a faithful worshipper of the spirits. Though Teachers may provide teachings of the Spirits and their Realms, they must not be bugged about learning Shamanism. The Teacher may provide an understanding of meditation but ultimately it is the Spirit that chooses to appear to the apprentice. If a practice of another kind is taken up by a dedicant, it is very unlikely the Spirit would ever reveal itself due to the dislike of Voidal and Dark magic and/or concentration on other deities. The Spirit Realm The Spirit Realm is a vast province that is separated into 3 different dominions: Ancestral, Immortal and Elemental. The Ancestral Realm The Ancestral Realm is widely known among Spirit worshippers as a place named Stargush’Stroh. Here is where deceased mortal spirits live in harmony alongside their ancestors. Lataumen have the ability to converse with such spirits in Stargush’Stroh. The Immortal Realm The Immortal Realm consists of Spirits that are created from concepts, ideas, emotions, and more specific things. A house may be made of stone held by Elemental Spirits of Earth, but an Immortal Spirit reigns over the concept of what a House is and can influence it in a way to improve or weaken the structure. Immortal Spirits are often worked with by Witch Doctors, Farseers, and Spirit Smiths. The Elemental Realm The Elemental Realm influences physical aspects of the Mortal Realm. Elements can be used by Spirit Smiths and manipulated by Elementalists in the categories of Water, Fire, Earth and Air as basics. Elementalists with time and experience can manipulate intermediate elements such as Metal and Storm. There are more advanced Elemental spirits but they are beyond in-game comprehension. Spirit Grand List: Ordinance of the Fellowship Do not interfere with the hierarchy and politics of the Spirits. Do not attempt to bargain with the Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge. Do not misrepresent mortality during diplomacy and bargains with the Spirits. The Fellowship will act as a prevention of any instability caused in the Spirit Realm that might originate in the Mortal Realm. The Fellowship will update the Motshams and High Shamans of any developments they have made or projects they would like to work on. The High Shaman and Fellowship must remain as lore keepers in the Ancestral lands of Krug, but other Shamans may fall on a path of nomadism if they wish. Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits. The Current Fellowship High Shaman: Elphaba’Gorkil (Elementalist, Witch Doctor) Motshams: Gukdan’Raguk (Spirit Smith) Olnin (Witch Doctor) N/A (Farseer) Zlash’Lur (Elementalist) N/A (Latauman) Dedicants: The Banished Those who are banished from the fellowship of Shamans are those known to have contempt for the Spirits as well as intentions of bringing instability to the Spirit Realm. These figures also represent those who bargain with Ixli to learn the ways of Dark Shamanism and individuals who conspire alongside them. Banished Offenders: Kulgarok’Dom (Dark Shaman) Fellowships will be held every Saturday (Grand Harvest) at the Yar Temple of San’Raakh, 1:30 PM EST. Note: The Fellowship is not a means of learning Magic. Enlistment: MC Name: RP Name: Skype: Discord: Fellowship Ranking: Shaman Sub-type (if applicable):
  12. LOTC Wars and PVP are the most interesting and viral videos on Youtube, you don't see videos of 7 people role-playing combat together (that sounds like actual cancer and really complex due to the number of persons). PVP in general has gotten a huge nerf and picked up the label as a villainy act tricking people into thinking that raiding and banditting are things that you shouldn't be doing. Role-play will always and should always remain as a vital part of LOTC as a server, but combat is something that came from Minecraft in it's originality and should hold some balance within the server. Since i've started role-playing more I have met countless people who are completely role-play biased because they dislike PVP. Combat Rules should not be extremely complex for players to understand and should have a basic realism of what bandits and raiders do. (Ex: ) Trying to insist on more rules or variations of rules to PVP only continues the consistency of change within the rules and makes it a lot more difficult for a person that's trying to raid or do banditry to not get in trouble because of something that might've been done wrong. I have seen this happen too many times especially from the Orcish race who enjoy quality raiding, banditry, and PVP as much as RP unlike Elves who most of the time primarily enjoy role-play. Creating a more complex system of PVP rules will only be another kick to the face at the Orc community as we struggle to even simply restore our magic type and faith. Role-play can be very interesting and fun, but I honestly think PVP default should be called at possibly 4, 5, or 6. I do not see any reason why groups that are battling together would want to be split up for any reason realistically as the more banded together they fight the stronger they can push. (Ref. of a retired GM of Asulon and friend of Tythus)

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  14. When people step the line of stereotyping Orcs

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