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  1. Humanistic

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    I couldn't agree more honestly. I mainly see structures in free build rather than settlements, but I have seen some active shacks in the wild. I think free build is good but things need to be concentrated on the actual size of the player-base in relation to the map size. Atlas was smaller than past maps, but still pretty large with the consistency of it's active community.
  2. Humanistic

    Defender Default Proposition

    Real Men may not fight by clicking, but I can assure you they don't fight by typing.
  3. Humanistic

    Does Blah put you off?

    It's funny because people who are foreign to the English language that i've met have even said that if they never played an Orc and tried to learn Blah, they would have never learned how to speak English. Blah has legit helped foreign speakers how to communicate in English
  4. Humanistic

    Defender Default Proposition

    It might as well be considered still actively used. It is a broken amendment as these are 'medieval times' it's not like people will need evidence or a trial or anything when being pursued. Guards don't have to go around with a warrant by a higher officer to find and subdue who they are looking for. All they need to say is that you broke some law, whether you did or didn't, and try to arrest you because you are in their land of law. DD is removed from the legitimate defender of the situation and passed to Guards because of 'written law', not because they are dynamically attacking or Defending.
  5. Humanistic

    Does Blah put you off?

    I couldn't agree more.
  6. Humanistic

    Does Blah put you off?

    I agree, but at the same rate it was intentionally meant to be a different language for Orcs because originally they only spoke it because of the structure of their tusks as well as it being passed down by Krug and his dialogue with the Spirits. I personally like to find a good mixture between Blah and Common. It's even possible for people of different races to become honoraries or slaves and eventually learn it through affiliation. I think people just purposefully don't try to learn Blah. You and I both can say that it's actually rather simple to learn and it is, but others don't think it is but at the same rate they don't even try to apply themselves to it. I have come to know many unintelligent people that were able to even make out how to use Blah, so if you can't understand it at all then i'm sorry for your education.
  7. Humanistic

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Name: π΅π“‡π’Άπ‘’π’Ήπ“Žπ“ƒ "𝐡𝓇𝒢𝒹"' π‘…π“Šπ“‡π’Ύπ’Έ Clan: Freyson Experience: Fresh Blood Equipment: A red brother tunic that is held up with chain mail and iron plating. A long sword is often seen carried upon his side or alternatively, on his back. Are ye 'o faith?: Aye
  8. Humanistic

    Defender Default Proposition

    Before LOTC is a RPG Server, it is a Minecraft Server. If this game cares so much about dynamics of things, then it might be worth noting that PVP (Click & Swing) is the dynamic combat system of Minecraft, not typing into the chat bar. Defender Default was meant to be an in-between for RP and PVP Default, but has strayed from the foundation it should have been. It is a system worth having as long as it's not made into something it isn't supposed to be. It has a relation to Defender Default but 2-man Raids are literally such a poor excuse for something to be called a raid (You couldn't start a tavern brawl without it being a raid). It would be wise to raise the raider cap since it makes no sense why a nation would try to take offense in battle to another country but for some reason they would suppress their attack in doing so. Guard Default is a really inconvenient and poor expansion of Defender Default and actually removes the idea of the Defender having the Default. If a Guard is in their own tile whether they are going on offense or defense against an opponent, they are ultimately given the choice of what combat they would like to choose. This makes no sense if the Defender having the default is supposed to be the priority, especially if less than 10 people in the RP have to pursue RP Combat until more arrive which would make it a considerable PVP raid/skirmish. In conclusion, Defender Default pauses immediate actions of any combatant who attempts to be the Attacker of the situation. This pushes an idea onto people of pursuing RP and instead of moving in to attack somebody it keeps them at bay in hopes of being the Defender.
  9. [7/16/18] WRITTEN 1672, BY FALUM'LUR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOURNEY OF LEYD Fighters & Combatants from the many clans of KRUGMAR will register for the tournament and battle to prove the strongest of the many. This contest will be taking place for those who bear upon them the royal titles of Keshig Boss & Targoth. Keshig Boss ~ 1v1 battle with a ladder system to reveal the Champion of Tourney Targoth ~ 1v1 battle with a ladder system & the last combatants will prove their commanding ability through small skirmishes ((Date: 7/17/18 @ 6 PM EST)) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALLING ALL SNAGAS AND HONORARIES KRUGMAR is now recruiting and seeking those of different blood and racial backgrounds to serve the Clans and civilization of the Orcish & Spiritual Culture. The Snagas of KRUGMAR are commonly known to be the labor workers under the Clans & Clansmen. In order to achieve the Honorary status, one must first undergo the trials of the Snagatry and prove themselves to be devoted to the Clans and to KRUGMAR. After enough time has passed and the Clan Leader that they serve has provided their blessing to the Snaga the trials of achieving Honorary Status may be presented by the Rex. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE HUNT OF THE BETRAYED In honour of those who died during the Clan Wars the Lur go on a great hunt where the Lurs use black spears and arrows. The beast that are killed in the hunt are put in a great bonfire where they are sacrificed to the spirits ones who were murdered in the Clan wars. ((DATE: 7/19/18 @ 3 PM EST)) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I'm officially running as a human rex.

  11. Humanistic


    As the seasons of Atlas pass, a new wind of change flows through the Realm as KRUGMAR sits idly after the execution of Rex Puknaak'Lak and the recent defeat of Morlak'Lak during a duel. The Clan Halls loom with the ringing of a great silence as the Men and the Woman of KRUGMAR abandon their respective Halls after San'Kala was wagered through a duel. Many had left and many were continuing to leave As the stagnation grows within the country-side, a single Orc rises from the depths of the Lur Den into the brightness of the blazing sun and presents himself before the Clan Halls with a great announcement. "Time and time again, our Rex's have fallen so short of their campaign. For too long haz we taken upon our people the many spirits of failure and for too long haz we . With there being nub Waghgoth council to come tugether in these tiks, mi Falum of the Clan Lur will take upon miself the duty of leadin the Orcish peoples and place my claim upon da Rexdom. If any wish to come before me and challunge mi in mi prestige den meet me in the da San'Kala Arena and prezent latself before mi" ((There will be a meeting at exactly 6 PM PST in the San'Kala fighting pit)) Prestiges:
  12. Humanistic

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    Could I perhaps get a commission of my Orc, Falum along with his Lur Wolf beside him? Hit me up on Discord im ready to purchase those hot sketches Humanistic#9501
  13. Probably one of the most philosophic LOTCers actively playing the serverΒ  -->