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  1. Fuze's Art Shop

    MCName: Shamanistic Type of Bust: Digital Color Position: Character name: Falum'Lur Hair: Long braided black hair Eyes: Red aged eyes Reference: Lets see what ya can do :J
  2. Raid Rules Feedback

    Hmmm. Although I wouldn't necessarily mind a GM to moderate the raiding that occurs it seems a bit excessive, but at the same rate it seems quite common that GM's are called to some combat sequence anyhow. Lawless Raiding is allowed 10 players on the attacking side along with moderation and for a 20 man Lawless Raid there must be a 24-hour notice along with a sign placed? I'm not sure why the sign would be necessary unless it was a cool-down sign. Lawful raids are a max of 20 players and must be handled with GM moderation. I think the cool down of 3 days is extremely excessive in my opinion and should at least be 1-2 days if anything, but that's just me. I know for a fact that Orcs likely won't care to put any sign down for a raid cool-down. Is Defender Default containing the same rule of 11 people for PVP combat?
  3. new scars for the collection


  4. "Mes gonna flats more beasts than even tha Huntsgoth!" the Shaman Falum exclaims greatly as he raises his Orcish blade in challenge to the Huntsgoth Tajo "GLOZAG VOTAR!" @senor_tortuga
  5. The Pilgrimage of the Strong

    [!] Posters are pinned to several boards near the lands of Krugmar and Cloud Temple "Those of a true nature of Spiritual upbringing or those of which are beckoned by the knowledge of the Spirits are urged to commune in the sands of the Desert. Many of those who journeyed into the sands and found the corpse of the Old Shaman are eager to search for the landmarks of which the Ancestor named. We are no fools to enter the barren lands and get lost among the whipping sandstorms and so together we must continue upon our Spiritual labor of sacrifice and tribute in order to reach out to: Ramakhet the Spirit of the Desert and Barren Lands. Only by helping the Spirit will we gain favor with his dominion and guidance through the hot sands that have deserted so many before us. It is even said in legends of Krug's mate Grahla collapsing due to the intense heating of the Desert. Through our trials of sacrifice and labor in devotion to the Spirits will only then bring us the recognition that we truly deserve. " EVENT SITE: EVENT TYPE: Expanding Ramakhet's influence TIME: SATURDAY 3 PM EST EVENT LOCATION: The North Gate of Krugmar
  6. why did you guys remove necrolyte buffs?

    it was a spell check, but I think the Halfling buff was pretty cool at the time. It was interesting to see Halflings kick orcs off their farms
  7. why did you guys remove necrolyte buffs?

    What Nug said ^ I think the Necrolyte buff was one of the last to remain but since all were removed even half-lings have the same base stats as everyone else.
  8. The Forsaken Spirit

    [!] The view of the Orcish settlement at a distance as it fades into the sands of the Desert As the Orcs and Honoraries gathered near the arena of San'Kala, Azun and Bogrum'Lak run in waving their hands catching the attention of the group as they approach Falum. They both throw their hands in the air as they explain on their findings of a Shaman corpse hidden in the desert. As they rallied up to explore this corpse night begins to fall upon the Realm so they holed up in Laklul's Retreat, a swampy waterhole of security in the Oasis. When they emerged from the hole they sent out a bird for a re-supply and woke to the faces of Cohan the servant as well as Tajo, Anak, and Eath'Lur. They sallied together one more time to reach their destination while the sands of the desert whipped at their faces once they left the Oasis. [!] The Orcish settlement at a distance as it fades into the sands of the Desert The Shamans, Orcs, and Honoraries faced treacherous and steep valley climbs while the sands blended in with many snakes and wild beasts. Once they found their destination they gathered together entering the small and musty cavern with a greeting of the weathering bones of a deceased Shaman. They observed his apparel and accessories determining it was indeed a shaman and after further investigation revealed the name 'Trok' scratched within the stone. Eath suggested to Falum that he make an attempt to Spirit Walk with the deceased Shaman and so they filled the cavern with cactus green smoke while Falum sat leaning upon the wall while holding the skull of Trok. A wave of silence grew throughout the cavern while each of the Orcs fell into a deep trance. [!] The enviroment of the cavern changes materializing new structures around the group as they enter the Ancestral Realm of Stargush'Stroh As Falum's chanting began to affect those who lingered in the cavern distant mists and fogs begin to fill the room as the environment is ripped away and restored all in the same. After enduring the travel to Stargush'Stroh they woke to broiling skies of orange and crimson with some of the Orcs exclaiming their admiration of the Realm. As Falum manifests a staff into his palms the plains shift into a deserted and sandy environment while an Orc points out a decorated cave in the distance. They each peer on as the Lutauman steps towards it in curiosity quickly looking back towards the spiritual party. They each look at the Lutauman as he simply states "I feel a great Spiritual presence from there.. Come, Brothers. The Ancestor awaits us". They enter the musty cavern catching distant shadows of a campfire and a figure that appeared upon the wall. The Ancestor's voice rings through the cavern as they approach the campfire disputing how any Mortal might have found his corpse. Some of the Orcs begin to explain that Falum was a shaman who brought them before the Ancestor after they found his bones in the Desert. Trok looks astounded explaining that he had considered all the Shaman to be dead for the disastrous Desert took many sacrifices leading to his isolation and death in the desert cave. The Orcs explain to Trok that they had sailed from the Isles of Axios and only until recently landed upon Atlas in which Trok was dumbfounded with the thought of a whole other continent but was hopeful with this revelation as he explained that all of his people had vanished. When the discussion dragged on many of the descendants raise questions they had for the Ancestor such as where his people had went, but all the Spirit could manage to direct them to was the World Shrine deep in the Deserts which made the Shamans drill deep into their rituals. Many questions raised asking if they had died but the Ancestor simply replied that he had no one left which is why he lived until death in the cavern, it was his only home. Many had inquiries on his Tribe's name but he was too distant from the Mortal Realm to recall exactly. When the Tether to the Ancestral Realm could no longer hold and began to destabilize Trok left them with the best advice he could give for them to investigate by directing them to Enrohk's Valley. There they would have sight of the Old Tribe ruins at a distance and be led by a path to the same World Shrine that caused the disappearance of the Tribe. As Trok's voice faded from the minds of the Orcs and Honoraries he would continue to remind their direction "Seek out Enrohk's Valley... Seek out the Tribe Ruins... Seek out the World Shrine"
  9. Abandoning Axios

    As the tides and the Spirits of the Storm guided the descendants from the wasteland of Axios much misfortune was caused along the way. Along their journey, many made stops upon isolated isles in the middle of the sea to gather resources for the remaining portion of the journey. Many descendants went gathering on the island hunting for food and water and in hopes finding treasure along the way. Meanwhile, those who guarded the ships were under constant attack and siege by the Pirates who sailed and were familiar with the seas causing just as much grief as they had hoped to regenerate. Through all the combat and labor that was performed by the descendants those who worked upon the Islands discovered a secret hidden in the land of the native inhabitants of the island. After making sacrifices into the Volcano, word spread of people who had captured the Big Chief of the Village. On a very bright and hot day, the old Rex Kahn'Braduk conversed with Wargoth Falum'Lur upon the Pirate raids planning tactics to go on the offense of the swashbucklers. Not before long, Zrarly'Raguk runs through the crowd on the docks arriving before the two warning them about the Big Chief's capture explaining where they might have taken him. Niiruk'Lur hears from a distance joining the Orcs as they conclude together that they were going to claim the Big Chief for themselves and for their people. They moved towards the shore pushing out the rafts to travel between Ships and the land but drifted off attempting to find the Ship they had taken him too. After rowing around they eventually happened upon a Ship watching as the Big Chief and many of the other Native Inhabitants were chained and taken under into a cabin. The Orcs immediately burst into action hurdling the rails of the Ship and ramming into the Cabin below confronting the Human characters. With anxious surprise the Humans quickly turned towards the Orcs guarding the Big Chief in the back and dropping their hands down to their sheathes. Kahn stepped forward before the Orc group while praising Enrohk and demanded the Big Chief was ours to take meanwhile the Humans in the back would contest exclaiming that they didn't do diplomacy with savages. As the insults began to start shooting their way across the room things grew very tense as they were very set on bloodshed. Quickly before the battle sprung into action the Big Chief moved forward in chains between the two groups and proposed a mutual agreement. The Big Chief pressed himself forward trying to keep a common dialect between the two asking that there be no bloodshed but instead for He and half his village to be sent along with the Orcs and the rest would be sent between the Humans to be studied in the faith of Canonism and of God. The two groups glared and gritted their teeth and tusks at one another until the Human in charge agreed upon the terms and allowed the Big Chief to be unchained and sent with the Orcs. As he stepped forward the Orcs slowly flowed from the room as they began speaking to the Big Chief atop the deck. The proud Orcs took the villagers onto their rafts and sailed for their ship boasting the great deed they had accomplished for the Clans, and for Krugmar.
  10. 6.0 Admin Shops

    no elytra no diamond armor Shulker Boxes possibly? Its mostly for item transportation and maybe materials for creating banners?
  11. MC Name: Shamanistic Character's Name: Falum'Lur Character's Age: 71 Character's Race: Orc Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Lutaumancy Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Lutaumancy is the magical power of being able to speak to one's Ancestors and the deceased. This power is often used to guide those that hold faith in the Ancestral Spirits and bring the Ancestors perspective on the issues or questions raised by the Descendants. It is even possible in higher tiers to contact greater Ancestrals such as Gorkil, Rax, Lur, Dom and so forth. It is also quite commonly used in honored battles using the Ancestor's blessing as a buff to their strengths. Lutauman if such a situation were to occur are compelled to use the strengths of their Ancestors for not calling upon them during a fight of honor is practically saying you don't care. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Falum would first begin discussing with his student on the connections and the meditation provided to gain even a close access to the Spirit Realm. After much training on their meditative trance the concept of a material Tether would be instructed having the Shaman Apprentice work with an antique item such as a personal treasure or heirloom. As they continue and gain more development within the Ancestral Realm the Apprentice would soon become consistent with the intense travel on a regular basis. After some time the Apprentice will soon become familiar with the Deities that dwell there eventually being respected by the Ancestors. Through reputation and dialogue in the Ancestral Realm upon the higher tiers will give the Apprentice the ability of achieving Ancestral Blessings to buff their Spirit. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  12. Reeeee Saint Krug what is this.... I'll tell you what this is, it's cultural appropriation!!!!! jk lol Firstly, Krug despite his power and reputation was known to not be anything close to a Saint lol In Axios, it wasn't Saint Krug who conducted Krugsmas it was the Spirit of Father Krugsmas (Ever when they were Admin was the one who played as Father Krugsmas lol)
  13. So do the ET plan on moving every single one of these ships for the event? lol

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I almost want to be an ET just so I can burn all those ships down in whatever event occurs as we leave...

    2. Skylez1


      Pretty sure it'll be the GM team moving the boats @Humanistic, most ET don't have access to World Edit.