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  1. This Shamanism debate has lasted over several maps already.. it’s time to stop trying to divide where the Shamans are meant to be united.

    1. The Transcendent
    2. Pond


      preach brother

  2. Humanistic

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    As a fellow Elementalist and Lutauman who has practiced the magic, I find that disconnection for the most part really isn't necessary. We have used Shamanism for all these years without a need for disconnection though it’s been spoken about several times. I dislike the idea of using staff as a way to act as a Spirit and remove people’s abilities from a community, when really it should be the united Shamans that must discuss these ordeals IRP and settle it by their own means. We all know that the best means of disconnecting someone not just from magic but from the soul itself is by pursuing that person and just simply killing them. It’s worked with Dark Shamans I have battled and it’s not necessary to an Immortal Spirit to get the job done. It does make sense that an Immortal Spirit would be likely to seek the unfaithful since these Immortals feed from the peoples of mortal society that worships Shamanism which really only exists within Orcish lands (because in any other society it would likely be heresy), and was meant to be used as a way to Immortalize yourself in history through your actions, behavior, and emotions but there are many conflicting Immortal aspects currently. The conflict I find with it though is that if this Spirit of Judgement is annexed by Ixli the Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge whom is sinister spirit, it creates a duty to the Judgement Spirit to act in a evil, wicked and ill-tempered manner and perhaps would even hold the aspect of Forbidden Judgement. As for the Dark Elves within Stargush'Stroh was very controversial to me and not because I don’t want Elves in the Spirit Heavens but because the way that it was gone about. The lore that was proposed had to do with Immortal Spirits of Moon and Shadow (which has nothing to do with emotions, actions, or behavior) taking their powers and creating a Realm in Stargush’Stroh for Dark Elves rather than the Elves being apart of a united spiritual society and fall under a Realm of one of the greater shamanic Elf ancestors, the natural habitat of the Ancestral Spirit. If it were even possible for Immortal Spirits to enter the Stargush’Stroh and create their own Realms within it there would undoubtedly be a great evoking of wrath with the Ancestral Spirits as their lands were invaded by Immortals and likely Krug the greatest Spirit of them all who was able to battle an Arch-Daemon as a Mortal (if not any other greater Ancestral Spirit) would expel the Immortals from the Realm. I find that many players that hold magics like to go about creating their own versions and lores without addressing the proper means to go about it or rather just sticking to the founding creations. Once it submitted while much lore that’s written is thrown out it’s just as easily accepted and when these new versions are accepted it makes it that much more susceptible to being power-gamed or abused since the new version are of their own guidelines. If confronted about it they just make their own truth on how things should be working and are obviously biased towards their own works. While I am a magic user I do not believe that magic should just be given to just anyone and everyone and there are proper means of achieving what is desired, including Shamanism and different racial societies under Orcs that could hold Shamanism. I think Mogroka knows what he’s talking about since he was one of the original founders of Shamanism, but I find it quite common that people don’t give Orcs the respect they deserve. Note I find it quite funny that people would like to learn Shamanism, but wouldn’t even go as far as speaking Blah. But, others would create cultures that literally go as far as speaking an entirely different language and using a translator for role-play.
  3. It only makes sense that the majority fits between RPers and PVP/RPers (as I consider myself PVP/RP) while the pure PVP section is at a very minimum. Though oddly I find it quite funny that the Role-Play community often directs their aim towards the Pure PVP group even considering how small of a fraction they are, unless they aim at both RP/PVP as well and simply want to just be rid of Player versus Player all together. It'd be nice to see PVP (including the rules) in a harmonic balance with RP, but more often than not there is a varying Nerf with rules to the PVP community, but there is not often any counter-action really taken against RP since you can't really Nerf role-play. I find that both RP and PVP have their perks and it's fun to do either or, but I stay solid when it comes to the actual dynamic combat system of the Minecraft platform which is PVP, though there are many flaws with PVP such as hacking, passing accounts, and auto-clicking that mainly affect smaller encounters compared to larger battles. At the same rate, it isn't by the same means but role-playing can be abused and power-gamed through old and new sporadically added magics, magical artifacts, and creatures even considering that when magic was released it was meant to refrain from combat as it could easily be power-gamed, but to this day it seems to be the norm. Mechanic/RP PVP = Mechanic/RP Magic or otherwise a sword-user should be on par along with a magic-user.
  4. Humanistic

    Rex Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk

    Falum'Lur smashes his head into Azhug's as he joins in the roar of enthusiasm by the bustling activity of the Orcish brothers. He raises his spear his into the air and holds the banner of the Lur Clan to his side "My spear is lats, Gilgamesh! Mi hunt da foes of the Rex and pass judgement of the Spirits unto dem."
  5. Humanistic

    A Spirit of Fire

    alum'Lur followed by his servant walked upon the sands of the desert as they traveled toward the small lump of dirt in the sandy dunes. They braced themselves as they covered their eyes from getting irritated and pushed onto the lift that slowly sunk into the tombs of the ancients where Falum keeps to his shaman duties. They continued on climbing the steep path deeper descending into the crypts and tunnels where they eventually met their destination. It was very dusty and claimed by a habitat of spiders with their nests, but one section in particular was filled with offerings, grains, and gems. As they stepped closer into the crypts and observed at the offerings Falum nods his head towards the tombstones and remains of several Orcish brothers that had passed onto Stargush'Stroh. The Orc stands near the few tombstones and raises his arms towards his servant "Which do lat choose to Spirit Walk with?" he grunts as he looks towards the display of memoirs and speaks of their individual spirits and their efforts in life. Asariel stands near the tombstones and examines the memoirs for a moment until she walks back to Falum wielding a large War-Axe that once belonged to a brave and noble orcess by the name of Lukra'Braduk. "Ah Lukra..." he'd say dragging his words out as he draws upon his memories of his old war mother "Then we will begin shortly" Falum withdraws a loaded blunt of cactus green and lights it with the torch he carried with him and the air filled with smoke and relaxed their thoughts. As they sat idle for moments, Falum held the axe close to him and dragged his hand over the detail of it as he began to chant words creating the tether to the Ancestral Plane. Asariel would watch Falum as he speaks very foreign words to her tongue and was slowly dazzled as the tombs and tunnels began to materialize into a vast plains with crimson and golden skies. The duo rose from the plains and spotted a Braduk rhino in the distance grazing upon the lands. They broke out into a sprint and began a pursuit of the rhino who turned tail and fled from the foreign spirits. As the terrain materializes into different biomes through the chase, the rhino halts before a large desert palace surrounded by fields of cactus. "That's not fair!" Asariel says with disappointment as she watches the rhino dematerialize before her eyes "This is where it led us to the beast wus not the prize, the Spirit lies ahead" Falum says as he examines the Realm and the sandstone palace "This almost peeps like that old Doomfort". The travelers continue on as the sand palace looms grandly above them and their forms enter the darkened halls of the structure. As they lingered closer to the grand doors of the palace they hesitated and looked to each other for a moment. A voice booms from the other side of the wall almost as if there were nothing blocking the sound "Wub mortals have stepped foot into my realm of the Stargush'Stroh reveal lat selves before me", Asariel would be the first to take a shove at the large door firmly pressing it forward as Falum follows closely behind her. The Orc and Elf step forward into the palace room as Lukra'Braduk raises from her ancestral throne "Throm'ka Lukra, it's been many ages since I last peeped lats face" says Falum as Lukra raises her voice with great enthusiasm. She chuckles heartily finding her old war companion before her "Falum! It peeps that lat am still as ugly as ever, even with all that tusk polishing!" the orcess cackles with great humor as she notices the elf and turns toward her "And lat are?". Asariel steps forward and peered up softly to the great Spirit of Lukra as her eyes widen "Oh miss Lukra, you are even more strong and beautiful than I had anticipated..." she spoke in awe, as she lifts herself up and dusts her dress "I am Asariel". Lukra's Spirit looms brightly over Asariel and raises her heavy orcish head "It peeps that we are well met then if lat arrives here alongside Falum" Lukra looks between them with a tusky grin "So wub is it that brings lat to my Realm". Asariel grows a wide grin upon her feature as she looked over Lukra and asks Falum "Sir - How can I get teeth like yours and hers?" and his laughs heartily in response as he remembers an old halfling "Well.. there was an old honorary named Bobo'Lur and he lahed that some Orcs punched him in the jaw until it fit right" Asariel laughs nervously at the thought sways her head back to Lukra. She looks upon the great spirit and brought her qualms before Lukra "I wish to learn to klomp! I want to be as strong as you one day!" Asariel ties up her dress in a loose and combative knot "I learned to do this and I like to think I have a spirit of your kind". The large braduk laughs at her display of spirit "So be it then, My days of klomp yielded me my own realm here in the Stargush'Stroh. Unlike the mortal world, mi could flat both of you where lat stands". Shortly after Lukra spoke Asariel would collapse through the plains as she was overwhelmed by the great limits of the Spirit Realm and was left unconscious in the Mortal Realm. They'd watch as the girl fainted and vanish from the Realm causing Falum to turn towards Lukra as the tether only lasted so long "It has been long, Lukra. Mi wishes dat I could have done more during lats life. I wish I could have stopped Drokon when he flatted lat" he displays a frown as he looks upon the large spirit. Lukra draws her eyes deep into his as she places a heavy palm upon his shoulder "Do nub be conflicted, Zlash. Time has passed and you still be walkin but it would seem Drokon also met his fate since I have seen him here in the Stargush'Stroh klomping alongside the Ugluks". Falum nods his head as relief drains from him accepting her fate "Everything you blahed to me was true. Kulgarok was doing dark things with the Spirits and in the end he led Drokon to his flat". The Orc presses his weight upon his materialized staff "He came to San'Torr in those days and challenged me, for he was banished for his dark use of the Spirits. We klomped and the ancestors looked upon mi that day, but the dark shaman was nub seen since". Lukra nods her head in an understanding motion as she thinks back on her mortal life "If I did not make the effort to relay the information to lat it is likely that lat could nub have avenged me like lat did, lats has mi bubhosh respect Falum". As the moments passed for what seemed like years, Falum and Lukra continue to hold conversation with one another with Lukra asking "So wub is it that goes on within the goi now? How dus Krugmar stand these days?" Falum's eyes grow displeased with the question as he lowers his head with a bit of shame "The Wagh Nation is nub wub it used to be. The whitewash Horde was accepted into Krugmar by Shakul'Gorkil and now wish to make changes as they see fit! They have begun reclaiming the name of the Iron Uzg, but many clans oppose the actions of Shakul". The Spirit's demeanor grows with rage and displeasure as she offers a heated growl "What is made of the Braduks, how do my kin hold during this chaos?" Falum then raises his head with an even deeper wretch in his eyes "The Braduks are led by an Orcess like you, but she fights for the Iron Uzg and flats her own Braduk brothers. I have held my tongue during these chaotic times, but it only can hold so long until it slips". Lukra edges closer to Falum as she embraces her Spirit against his "So you will join the klomp then, brother?" she'd ask him and with a glow of his tinted red eyes he would respond "Yub, but mi is conflicted.. These Orcs used to once be my brothers, and now I must make a choice of klomping against Clans that once used to be an ally". As Lukra pulls away and slowly begins to fade due to the Tether running low on mana she leaves him with the best words of guidance she could provide him before he fell unconcious entirely "Falum, you must decide. You have always grukked wub lat will do and who and when lat will klomp. It is lat decisiun that am to make things right again." The thoughts run at amazing speeds through Falum's head as he grew dizzy and fatigued and passed out. After time passed and he and his servant rose from their slumber Falum reaches for Lukra's War-Axe and growls with ferocity as he clenches his teeth and tusks "The Lurs will not stand idly by and peep our brothers bleed on the soils of San'Kala for nothing! We will hunt those that wish to destroy the honor of our civilization and cleanse the Clans of weakness." Falum returns to the Clan Hall where many of the Den Keepers and Huntsmen reside as they tend to their wolves and trophies of the Hunt. He stands upon the feast table and announces to each of the Lurs nearby "My blood, my kin, we shall klomp alongside the War Alliance of Krugmar! The Horde will not do as they please as long as the War Nation Orcs still stand! We bring them Wagh!"
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  8. Humanistic

    Raiding isn't fun for the raiders

    I can never get enough of you Sandk1ng :))
  9. Humanistic

    Raiding and why it's tearing this family apart!!!

    nice thread mate lol same though
  10. Humanistic

    The Issues of Raiding

    If you might be worried about your health, it isn't a priority for you to stay up til late night hours to defend a city on a game. In the end, it really isn't up to the ones who are getting raided to determine what times they should or shouldn't be attacked. Instead of killing the role-play I would actually think that since it's during off-peak always most of the active role-play is preserved. You can't tell raiders when and how they should attack any given place. You can say that it might be about winning OOCly, but I believe raiders should be allowed to choose when they'd like to attack especially if they scout and find out that they might get overwhelmed during the raid which would be no fun for them, only for the side that would be most likely to win just like how the Defenders wouldn't want to have a 40 man raid (which isn't allowed with the current rule-set) and only be able to rally 10-20 people to defend. There are any multitude of reasons for anybody to raid or bandit but I don't think it needs to go as far as obtaining some sort of Cassus Belli for the attack unless it's a War. (The only reason that nations don't go full out against one another is because the current rule-set suppresses a country from sending out a full-force against another. Say you have 40 people that are ready to raid and pillage a settlement, basically if you went out with all those 40 a Sky God will appear and tell you that you must drop 30 of those people since you didn't give a notice ahead of time. Why would a country suppress an aggressive attack against another? How does it pay off for the Attackers who are given two choices which consist of either dropping 30 players from the event, or receiving a ban if you continue to pursue since you rallied everyone together?) Lord of the Craft is a Minecraft platform before it is a Role-Playing server. I'm not disregarding role-play as I can find it quite descriptive and expressive but at the same rate, I believe that clicking & swinging is the actual dynamic combat system of Minecraft. Not to mention that it is the exact combat system that allows you to defend against Mobs, Animals, or aggressive players.
  11. Humanistic

    Does Blah put you off?

    It's funny because people who are foreign to the English language that i've met have even said that if they never played an Orc and tried to learn Blah, they would have never learned how to speak English. Blah has legit helped foreign speakers how to communicate in English
  12. Humanistic

    Does Blah put you off?

    I couldn't agree more.