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  1. [Rewrite] ~*~Fairy Rings~*~

    Casting is hard for regular people-- Druids, however, are already attuned to the energy that flows through them, and thus when they enter something akin to powersharing occurs. The ring is created by and teeming with the same stuff that is used in their spells, magic nature mojo from the aspects or nature in general or spirits or whatever. A regular person entering the fairy ring is attuned to the wilds in a very brute-force janky way. They gain druidic insight, albeit impossible to comprehend. A Druid entering the fairy ring is already attuned to the wilds, and entering the ring just makes them more attuned to the wilds, which can be somewhat dangerous if they aren't ready for that yet. Also fairy rings have always helped Druids it's just there wasn't a precedent for how much they help them.
  2. The Creature Index [2017]

    when y'all gonna look at the response I made to the feedback and help me work on the thing that was denied to make it more acceptable grr
  3. Considering Wights are powered by gHooOoOst SpOOOk I feel as though a little overlap isn't too bad as long as they aren't copying eac-- Wait but since when can wights inhabit a haunted teapot? There has already been RP like this; Ghosts haunting specific objects, following along with them, kind'a going dormant around them. This would make that easier to RP and more validated. I feel like such RP would be enjoyable... Provided an actual person is RP'ing the ghost and not an NPC mysticism-spawned ghost. I can understand where you're coming from if that's what you mean; I don't want to see mysticists with a spooky blender aura because they just say that there's a poltergeist inside of them scratching anything that gets near them. Everything else you say, I pretty much agree with; Them's valid balancing concerns and threats to the lore getting accepted. I want to use this cool stuff.
  4. Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    I agree with the gang saying hand-cannons would be a better idea. I also agree with the people saying that this would be very troubling to impliment because it would lead to a long chain of compromise. And I also agree with the folks saying that we need some level of progression to technology. Overall I would +1 the lore, but I'm too tentative to commit to it. But I certainly don't dislike it. also
  5. Favorite Marvel Character(s)?

    I prefer DC. ...But I like Luke Cage a lot.
  6. As somebody who RP's a ghost ( though not as often as I'd like ) I greatly approve of this addition. I hope the ghostmasters like it as well. +1
  7. Happy Autumn Equinox yo. I know you probably aren't a farmer but blessings upon your harvest anyway. Alban Elfed.

  8. Your View: Techlock

    I'd be into things progressing toward some kind of pseudo-industrial revolution OVER TIME AND WITH ADEQUATE RP, but anything past that, IE telegraphs, useful electricity, vehicles that aren't gigantic clunky loud things, etc. I also feel it'd work better if such things were limited to only a few nations, so that there would still be pockets of places where such things are more-or-less unheard of, like the halflings, druids or isolated human settlements. Fantasy universes have fit in such places before, and I can think of a few interesting interactions with it. Plus, it'd require a lot of progression and RP to be put in for any of it to become widespread and for culture to change around it, so it's not like the server would suddenly change overnight. edit: also magi-tech more often than not feels dumb and cheap
  9. [Your View] Metagaming

    Alright so I really dig that Aviary stuff. The idea of people actually needing to go to the aviary to write a messenger bird and that bird going to a predestined place, I feel, is a lot easier to RP and a lot less capable of meta. I hope it's ( relatively ) easy to get aviaries, though, so that rich people and guilds can get their own if they want it. I also hope that they can be used to message offline players so that, y'know, you don't have to move to Skype if you need to send a letter to someone who isn't on. However, that's were I kind'a stop supporting things. If the town has an alarm bell or whatever, then all the guards SHOULD be crawling out of the woodwork to meet whatever caused it if it's used. I don't think it's cool when five guys happen to walk up on something sketchy, but if they live in the place then they should have some way of being alerted when someone rings the "****'s going down" bell. I mean, don't get me wrong; I've had tons of people accuse me of being the meta squad so I know full well this is a problem, I just don't think banning skype rallies outright is gonna fix it at all. The meta squads will just personally message people. ( Also, Skype rallies are used for more than just threats; They're used to gather for events and stuff and that'd straight-up be getting in the way of RP if you don't allow people to gather folks to attend them and they just have to rely on who happened to remember or be around at the given time. ) Okay and here's the last thing; I'm confused about what Skype RP is banned here, because you say that "roleplay that didn't occur on the server didn't occur at all" yet say that roleplay that doesn't effect others doesn't count? I might be ignorant here, but isn't small-scale RP that doesn't effect anyone else the entire point of Skype RP? So why would it be banned in the first place, then? Who suggested this rule and what does it serve? I've personally only done it a few times; To RP with my character's mother, to teach a dedicant who lacked a computer, and to send elaborate letters of significance to people. Would those now be breaking the rules if they were acknowledged on the server?
  10. [Change] Character Cards

    As somebody who has recently begun using such things ( but is too poor for art ) I think this'd be a great thing. +1
  11. TOP 5 LOTC RACES (Triggered)

    cernunnos and cerridwen are pronounced with a HARD C I AM MORE TRIGGERED BY THIS THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE VIDEO
  12. As Animals Gathered

    Gwion's head cants up as something quiet echoes through the woods, an expression of bemusement upon him as he listens closely to what approaches, but... Naught but the rustle of leaves met his ears, like the breath of an oncoming storm. "Better tell mom--..." He began to speak as his eyes lowered down to his hunting companion, only to find himself alone, dogless, his words trailing off... Followed by a concerned shout for his mutt. "...River?" Suddenly the woods feel quite eerie without his pal!
  13. Unite against the New Beginning

    "Remember when Gazardiael tricked the Druids into enabling his servants to kill droves of people in Vailor? The Holy League vowed to kill them for it." Whispers the disembodied voice of Oliver's ghost to some sleeping Holy League guy somewhere. "That's right; Nobody remembers. History will repeat itself. Be calm, right your mistake." edit: fixed spelling mistake
  14. A wonderful season~

    Oliver's perpetually-disgruntled ghost grows two steps closer to finding peace on this day.
  15. 6.0 Seasons

    These are some pretty nice additions suggested here, but you're also suggesting... A full week, every IRL month, of total darkness, mobs, food shortages and impossible travel. Now I'm all for the way this sounds but take a minute to think about how long most players are gonna want to put up with that. People apparently hated when Vailor became a dark, wintery foodless wasteland for a week despite the RP it provided, now imagine that happening every month. Like I said, I like the sound of this but it sounds like too much of a leap in a new direction for people to not get up in arms about it. Not to mention the poor farmers who will have nothing to grind for a whole week. there's also a few other points I see; - Would the seasons IC'ly be lasting a full year, or would years now be lasting a full IRL month? I can see the latter being cool, however the prior would upset some of the dynamic that's already been made precedent on the server, y'know; Being able to realistically see a human die of old age ever. - What explanation would there be for the sun vanishing everywhere for the entire duration? In northern climates that makes sense, yeah, but there are places like deserts that just see deserts as a dry season rather than the cold hand of death, and are otherwise unchanged. - i forgot the third one