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  1. well I can tell SOMEONE who's going to get haunted pretty hard
  2. MC Name: Gallic Character's Name: Robin Character's Age: 17 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Dead Half-Elf Transformed form: Ghoul Creator's MC Name: SaltyGoblin Creator's RP Name: Malineer Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Ghouls, or Morghuul if you're feeling fancy, are shambling echoes of a fallen person; A soul-shadow inhabiting the corpse of their once-living selves, immortal and powered theoretically eternally by stolen lifeforce. Deprived of it, they erode both mentally and physically, and are eventually driven mad by their hunger. When slain, they inexplicably sprout again. Superficial wounds cannot slay them. They do not feel fatigue. However, these feats also sap at their strength, despite seeming superhuman; Death will always be denied to them, even if they wish it. They are numb to everything, not only pain-- And even if they cannot feel a mangled arm, their flesh will still suffer its effects. Thus, they tend to be weaker than a living person of equal stature. Their shattered mockery of a soul, while it may somehow find a way to resurface after any demise, cannot learn magic; It is not a proper soul. It also goes without saying that gold and holy magic will mess them up, though they tolerate the touch of gold more than some other examples of undeath. (( I have people to teach me, don't worry. I was created in RP, after all. )) Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: being alive Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: if I somehow die despite being literally unable to die? sure Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: yes though I do not recall reading of any PK clauses Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: nope
  3. I actually enjoyed the video. Good mix of humor and taking things seriously. S'just too bad it was so short. ;P
  4. also the lore references said rat race multiple times and stems from it
  5. I'd definitely play a ratperson; It's something different than the pre-existing animal races. Namely two things; It's really hard to fetishize something that looks literally like an upright rat, not an anthropomorphized cat, and their origins are seperate from the others that exist, giving them a unique sort of demeanor. Also, ratpeople have always interested me among universes where beastpeople exist. As always, I think you should try to keep it playable, even if it starts out as players helping out the ET and LT for a trial run at first. That sound like a good compromise? You'd also do better rewriting this to fit with the upcoming map, rather than this one. Make them a native of that one. This one already has a lot of natives, and it's close to death. You could ask for help from the people who are working on it, though they might be reluctant to give any spoilers out. Aaaaand finally... Perhaps the easiest point to rectify: Polish this thing up a little more. Formatting, paragraphs, headers, proofreading, all that stuff. If you want it to be a playable race, it's got to be easy to find the information you need, as a player, on the page. And keeping everything clumped into entire big paragraphs with tiny titles makes that slightly more difficult.
  6. what have I done


    I expected five children


    not ******* 20


    oh my god


    I'm so sorry Adelburg



    1. Amordrin 🃏

      Amordrin 🃏

      how i imagine the slums right now


    2. TheCritsyBear


      that literally happened yesterday

  7. we will rise
  8. Do you like light-hearted edge? Do you like jovial but serious RP? Do you want to make a new character with a snowflake-y backstory? Do you want to get into inescapable debt just to survive and get beat up by knights and weird people on a daily basis? Come join my cool new half-OOC guild! Make a street rat with me! Starving Child RP Self-Depricatory Edgelord Family Dark Light-hearted Crime Cool Gang RP Guild RP! I'm looking for people who might be interested in coming to join me as kids up to fifteen years of age in the fight for our livelihoods as a gang of filthy urchins, lead ( for now ) by the charming and jovial street-rat Robin. Race doesn't matter much; Robin, for instance, is a snowflake-y half-elf, and you can't get much worse than that. The idea is to start together as kids and move up in the world as a group, help eachother out, make a home, take care of eachother, or pull eachother down into the muck whenever someone almost escapes from our situation, because **** you for trying to leave. What, you think you're better than us? One for all and all that. I've been testing the waters for about a week on my new main, and I can confirm there are environments conducive to such sublime edge! The RP is light-hearted and fun, with good bits of soap opera-ass drama thrown in. Most of the RP is conducted in new Oren, but can be moved if **** hits the fan. Preferably not to Sutica, 'cause people are really nice there and would probably buy us a house and throw a parade. Common activities include thieving, swindling, gambling, stealing shoes, singing songs, getting beat up by knights, getting recruited by shady wizards and actual pirates, and sleeping in a dirt-floored shack that burns down every other day. Let's become the new underbelly, together. If you want this sort of thing, hit me up on the following discord, yo! Gallic#9894
  9. A new, shallow grave sits upon the crested coast down by the woods of the 'Ame, breathing in the sea and basking in the shade of the swaying trees. There is no name, no etched engraving, only a cairn of rocks set down by those few who cared enough to set out there, those who knew who was there. With such an idyllic locale, one can't help but feel... He finally got to retire. ( Image source. Literally got it off of google image search. ) A grumpy old man once said that the true curse of man is not to die young, but to die full of regret. And none could ever know just how much that alcoholic, unfriendly, beaten-down grouch regretted. None were ever told the full story; Maybe they were told parts, that would give glimpses into the reason behind why he literally told them to '**** off' the first time they met, but never every reason why he hated himself and everyone around him. He had all the personality of a "DO NOT ENTER" sign. He started his life as such an optimistic boy. He became a Druid with one wish; To spread peace, happiness, and to help others. He ended it with nothing, pleading for more time, crying for how much he hated his lot in life and those he still blamed for it. So bitter, so pitiful. Over the years, he grew to know so many. Some even considered him family. So many he'd want to talk to one last time, to share a drink or a smoke with, to catch up with, to be there for. But in the end, he managed to alienate them all. He died with only one person crying over him, and only one person shocked. Not a single one of them knew he was on his deathbed. And it was his fault. No letters were sent. It was a quiet murmur of a death. All that remains is his grave.
  10. Done! Tried my best to shoehorn it in. c: This might be a good time to note that Ghosts don't actually have a proper red lines section so I had to make them up based on the information I garnered from the post in different places. Done! Tried my best to shoehorn it in. c: This might be a good time to note that Ghosts don't actually have a proper red lines section so I had to make them up based on the information I garnered from the post in different places.
  11. MC Name: Gallic Character's Name: Oliver Character's Age: 130~140? Old as dirt for a human. Character's Original Race: Human Transformed form: Ghost ( Haunt initially. ) Creator's MC Name: Human Curse Creator's RP Name: THE COLD HAND OF DEATH Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Ghosts are solitary, territorial creatures with very enigmatic powers, as well as intentions; Being shadows of living people, their personalities and desires are about as varied as they were in life, however twisted they may be from their fates. They are among the most intact 'natural' undead possible, being independent, fully capable of reason, emotion, and conscious thought. Under very few circumstances can one be truly slain and their presence is sustained by the ambient life of the world around them; Thus they are capable of existing indefinitely should they never find peace. (( Paragraph added on request of Toodles! )) Even so, their presence is not nearly as terrifying as folklore would have one believe. Most ghosts can indeed be harmed or frightened off, with a vast array of weaknesses available even to a common man. Bright lights, gold, enchanted items and blessed objects are all effective pest control, and more extravagant methods, involving an array of magics, strike at the very essence of their spectral form- Effectively banishing them from a place for the foreseeable future. Shamanism, holy light, antimagic, alterationists... And furthermore, most ghosts are not as dangerous as they are described; They cannot phase through walls, cross locked doors, fly through the night sky, use any sort of magical powers (beyond, obviously, being a ghost), or even suck the life out of you with their ghostly touch. They are mostly harmless entities under most circumstances, contrary to popular belief. A Haunt is an infantile manifestation of a once-living soul that barely exists at all, the confused echoes of a soul shadow's memory; They live in constant confusion and dreamlike delusions, unable to discern reality from their outdated memory. They are (mostly) mindless reflections of what they were in life, unable to be felt, seen or heard outside of rare circumstances wherein something manages to grab their attention from outside of their delusions. While they may become aware of the world around them and attempt to interact, their presence will be foggy and muffled, and they will still interpret whatever they see as a facet of their dream, regardless of what is presented to them. It takes a great, undeniable shock for them to see through this illusion and break them out of this cycle. A "level two" Haunt is a Haunt that has seen through the illusion and become aware of their unliving predicament, a sort of 'juvenile' ghost. They are fully lucid entities now, able to manifest themselves at will and appear a little less gruesome when they do, but conversely to their positive changes, they are also forced to confront the reality of what has happened to them and what they are. This is an important step in the manifestation of what sort of spooky spectre they will mature to be, as depending on how they react and how they choose to act on such, they may branch off into two separate types hauntings. A Haunt who incubates with feelings of resentment and anger, who cannot accept their lot and gravitate toward negativity (which is a common outcome, seeing as death is a traumatic experience and most ghosts are born from unfair circumstances), manifest as a Poltergeist; The scariest sort of ghost. Through will powered by hatred or anger, they are able to manifest the most physical influence upon the world, and use this most often to give other ghots a bad rep by simply expressing their sorrows to those who intrude upon them. Conversely, a Haunt who is able to be placated or simply develops an understanding and acceptance of their circumstances manifests as a Revenant; A (relatively) benevolent, bashful spirit who seeks to find peace within their cursed lives, and occasionally even seeks out mortals to help them find their ultimate rest. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app?: No, because ALL OF HIS MAGIC WAS TAKEN AWAY ALREADY. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup! Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: I mean I'll take it better if someone warns me first but yeah. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied?: Nope!
  12. Wait, I thought Ducky over here already had a Sprite CA?
  13. Even Oliver, who Naz probably didn't want to hang out with anyway, hears of this news and seems quite upset. In his bitter old age, he expresses this in a loud way. ... "DIDN'T EVEN SEND ME A LETTER!" ... "I WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE FIRST!" ... "GODDAMN NAZ!" ... "WHO THE HELL DO I DRINK WITH NOW?!" ... These are among the many things he grumbles this day.
  14. Can we PLEASE stop with the ads that force the page to scroll back up to the top to watch them-- IT'S DOING IT AS I TYPE THIS PLEASE SOMEBODY SAVE ME

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      Thanks for this information!!!!

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  15. Dark's a pretty cool dude who will chill with you even if you don't get along with any of his other friends, and he's willing to help even me out, the ugliest duckling on the server. I've grown to respect the guy for that, and while other people might see him as a pushover, I see him as someone who's willing to cooperate. I think his willingness to put bias aside to chill with people he shouldn't chill with is a trait worthy of a staff position. Goodness knows as much as people claim it isn't so, it's a rare trait here. +1!