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  1. Looking for an Alchemist

    Gwion would have sent a letter by now, but somehow the man who's name is on the paper set up the posters without actually being around or reachable!
  2. Archi's 3 year AMA

    aww, happy birthday archie! what's it like being 3 years old? are you a big boy now? who's your favorite paw patrol character little guy
  3. Suggested Changes to Necromancy and Undead

    What about ghosts, though?
  4. Gwion clears his throat and clarifies; "The Gallics didn't fight in any wars, and also we were tryin' to convert. That's the opposite of paganic factions going to fight wars."
  5. [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    Why would there need to be Yeu disconnection lore in the first place, though? How in the world could you justify the aengul of compassion allowing such a thing, let alone present a need for it? ...And also how exactly does the disconnection of two CLERICS tie into this?
  6. A thorn in our sides.

    Gwion reads over the missive with relative disinterest, his monster-hunting days waaaay overwith and not bound by any desire or duty to join in on-- A double-take. "WOT?! THAT GUY TRIED TA BED ME FEKKIN COUSIN!" Suddenly, Gwion cares a lot.
  7. The Courier Plugin! A replacement for Birds~

    Okay-- Good idea and all, but this looks like it uses maps. Won't that conflict with people attempting to use maps legitimately by overriding legitimate map IDs? Won't it also eventually result in people accidentally sending copies of someone else's letters? I mean I could be wrong. I think it's a good idea anyway.
  8. Custom heads - Arrows (pointing arrows, not bow arrows)

    I'm pretty sure what he's suggesting isn't that we add heads, but that we add arrows to the headshop.
  9. Aether VIP giveaway

    no reason not to I mean it's not like I'll ever be able to afford it ever
  10. Why is having too many creatures a bad thing?

    you literally play a bryophyte, a creature that was shelved until the people who played them got upset and they were unshelved Anyway, the majority of the server is still a 'person race'.
  11. Soft shelve.

  12. Soft shelve.

    satyr have culture and unique personalities
  13. Soft shelve.

    I think they're worth rewriting; I feel they brought something really unique to the table, it's just nobody ever wanted to play them. But that's a topic for another day.
  14. Soft shelve.

    haha good justification So far the only justification for these changes I've received is that they're making the server stronger, the playerbase being too spread, and "fixing" things. Satyr specifically? Nothing. Just that you can play a descendant instead, heck you. I already sent Flam a huge message about it so I won't rehash it in case he reads that. But basically; There's a huge difference between the shelving of muyakelgs, who went extinct IC, who's players and creators alike agree need rewriting... And shelving all three types of fae, who were actively being played and expanded upon. Especially considering there's like 10 satyr now and they're steadily growing and have been for months and have stable leadership and a culture and-- Or sprites, who's RP you literally can't get anywhere else. It's completely inane. If the justification is reducing playerbase spread; Why would the LT take it upon themselves to tell players where to spread to? If it's fixing things; What was broken about Satyr? If it's to make things stronger; Why would you shelf something that had an active community and was stable for months? And no; Playing a descendant wouldn't be anything like playing any fae creature-- ESPECIALLY sprites. The justification for sprites? That nobody plays them for very long. I DON'T SEE WHY THAT MATTERS: Ghosts have the same issue yet are being spared from the shelf, because they provide RP that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Unnecessary creatures aren't bad need-to-be-removed creatures. We aren't going to run out of space for lore any time within the next HUNDRED YEARS. Oh, and Sloth you should get this moved to the lore feedback subforum.
  15. -= A Call to Home =-