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  1. [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    To be fair, Ascended are also immortal.
  2. [✓] [Plugin Suggestion] Autoclosing Doors

    Thing is, yeah, trap doors stay in the state that they're locked in... Until somebody touches them, at which point they default to the 'closed' position, which is horizontal rather than vertical. GMs like to come through and touch my trap doors sometimes, forcing me to redo all the locks on them.
  3. The Potion Index

    Artificial Quintessence Description and effects: A useful but macabre tool to be found in the arsenal of alchemists and medicus alike, a dark red liquid substance capable of mimicking in some simple manners the practice of necromancy, for which it gains its name. It serves as a form of inert 'substitute' quintessence, without direction or proper flow, similar to the effects of chimera weed, its signature ingredient. The substance is capable of reanimating recently deceased matter into a state of very basic unlife, keeping it 'alive' for future use, allowing severed parts and organs to be kept 'animated' and for the clinically dead to be kept safe from further damage in case resuscitation is possible. Materials stored in this manner can not be kept indefinitely, as eventually the potion will begin to destabilize and become inert, resulting in very quick loss of material for an unwary alchemist. It can take up to a year for this to occur when storing a single organ under optimal conditions, and only a few minutes when used on something as large as a descendant. Once the potion has become inert, it will need to be changed out for a fresh mixture, or the materials will rapidly spoil. As this is not a magical force, but instead a trick of alchemy, the 'undead' created through this process bear no soul shadow, and thus in every way apart from technically being reanimated, are corpses. When imbibed by a living being, the concoction would grant almost no effect under any circumstances. When consumed by the living dead, the potion is capable of suspending their hunger for a short while, granting the illusion that it has sated them, only for the hunger to frustratingly return them to the state they were in prior to drinking. Recipe: Liquid Essence base, 1 moderate water symbol of life, 1 moderate fire symbol of vigor, Chimera weed, Descendant blood. Author: Gallic LM Approval Required: Yes, to confirm that you have the ability to acquire Liquid Essence for the base. edit: re-added shelf life
  4. ~ Merchant seeking apprentice! ~

    ~ Merchant seeking apprentice! ~ Gwion Gallic, son of Amber, peddler of the Gallic Clan To ye who find yourself victim of self-exile, or feel sales to be thy natural lot, I of the Gallic Clan seek your ear. If you would like to learn the way of the road and live among peoples of all cultures, I, Gwion, have the connections, knowledge and minas necessary to facilitate your venture, and only seek your brief internship in exchange for this opportunity. I seek apprentices of my trade. Those who apply must be in fair health, trustworthy, able to keep a schedule, and willing to travel long, long distances. Ability to integrate into foreign cultures is also important, as is literacy but you've already come that far. Humans preferred for practical reasons, but not strictly. Exceptions may be given. To apply, send a letter to Gwion Gallic containing your name, race, skills and age. You will be contacted regarding your apprenticeship.
  5. LT Announcement Pt. 1

    Why does it matter if RP occurred off the server if the people involved all agree it happened? Some people can't get on the server for one reason or another. I don't see why it's a problem or the business of the MT at all where the RP occurs. Please don't just remove creatures that not enough people are playing, just because they're rare doesn't mean that the people who play them want their character to suddenly be a bannable offense to play. They don't detract anything from the server at all by being part of the lore.
  6. An old priest, dead and ghostly as he may be, experiences a moment of humanity and writes a letter to the new iteration of the nations of man. "My brothers in the light, Once again you fear a coming conversion to a false belief. You are within your rights to fear so, as you know the truth and are charged by God to protect it, but do not forget to show mercy unto those who are peacefully ignorant; It was the words of pontiffs past who proclaimed the Aspects aenguls of God, sent to watch over his green places. Once the Druids who saw this truth lived alongside you, and protected your woods. Their goods were sold openly in your market, tokens of the forest and their Aspectial guardians. Do not mistake belief in the Aspects for paganism, for they are God's servants, and those who in turn serve them are blessed with a godly mission. It is those who follow the Aspectist faith, who believe that the Aspects are themselves god, who are the pagans. They refuse to see our creator, believing him false because their 'gods' are so easily seen. They do not know that the Aspects and our creator are as child and father, as you too now seem to be forgetting. Do not vye for a crusade, when you could gain more traction with a mission. - Oliver Gallic, Druid of Solace"
  7. The Potion Index

    What I mean is it grows in normal bread-y mold conditions. Under those conditions, it isn't the only mold that grows, and thus it grows with tons of other types of mold and is almost impossible to isolate by normal means.
  8. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    Morghuuls have feelings. I had a whole discussion with the MT overseeing me about it. They have feelings-- Now that isn't to say they have normal human feelings. They have dulled feelings, deadened feelings. And only when they've fed.
  9. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    I'm comparing them because they're all creatures made to be servants.
  10. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    I thought the whole point of morghuuls was that they weren't normal ghouls. They're MORE ghouls. Seriously though I like my ghoul the way it is, which is a hungry cursed shadow of a person with an inability to resist attacking people when presented the opportunity but is still intelligent enough to feel guilty after he's fed because he was a good dude when he was alive. What you're presenting would make playing a morghuul worse than playing a spriggan. Even if they were made into an exclusively servile creature, compare them to others. Atronachs are intended to serve and depend on mages to function. They have entire personalities and can seek their own goals. Muyakelg are pretty much flesh golems, but they're full people who usually want to serve their creators. Golems are pretty much robots, who while fairly dependent on others for RP, have a unique flavor of RP that can be thoroughly enjoyable for them and others around them. Spriggans have total sentience and are bound to serve druids, the only difference between them and a person being that they can't talk. Paleknights are actually people. Just ghost people in rocks who don't like living people. What would morghuuls be? Emotionless, expressionless, personality-less, one-dimensional characters who are literally lore-bound to do absolutely nothing but feed unless someone forces them to do something else. There is no degree of freedom at all, and no reason to play them unless you want a character who you can attack people with without repercussions or you get a kick out of serving a necromancer. -1
  11. [Creature Lore] Unicorns

    Okay two things. Only one is an actual discrepancy, the other is a suggestion. One: The idea that the aspects created all of nature is a matter of IC opinion, not OOC fact. In fact I'm pretty sure it's been said they explicitly didn't. But the overview is not presented as an IC preface, but an OOC statement about their origins. Okay two: Despite that, unicorns are something they did create. That part's right. There's lore already for unicorns ( but it's so brief that this is welcome! ) The only thing this states is that they come from the aspects' realm directly, that they have a special horse language, and that they don't like their horns being rubbed. You should make mention of this stuff, since it was around first!
  12. Culture of the Bradách People

    Gwion, who indeed raced to be sure word of his people got out before these one's mere moments after meeting them, offers a letter to the Bradach people. "Hail cousins in the north, I am the traveller who you crossed paths with one season ago, and I wish to you the blessing of our clan. While I feel in the future we may become rivals, let our rivalry be one of friendly competition, and may we share our similar ways from across miles of our beautiful Atlas. Competition is the wheel that turns the axle of progress. - Gwion B. Gallic, son of Amber, Trader of the Gallic Clan"
  13. The Potion Index

    Lesser Vitality Tincture Description and effects: When a Vitality Tincture is crafted with a substitute rather than its secret ingredient, it does not destabilize and cease to function, rather it creates a different, weaker potion. When used, a Lesser Vitality Tincture will still give a person energy and immune strength enough to assist in fighting through infection and disease, but it will not cure or treat it. Essentially, it serves as a health supplement, but not a direct medication. Symptoms of improper dosage of the potion includes vomiting or poops. Recipe: Aqua vitae base, 2 weak fire symbols of vigor, 1 moderate water symbol of rejuvenation, 1 moderate earth symbol of perseverance. Author: Gallic LM Approval Required: No Vitality Tincture Description and effects: A 'cure-all' medicine and supplement capable of nullifying many infectious diseases, and empowering a person's immune system enough to power through those that remain, or outright immunize against weaker illnisses, if taken when not ill- Provided one takes it often enough, and doesn't stop. Once you're already sick, it can save your life, and in dire situations it may, and emphasis should be placed on may, hold one from catching the plague if taken regularly. While it is crafted mostly from mundane symbols, its potency is found in the reagent that lends its effective nullification of a vast array of illnesses and infections; Antibiotic bread mold. Without it, the potion would be little more than spicy alcohol with some enhancing properties. This mold is rare and difficult to acquire, as it grows with many other forms of mold at once, and it is up to the alchemist to find a way to cultivate and isolate it. Overdose symptoms of the potion include; Vomiting, the poops, itchiness, and in severe cases, swelling of the throat. Neither variation of the Vitality Tincture will treat illnesses of a magical nature, limited to exclusively afflictions with a biological component. If you aren't sure if the potion would work on an illness, be sure to ask. TL;DR: A healing potion for sickies instead of boo-boos. Recipe: Aqua vitae base, 2 weak fire symbols of vigor, 1 moderate water symbol of rejuvenation, Antibiotic bread mold, for its bizarre curative properties. Author: Gallic LM Approval Required: Yes, but only to prove you have the means to collect the mold. edit: clarified that the potion only works on illnesses of a biological nature
  14. ~ CLAN GALLIC ~ Introduction -=- The people of Clan Gallic are reclusive nomads, known by the few familiar with them to be fun and freedom-loving, religious folks, stubborn and hard-working all. They are the alienated cousins of the modern Daelish clans, bearing a unique cultural identity separated by hundreds of years of isolation since the clan was lost to wanderlust, yet their numbers are few and often dispersed by their nomadic nature. Little of their history is written, told mostly by word of mouth, often by the oldest living member of the clan, called by most simply Grandmother or Grandfather. In the Gallic Clan, there are three pillars that uphold their values, with all matters branching from them: Family. Spirituality. Humility. Family -=- In the clan, family is often the priority over all else, and becomes synonymous with community. What your elder says, you do. When you cry, you cry to your fellows. You do not drink alone, you always seek your brother. You may not insult your mother, grandmother, sister… Quite strictly, the clan adheres to these unspoken laws, and more. Often people of the clan will help one another, share resources, and perform labor without expectation of payment more than a mug of ale or a favor in exchange, sometimes without even being asked- Trading and minas are saved for outsiders, though they can be just as charitable to those outside the clan at times, depending on need. What is less strict than their treatment of family is their definition of ‘family’. Men of the clan often proclaim total strangers to be their brothers over shared battles and hunts, or when mellowed by mead. Often the term is thrown around loosely, but these people are more often than not more akin to friends, obviously. In order for one to truly join the Gallic Clan, they must seek the approval of an elder of the family, and through ritual mix their blood, in the literal sense, with another member. Once this is done, they are unquestionably members of the family, regardless of where they may have come from. Males of the clan often display traits of excessive pride, stubbornness and are most times strongly opinionated, where women are seen mostly as wise, compromising and as beacons of stability. It is for this reason that the familial ties of the clan are often traced back through mothers rather than fathers, and women are more readily accepted into roles of teaching, guiding and leading. Clan Gallic, for the most part, is a matriarchy. Spirituality -=- Faith among the clan lies in every action they take, reflected by the way that they interact with the world around them; They believe the world is alive, and connected in ways unimaginable. That disrespecting your hunt, or your earth, or your books, or your mother… Will lead to dire consequences in the future. They believe in other worlds, some where fairies live and others where dreams are woven, all tied to our own. Their pantheon of gods and goddesses are esoteric for this reason, and hopelessly complex to outsiders. Of their innumerable gods, many are synonymous to the spirits revered by shamans, while others are known only to old elvish priests. Magic is a cornerstone of this faith; Elders of the clan are often called to seek out deific magics, while younger men and women with mystical aspirations more oft practice magic of a more natural sort, through ritual, song and primitive alchemy. Pacts with fae and elder beasts are common, seen by some as a manner of witchcraft. Other forms of magic, such as the void, are not necessarily seen as a force of evil, but rather a personal blighting of the soul, and a great and often foolish sacrifice to make. Unlike the Druids who practice similar views, the Gallics do not believe in a void that is inherently corruptive to the world, but see it more as one might see fire; A tool, one that can be used to help the world, but one that must not be unkempt, lest the earth be scorched. Fairies of all sorts, spirits, elder trees and elder beasts, are all considered sacred by the people of Clan Gallic, with their own niches in their folk religion. Again; Gallic Clan writes little of their belief and history down for others, relying on word of mouth to portray their culture. For one to understand their faith fully, they must seek out an elder of the clan. Humility -=- The final cornerstone of their culture is the importance of humility. To lose it is to alienate yourself from your own equilibrium, to upset your natural place. It means to be honest with what you are; To see yourself as equal with all else, and to not place one’s self higher than those less fortunate, or to see yourself as too important to step down a level for the sake of another person, or the greater good. In essence, to be humble and avoid being conceited. Do not act smarter than you are, do not use bigger words than you need to, do not boast vainly, live with what you need to be comfortable, and give what you don’t to someone who does. It is for this reason that the Gallics are such a hardy, determined and hard-working people. The reason why the whole of their clan can fit in a single hall the size of most men’s houses. Personal dwellings in the clan often consist of a single room to sleep in and eat privately, with everything else being communal, because-- Why would they need one of their own? While perhaps not all Gallics share this opinion, in the rare settlements that they have constructed it has been held as unspoken law. There are times, as with all things, that this pillar of their clan has negative consequences. Despite the importance their culture places upon remaining humble, when they are met with somebody who dilutes themselves with ideas of grandeur or excessive luxury, they often view themselves as superior in a smug, snide sort of way. When somebody is conceited, they poke fun. When someone lives in a larger home than they need, they boast of their asceticism. It also leads them to mistrust authority and often disrespect those who attempt to hold a position of power over them, many times in the past resulting in serious consequences being placed upon the clan as a whole. Needless to say, it is often the men who perpetrate these things. Current Territory -=- Currently, the clan is settled within the walls of Sutica in a village known as Ballymun, on protected land offered by the Crown Prince Karyssmov Faroe, who himself was raised a Gallic. In exchange for their land, they industriously work to provide lumber, game and livestock to the city, as well as bolstering their population with their numbers. Military Strength -=- While Clan Gallic is known to be ripe with hunters rather than warriors, many are trained in combat as wardens of their territory, and in the past have had great warriors amongst their ranks. They have always devoted their men to combatting undead and dark forces, however they very seldom have meddled in the wars of man. How to Join -=- To join the clan, one must be born into it, wed into it, or prove themselves worthy of becoming a blooded member of the family. One can devote themselves to the clan and learn of their culture by requesting residence in Ballymun, where they may grow to become one of them. (( PM Gallic, morrisaye, morribae, SlothIsLucifer or theframes if interested! Or you can write an IC letter here I guess! Whatever you want! Or just show up in Ballymun! ))
  15. Suggestion: The southern Sleetfells and the Yatll Wasteland should only be permanight during the cold months, and should be permaday in the summer, just like the real arctic places.


    edit: oh and the frozen pines

    Edited by TheCritsyBear