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  1. At night, the woods are ravaged. ... By sunrise, the woods fight back. The howling of the pines have gained an eerie venom to them. The trees are watching...
  2. but what does a guy having the hots for his teacher have to do with politics I mean it's weird because she was pretty old relative to his age but why is this an issue I mean if he's into that and it persisted into adulthood From the point of view of an outsider, grumbling about that seems just as inane as grumbling about Trump walking into a dressing room. They can both be dismissed just as easily as they can be made a newsworthy scandal.
  3. I'm sorry. hi welcome to the server I hope you escape someday
  4. no memes allowed sorry no it isn't a meme it really isn't it's just so edgy people think it's a meme big ol' spooky ooky wolf skull icky spooky grrr That's the person who did it.
  5. ( Here's some Diablo music, yo. ) Out in the woods beyond Bastion's wall... Just off the paths... The forest fills with disgusting scents, horrid sights... Rotting bodies, trapped in the trees, crushed, crucified, torn open and filled head to toe with disgusting, gnarled brambles. Some are missing only hearts. Some seem butchered or mangled; Predated. They've been stuffed inside, contorted to odd angles as the trees grew around them. Soldiers of Mordring, mercenaries, countless feral undead, some unfortunate wanderers... The act seems premeditated. Almost ritualistic. Driven by more than food, rage or duty. Some even still live, their cursed unlife compelling them to grip, maddened, to the prospect of sating their fetid hunger... Beneath the tortured screeching of captured victims, the woods seem livelier... Joyous, even, compared to their usual mood. The sound of birds returned this year. The hardier plants bore fruit. But perhaps this development is eerie. Despite rekindled life, it feels no safer to stray from the paths. Something new stalks the woods. It's been marking its territory. It's been working. (( Don't worry, the next one will be less angsty. ))
  6. RP Name: Caelan Race of RP Character: Half-Elf (Passable as elf to most humans.) Age of RP Character : 12! Any skills or professions your character has: OOC: N/A, but can assign some. Cooking makes most sense. IC: Domestic servant (cooking, cleaning, animal husbandry, tailoring, y'know; slave butler stuff), with bonus literacy. MC Name: Gallic Skype (if you have it): 'PCpaste' (don't judge okay it's from when I was like 12) A cute little boy catches wind of another potential escape from poverty, being the only orphan in the whole of Axios to not get adopted by three different people. Caelan mooches paper from his local inn and writes an application letter right away!
  7. Now that, right there, is a good retort. I don't have any time to actually make a big response right now, but you made good points anyway and I can't really argue them well. I respect this dude. The primary idea I fear is that this would disrupt pre-existing spooky cults respecting Nemiisae who believe she is the one responsible in maintaining the eventual death of all things, hates undead, and to a lesser extent unnatural healing. Her indifference to how something dies, indifference to even murder enacted in her name. Her whispered worship. You get the picture. But that's just an IC thing that would be confusing, not really an OOC conflict. Oh also not the murdercults to Nemiisae. The less successful, less popular ones. I'm sleepy.
  8. Hey, this is cool and I really like it. You wrote well and I mean that. But, there is one thing. Most of what you described here is already seen, more or less, in an interpretation and IC history of Nemiisae (Druidic version, not spooky ooky cave elf one- Same god, different worship and interpretation), if not her actual personality in lore according to some people. Do you think they'd conflict?
  9. The Aspects created Soul Trees, though, and their state of being is inherently magical.
  10. Half the post details why that idea would be concluded. edit: also don't blame me blame the gm who wanted it set to that I just wanted my race changed alright
  11. And there's a few players that disagree and a big ol' debate that can be had about it, hence this post. Flam was the one who encouraged me to make it, yo. edit: Also, most recent judgment on the matter was suspended until this was posted I think, but don't quote me on that.
  12. SEE? This is what I mean. Thing is, there's been LM confirmation for that not being the case, as well as confirmation for it being the case.
  13. How did you sleep?
  14. In other words, "[Addition] please let a few arguments end" Classifying as Fae: Alright, what are fae, as far as we've seen so far on the Server? Magical creatures that are inherently connected to the wilds by the very essence of their being, that derive power from the forces of nature, that are part plant either by association or literally, that regrow when they die, that are harmed in varying degrees by taint, and that have a connection to the Aspects again inherent to their being. They seem to be a single, branching classification of being, like the race "Orc" is despite there being several vastly different genealogies. Or in simpler terms; Fae is a catch-all term for nature-y magical creatures. Good lord, Dryads count, apparently- Nothing against Dryads, mind. I like Dryads, and I like that they count. A Tree Lord is a magical creature that is inherently connected to the wilds by the very essence of their being, that derive-... You get it. However, it has been argued in both the past and recent times that they do not count as fae by virtue of it being an ascension from one form to another, rather than a naturally-born state of being. (Digress for a moment to look again to Dryads.) It has also been argued that they do count, because they fit every criteria for fae, and almost none for being a descendant. All that really remains is their soul, and judging by the fact that Soul Tree'd humans no longer die of old age, that's likely altered as well. Thus, confusion and arguments are created when one or two call themselves Fae either IC or OOC, and fun is not had. This seems minor but you'd be shocked to find the hours of arguments that would be saved just by having an official stance. TL;DR: Arguing that they are fae. Proposal: The ritual that binds a Druid's soul to the earth also carries such great change that, when they awaken from their first sleep, they are reborn with different metaphysics entirely. A new state of being. The Aspects have accepted them as one of their children; They are one of the fae, a magical creature inherently linked to nature. Being healed by Blight Healing: Next is a debate that seems to change intermittently between various players and Druid LMs: Whether Tree Lords are effected by Blight Healing or not. At the moment, I believe the stance is 'no', however there's still a lot of contention among folks because there's no official answer that can be passed around. Alright, so, as it is now, Tree Lords cannot be magically healed period, as far as I know. Not by monks, clerics, or (I believe) ascended. They have weird tree bodies that don't count as applicable targets for the magic for many reasons that aren't being debated here. And further, alchemy and plain ol' mundane healing are weird for them sometimes. But, such is the cost of having a disposable body. It doesn't matter much if you can just regrow next spring anyway. The problem arises when some people- Even some LMs in the past- believe that Tree Lords can be magically healed by Blight Healing specifically, on account of their unique connection and being 100% literal nature making them an applicable target for the magic... Which would mean that while, like any other tree, they cannot be directly or significantly healed by magic meant for descendants, they can be healed by magic meant for nature, which is notably less common and much more specialized. Blight Healing, according to some, would work like Monk Healing for them. It's an interesting flavor, probably about as fun as doing weird tree stuff with a wound and a lot more fun than just dying so you can completely regenerate. Ents (citation needed) and Spriggans, too, can be healed by Blight Healing, for other examples of tree-people being healed by it. It also serves as a counterbalance to the fact that those creatures can be corrupted and hurt by the same forces that taint a land-- Something seldom roleplayed for Soul Trees, but something that is indeed possible and has occured multiple times in the past. However, despite that, it's never clear if we are effected by the other side of that force, Blight Healing. The other tree-people can, so why can't we? TL;DR: Arguing that they should be effected Blight Healing. Proposal: With their new state of being comes several costs; The scorn of magical healing arts being one. Their bodies, being projections of the wild and pure Druidic constructs, are alien to most magics, even benign, and thus normally unhealable. However, there is at least one notable exception to this rule: Blight Healing. Being so inherently tied to the wilds now, the essence that serves to heal forests and lands now serves to heal them as well. There were more points but I cut them out. You're welcome.
  15. Full name: Oliver, Druid of Solace Age (must be 18 or older to undergo potentially lethal experiments): *Scribbled out numbers, someone tried a few times.* Race (no kha or monkeys allowed): Fae Gender: Male Current residence or place where we may contact you: Bastion or any Druidic Grove. Any known medical conditions: yes Any known magics: Druidism; Alchemy relevant magic included. On the bottom of the page is scrawled... "Why not?"