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  1. And blood was drawn, the blood of the elves covered orcish blades as they left the city. Korgahk knew such victories would not stop until the foolish Elf Prince listened to their demands. Ang Gijak Ishi
  2. Korgahk'Gorkil slit an elfs throat sacrificing the elf to the spirit Kezt. He went to wipe his blade of elvish blood before turning to his Gorkil brothers "This is a dark time for the elves, the blood of their people will be on the Princes hands. A Fool he is, young and weak."
  3. Bakir would chuckle looking upon such a declaration, he’d then wonder when such dogs would be licking his boots!
  4. Bakir never remembers the MIGHT of the Orenian army daring to raid the homeland of the dwarves. Nevertheless bakir would still sit and wait for such to happen. Eager for a battle of great importance.
  5. Bakir Ireheart happily counts the gear from the past raids upon the city of providence. While separating the swords from the axes he’d wonder when Oren would come out and fight Urguan! Such a day that will be! Nevertheless Bakir waited for such a fancy occasion
  6. Korgahk’Gorkil The Honorable would smile upon seeing his brother Azhug set such a high bar for the traitors of the Elveneese. The orc would start rallying his fellow Gorkils for War.
  7. Bakir Ireheart smiles the suns smile as the Orenians cower in Luciensburg, not wanting to come out and fight! Nevertheless Bakir cleaned his blade of Orenian blood after wiping the ISA bastion in a successful raid of Providence!
  8. Bakir Ireheart smiled, content with the outcome of the interaction. Hoping the human he met briefly on the roads to oren finally felt the love of his family. Bakir then went on his day, sharpening his blade and patrolling the roads for any orenians that were to fall into his trap!
  9. Clay Bokaldem nods his head in agreement with his Horen friend “You speak words of truth! I shall support you! Put some respect on the name!”
  10. Bakir returned from the mountains, his axe in hand. He'd gather his things to meet with the acclaimed warriors of Almaris the Ferrymen, preparing for a great raiding spree that was to come. OOC:
  11. You liar! I was supposed to have my own tier! Also u put me below north. I’m sending mean things to your dms Aiden
  12. THE KRUG-HAI The Wahg Band of the War Nation of Krugmar The Warband and Military of the War Nation of Krugmar. It is a vital part of orcish society and most orcs - if not all - participate. For an orc not to be enlisted is a huge dishonor and an insult to his/her strength. Structure Rex Supreme authority of the Krughai and Keshig alike. The Rex oversees the Krughai but gives the Targoth the autonomy to control the Krughai. Targoth General and primary overseer of the Krughai. They are typically a particularly battle-hardened and s
  13. A CHANCE Korgahk’Gorkil stood before the new acclaimed Rex, Rex Zhot’Rax. The Son of Murak clasped his fist hitting his scarred chest before speaking in orcish “Rex Zhot I’ve returned to the lands of Krugmar to return to my people.” Korgahk and Rex Zhot conversed about the self requested whitewashing of Korgahk “I wish to be unwhitewashed but not without trials, give me trials and they shall be accomplished” Rex Zhot then uttered to Korgahk and to the other orcs present “You will get 3 sacrifices for Krug, one will be greater than the other” Zhot then turned to Munkizh who stood at Korgah
  14. PACT OF SAND AND DRAGON As the Osanorian people have lived in peace for years and the kin of Yavok have fought and died for centuries, two races, both creed and identity form together to make change and lead their people into a bright and glorious future. The peoples of Clan Ireheart and Osanora agree to meet annually every 5 years to discuss renewing the following pacts. PACT OF TRADE Clan Ireheart and the State of Osanora agree to a Trade pact, enrichening both parties. I - That the traders from both Osanora and Clan Ireheart are given full permission to sell and trade with D
  15. Bakir Ireheart sips a cup of water smiling to himself “One Gallon down!”
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