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  1. Bakir Ireheart walks throughout the mountain with his Yavok kin, exploring the right side of the cave which spiraled down. It came upon a slight opening and a feeling. Though he turned to Axel "This will be a good place for our Clan hall. Kjellos smiles upon Us"
  2. Bean did all the work Junar, don’t lie.
  3. Bakir Hears of the pandemic in Urguan and simply says "No. I do not give consent"he said before going on his way within Urguan, going to grab a drink!
  4. Bakir Ireheart smiles hearing the KING returned. He lifted his axe in the air as he celebrated Jorvins good health "Welcome back Jorvin, and I have a feeling you are coming back much Stronger than before."
  5. Bakir smiles as he enjoys a drink from the Urguan tavern “I’m still waiting till the elves come out and fight. At least have the decency of meeting each other on the battlefield! But alas, The Elves of Siramenore and Aegrathond hide behind their walls and protect the one who dishonorably slain my brother. Kjellos will guide our blades.”
  6. Gonna be the best city next map. No cap.
  7. Bakir Ireheart hears the news and prays a silent prayer wishing the ill king a full recovery. "May the King return in good health. I have no doubt he will be back soon"
  8. Elite_Snipes_

    ONE DOWN...

    Bakir Ireheart within the clan hall of Clan Ireheart could be heard sharpening a blade, placing it aside and grabbing another beginning the same process “16 years it took for the kin of Krug to stop the slaughter of their people. I wonder how long it will take the Elfies” He’d say chuckling to himself.
  9. Bakir laughs as the Merc group is immediately disavowed. “Think you can take on the kin of Yavok and the Hangmen? You’ve committed your men to their deaths.” He said taking a drink in the Urguan tavern
  10. Bakir Ireheart Smiles widely. Sharpening his axe placing it upon his back setting out to retrieve the head of Laetranis.
  11. Bakir Ireheart smiles, hearing the declaration of war sent by the Doomforges. "We shall accept your surrender, Krugmar."
  12. Elite_Snipes_


    A DEAD END [!] Letters would be dispersed to Krugmar and personally to the Rex of Krugmar. Starting with the torture of Urist Ireheart who came to Krugmar to complete his trials, like the generations of Irehearts before him to challenge an Orc to a duel and skin him, he was tortured and publicly humiliated. That is where it began, but it did not end there. Your acts of dishonor continued, with the attempted killing of multiple Irehearts in the city of Urguan, as well as violating many fair honor duels, but now your dishonor will be ended by our blades. You come to us for ‘Peace’ to end the grudge, of which you tortured Urist Ireheart and killed Wilhelm Ireheart in the lands of Siramenor and in the presence of the treacherous Sea Prince. You made the mistake of testing Clan Irehearts patience, Sons of Krug, and your time has run out. Clan Ireheart gave you 4 years to honor the terms you agreed to and even that was not enough to honor your agreement. I talked to your Targoth about the marching of dwarven boots outside your gates becoming an all too familiar sound. And soon once again the dwarven war-drums will pound outside the gates, accompanied by the rhythmic beat of axes clashing and orcs screaming in their slaughter. It will not stop until the sands of Krugmar are stained red by the blood of orcs. Rex, have your people not been beaten enough by dwarven hammers? Merely 30 years ago your people were crushed in the Urguan-Krug war, and yet you dare challenge us again? You will run just like the Rex’s who have preceded you. Save yourself the shame and concede your defeat before it is too late, for my bloodthirsty clansmen will show no mercy this time. Kjellos will guide our fury to hunting you down and not even in your own city shall you be safe, behind your sandstone built walls or your iron gates. Kjellos will bring Justice to Clan Ireheart, whether it be 10 years or 100, you will die Rex, watching your precious city fall to Ireheart might. This is War. GLORY TO KJELLOS!
  13. An Ireheart sharpens his blade, preparing for battle.
  14. Bakir sharpens his blade for the war to come..readying his brothers
  15. An Ireheart chuckles, not surprised the elves were claiming all the glory for themselves but not crediting those who also helped!
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