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  1. Bakir Ireheart wonders why the elveneese would do such a thing. Bakir looked back to the time where he executed the Tahorren leader Laetranis, good times it was. Bakir stroked his beard wondering if it should happen a second time!
  2. Bakir Ireheart raises his cup to his kin feasting, exclaiming "FOK THE ELVES, FOK THE TAHORENS AND FOK THE SEA PRINCE!" the rest of the clan cheered in Bakir's declaration.
  3. Bakir Ireheart entered the Ireheart clan hall soaked by the recent fight near the rapids. He'd place down his bloodied axe onto the table as he went to rest and feast. Grabbing some meat and mead he'd think back to the fight and thought about what he could've done better. Thinking back he didn't want to really kill Elayne for attacking him but the man who wanted to save her did not only lose his own life, but took her life as well.
  4. OOC: When I see a post by ForestDwarfMan, I upvote.
  5. Bakir Ireheart doesn’t know who these Paladins are... but he simply raises his mug filled with mead and toasts with his kin “Whoever these Paladins are.. they did a GREAT thing today! Death to Oren
  6. Bakir Ireheart lifts his mug up filled with alcohol and toasts with his fellow kin, swaying left in right singing the song "Kill, Fight Charge! NARVOK OZ KJELLOS!"
  7. Name: Bakir Ireheart Race: Mountain Dwarf Combat Experience: I'm an Ireheart.
  8. Bakir Ireheart squints his eyes making sure he wasn't seeing things before going to re read the letter "Wot teh fok?"
  9. IGN:Ireheart_ RP NAME: Bakir Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart!
  10. Bakir Ireheart raises his axe high into the air, standing by his brother Durorn he'd say to his fellow Dwarves "Kjellos smiles upon my brother. The Irehearts will once more bring glory to Urguan
  11. Bakir patted Durorn on the back, smiling to him as he was granted the title of Grand Champion. “You have earned this title well my brother. You’ve made all of us proud”
  12. Bakir Ireheart smiles hearing the news, seeing a good age for the Irehearts to soon come.
  13. I'm malding because you didn't mention my name at all. Though I have some fond memories of the private discord we were all in trolling and doing Truth or Dares exposing Epistile most of the time.. Anyways good luck and Stay Healthy. #IHateEpistile
  14. MC Name: Ireheart_ RP Name: Bakir Ireheart Discord: You already have it Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  15. Bakir Ireheart walks throughout the mountain with his Yavok kin, exploring the right side of the cave which spiraled down. It came upon a slight opening and a feeling. Though he turned to Axel "This will be a good place for our Clan hall. Kjellos smiles upon Us"
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