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  1. Artos would feel the fire of patriotism burning in his heart. “Me must stand united, never allow the pretender’s forces to break your spirit. They grow weaker and more craven by the day.” He’d call out to his fellow countrymen, confidently. “Ave Haense! Ave Emperor Joseph Marna! Ave Oren!”
  2. Artos claps along as he sees his favorite band perform in a tavern, thinking of what font to use when he gets Marnan Rovers tattooed across his chest.
  3. Artos laughs when he hears of the letters being sent out by the pretender slandering good Emperor Joseph. “Emperor Joseph will protect the people, unlike those vile dogs in Renatus, finding only pleasure in slaughtering their own citizens.” His blood would boil at the thoughts of all the crimes committed by the Renatians. “Long live Emperor Joseph! Down with the vile pretenders!” He’d shout out, raising a cup in the honor of the Emperor.
  4. Artos laughs when his cousins tell him of the victory over the Renatians at their own fort by a force much smaller than their own. ”Someone should write a song about this...”
  5. Artos whistles the tune as he walks around the streets of Reza, smiling a wide smile as he thinks about the fall of the pretenders.
  6. Artos Stafyr sighed as he watched the pretender fall during the duel. “Well... one less threat to the kingdom. If you’d even call him that...” He murmured under his breath.
  7. Artos stood among his gathered kinsmen, looking on proudly as the new lord announced himself. The sorrow and anger had gone, the past was in the past, now he directs his thoughts towards how he can best serve his family. Once the speech had concluded he would look around at the others, smiling all the while. Ever the loyalist, he would speak quietly, only for those close to him to hear, but to no one in particular, “I have a good feeling about this. This will be our return to glory, we’ll make our ancestors proud.” His pride would stay painted on his face, waiting for the other Stafyrs to start mingling.
  8. Mcname: Scourgeoforder IC Name: Artos Stafyr Residancy/ Street name, number: Marian Boulevard 5. Stafyr Manor Class/ Title: Noble
  9. Report: [Link to your Ban Report]There isn't one. Minecraft Name:1gamer12 Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] Was banned for a floating tree which I later cleaned up. Character Witnesses: [Name(s)]nppecks.mario625625 was there when I got teleported to the tree. Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.]I was looking for wood to work on the boat mario625625 and I were working and left a bit of it suspended in the air I was gonna put dirt there but that would make it look even more odd.I went back to mine in the cave for iron and was teleported to nppecks next to the tree he said not to leave floating trees so I apologized and cleaned the tree up.I want to know why I have been banned if I cleaned the tree up.If I left it there I would understand the point but since I cleaned it there is no reason for the ban.This is my first ban from the server and I didn't know what had happened other than I had been banned from the server for a floating tree.Im sorry for leaving the tree there but it was only there for a little bit probably about 10 mins. at the minimum and 15 mins. at maximum. Screenshots/Vids: [Link]I have no screenshots or videos as it was all without warning.
  10. I think we're going to have to wait for a while to be whitelisted :(

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