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  1. Artos Stafyr signs the charter for the Barony of Thurant.
  2. Scourgeoforder

    The Ascension of a Falcon

    Artos stood among his gathered kinsmen, looking on proudly as the new lord announced himself. The sorrow and anger had gone, the past was in the past, now he directs his thoughts towards how he can best serve his family. Once the speech had concluded he would look around at the others, smiling all the while. Ever the loyalist, he would speak quietly, only for those close to him to hear, but to no one in particular, “I have a good feeling about this. This will be our return to glory, we’ll make our ancestors proud.” His pride would stay painted on his face, waiting for the other Stafyrs to start mingling.
  3. Scourgeoforder

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: Scourgeoforder IC Name: Artos Stafyr Residancy/ Street name, number: Marian Boulevard 5. Stafyr Manor Class/ Title: Noble
  4. Scourgeoforder

    [Denied] Emenzi's Fm Application

    Known Emenzi a long while now, certainly a reasonable and responsible person. +1 from me.
  5. Scourgeoforder

    Altiak's Event Team Application

    Knows how to RP well, good experience, what more is there to say? +1
  6. Scourgeoforder

    Spitfyre7Kira's Et Application. [Actor]

    I have known Spit for a year give or take, and I think he is completely worthy of the Event Team. And now... a giant... +1
  7. Scourgeoforder

    Emenzi's Gm Application.

    Emenzi is a very calm, nice, helpful person. So accept him and get free marshmallows for all if this is accepted +1
  8. Scourgeoforder

    Galendar's Third Actor Application

    Too tired to come up with reasons. +1 sleepy bye time.
  9. Scourgeoforder

    Snowshovel's Fm Application Of Destiny

    I've know snow for a while now and if he wouldn't be a good addition to the team I don't know who would be. +1
  10. Scourgeoforder

    Ski_King3's Et Actor App

    Ski is without a doubt one of the best role-players I have had the honor to RP with as well as a dedicated worker. He will certainly be a great addition to your team. +1
  11. Scourgeoforder

    1Gamer12's Actor App.

    •Minecraft name:1gamer12 •Skype ID:tim.plunkett3 •Timezone:Central standard time. •What do you believe are key factors for a successful event?Participation from everyone involved,Making it interesting for everyone so it can be fun,Having enough actors as well as builders to set the whole event up,and to have it last for a long enough amount of time to keep it interesting but not so long that it makes people leave of impatience. •What type of events are you most interested in creating?Action filled and exiting events such as large monster raids.I also like things with not only action but drama and that has an effect on the world like a rebellion or uprising of evildoers. •What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team?I can build as well as act.I can improvise at a moments notice and come up with something to happen in almost any situation.I am available about 18 or more hours a day.I know how to make a situation dramatic almost anytime. •Create 3-5 distinct RP scenarios that you, as an actor, could create for others (one paragraph each):A large volcano has erupted and the monsters from inside run out with it.They will have to build walls to keep the town from burning.When the lava reaches the city and is blocked off by the walls, the lava flows around the city causing it to block the citizens inside the walls while the monster break through the walls attempting to gain access and to let the lava flow in.before the volcano stops erupting it releases something terrible the ghasts would destroy the city from above and the creatures destroy it from below while the lava pours through the gates.When they finally manage to hold the creatures back they find the volcano has turned the mountain into stone and that it will erupt again and when it does the monsters will surely come back with it. I could gather builders and have them build a large wizard's tower and have it cast lightning down in the city striking the pigs and transforming them into terrible creatures.The citizens must get inside the wizard's tower and strike down three levels of minions.Pigmen first skeletons second and zombies on the third.When they reach the wizard's tower they must fight through zombies,skeletons,and pigmen to get to the mighty wizard who manages to transform half the room into fire and lava. leaving a few walkways to four glowstone balls that harness the wizard's powers.After they destroy the glowstone balls they must kill the wizard when he is defeated he states this is not the last you have seen of me I will find a way to bring you all down. I could have monster egg mossy stone bricks spread across the wall slowly while a horde of undead come through the gates and attack the city while they defend the city the monsters try to break the mossy stone unleash the silverfish on the city where they climb into random blocks.While the horde pushes forward breakink through the defenses the horde attacks from front and the silverfish attack from the back as the monsters break the blocks they are in.The walls continue to corrupt with the monster eggs and the variety of monsters grow but become less numerouse when the final wave begins there are pigmen and swordsman skeletons as the horde begins to retreat the citizens destroy the remaining blocks containing the silverfish.
  12. Scourgeoforder

    1Gamer12's Ban Appeal

    Report: [Link to your Ban Report]There isn't one. Minecraft Name:1gamer12 Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] Was banned for a floating tree which I later cleaned up. Character Witnesses: [Name(s)]nppecks.mario625625 was there when I got teleported to the tree. Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.]I was looking for wood to work on the boat mario625625 and I were working and left a bit of it suspended in the air I was gonna put dirt there but that would make it look even more odd.I went back to mine in the cave for iron and was teleported to nppecks next to the tree he said not to leave floating trees so I apologized and cleaned the tree up.I want to know why I have been banned if I cleaned the tree up.If I left it there I would understand the point but since I cleaned it there is no reason for the ban.This is my first ban from the server and I didn't know what had happened other than I had been banned from the server for a floating tree.Im sorry for leaving the tree there but it was only there for a little bit probably about 10 mins. at the minimum and 15 mins. at maximum. Screenshots/Vids: [Link]I have no screenshots or videos as it was all without warning.
  13. I think we're going to have to wait for a while to be whitelisted :(