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  1. Haelunor

    The Eternal College

    A letter is tacked to the bottom of most posters. Applications to the Arcane programs are currently under review by masters of the craft residing within Fi’halen, and are the most stringent program within the Eternal College for acceptance into. Acceptance or rejection letters will arrive in a timespan of about two years [[two weeks IRL]]. Delos Telperion Okarir’thill and Director of the Eternal College
  2. Haelunor

    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

    “Another insidious statement by the unwashed masses of lesser races in a feeble attempt to, in their own twisted and barbaric ways, take the progress of the mali’thill and act as though it was somehow related to Sutica and degeneracy,” Delos comments to Dimaethor. “Gaze upon their limited vision, their propagandized view of lye. Watch as they shout that we praise some doubtlessly ‘ata Yellow King, whilst no mali’thill has ever heard of such a man. Watch as a madman raves about foreseeing holes in the sky and worlds of chaos whilst we have practiced magics since the time of Malin. Watch as our dear, deluded cousins cast themselves into the accoutrements of rambling buffoons.”
  3. Haelunor

    The Evar'okarn

    Halfway down the highway to the Fennic capital, as if the messenger was too lazy to go the entire distance, a letter is tacked to a signpost – ‘To the Maliata’fenn’. Within, a sentence and two brief translations. Perhaps a few grammar lessons are in order. Provided you repent in your ways, you might be allowed to seek the path to purity. evar’okarn – Preserve Oasis evariran’elokarn – Preservers of the Oasis Sincerely, The Concerned ‘thill of the Silver Enclave maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  4. Haelunor

    The Evar'okarn

    “Proof that the Maliata’fenn cannot think for themselves,” says Delos to Dimaethor, “Is that they inverted the Okariran and Evariran for their governmental titleage. A pathetic attempt at avoiding plagiarism, to be sure, and just another reason we must remove their ilk from Atlas. It is, in fact, disheartening and incredible that they did not even manage functioning Mali’sae grammar in their title names.”
  5. Haelunor

    The Ancient Elves

    “n-nani?” -Emperor Tiber Septim III, right before being assassinated by an ancient Mali’ame.
  6. Haelunor

    The Maliata'fenn and Lomal

    A History and Account of the Follies of the Talonnii Thuln’diraar or; The Maliata’fenn and Lomal as written by Delos Telperion, 1692 LOOK not to the propaganda of the maliata’thilln when learning of our unfortunately shared histories, llir’thilln. Believe not the lies of their ‘Grand Prince’, a title taken in a simpleminded attempt to best the High Prince of Malin’or. Learn the true histories of our peoples, and reject the teachings of those failed self-experimenters. REMEMBER maparonn’haelunor, llir’thilln, and remember ah’Larihei. When maehr’sae hiylun’ehya freed us from the backwards ways of our cousins, and careful research and pragmatic ways served our people greatly. Remember, then, ac’Lomal, the treacherous, spiteful child that destroyed a haven that might have lasted eternity, elcihithilln’oem. Remember then, llir’thilln, that the Thuln’diraar ‘scientists’ followed him to that accursed altar, fell from our ways. Time has shown our superiority – half a millennia’s time brings forth their young insanity, their stagnant births. They failed maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, and such was a folly that must be written and not forgotten. WHEN Lomal was young, he wished the world – such is the ways of children, and such would not have been a terrible allim had he still followed our ways. There had been lyesae’aheral prior; there have been lyesae’aheral since. His folly was the killing of mali’thill, and the use of untested, unregulated magics, magics we now believe the work of Daemonic forces, to attack our people. An ‘aheral of sound mind would have been careful in their research; an ‘aheral of sound mind would have accepted their banishment for the murder of two ah’paronn. He was neither, and it has been since proven that Larihei’s banishment was just and true. THE depraved Thuln’diraar, however, joined Lomal in his wretched and misguided attack on elcihi’thilln, however, he cast his die with the brash and hateful youth. He allowed his spirit to be burned away by the altar, allowed himself to take one of the many wretched forms that would destroy elcihi’thilln. We must never forget, llir’thilln, that he and his laboratory of unproven mali helped cause the destruction of our homeland. Remember the prose of el’lenniel lae kheliyah, of Lomal’s weakness and arrogance, and know that each attack on his nature too easily can be used to describe the maliata’fenn. They were among the mob that shot our beloved Larihei, and they cannot be forgiven for their wrongs. If it were my decision alone, any maliata’fenn would never find themselves within the walls of elcihi’thilln, nor, indeed, walk Atlas free and unbound. SADLY, a few among us believed any means necessary must be taken to undermine Lomal, and so saved the maliata’fenn from their fate. The maliata’fenn were allowed to follow us through the portal, llir’thilln, when we escaped all those years ago from their mutant allies, and so the Thuln’diraars called themselves Tundrak and claimed themselves chosen of a false wyrm god. I urge you not to allow such a mistake to occur once more. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Delos Telperion
  7. Haelunor

    The Governing Body of the Enclave

    Delos reads over the list of positions to himself, taking particular note of the fact that the Sohaer bears ‘the burden of our peoples, in the protection of our motherland and our people’. “Interesting,” he muses to himself. “The Sohaer leads the military.”
  8. Haelunor

    The Bloodline Archives

    Telperion | When one wishes to fool the world | | they need only tell the truth | Family Tree [WIP] Physical Traits and Appearance [REDACTED] Personality [REDACTED] Beliefs maehr’sae hiylun’ehya History A long line of scholars and mages in Haelun’or, the Telperions left Haelun’or in disgust during one of elcihi’s early bouts of dark magic controversy, returning to the ‘aheral community only upon its collapse and the advent of Fi’halen. [[Message me on the forums, Haelunor ingame, or bickando#5883 on discord to join.]]
  9. Delos frowns, speaking once more. “Let us not cherry pick my arguments, Mister Laurir’ante. As confirmed before, the Enclave of Fi’halen is at its core the successor to the now-defunct State of Haelun’or. Saying that we should seek quorum among those not within our borders blasphemes the idea of purity – why should we seek the responses of those that hide among lesser peoples, rather than those that have returned to the lands of the High Elves? You also did not respond to my question as to your claims of resignation – did you or did you not resign? If you did not, you are ‘ata throwing acal, for you did not make attempts to reconvene our peoples or protect our purity as was your elected duty. If you did, then you are ‘ata throwing acal, for you have since claimed yourself okarir’mali, a title which you resigned, and have since withheld as a normal citizen the writings of our people from our people. Do not take my comments on Miss Soulheart, a woman whom, as I remember it, completed a task for Haelun’or in her self-sacrifice against the attacks of the September Prince, and whom Maheral Visaj has since recommended return to the walk of purity anyways, as the only thing to which you must respond. To pick at a single piece of what we speak is, after all, the defense of a man in the wrong. Regardless of your belief in what a Purity Trial consists of, there has always been precedent of it being among the Council and immediate citizenry, which, in my recollection, you are not currently a part of. An example of this was in the laws penned in Snow’s Maiden of 1600, and prior in Snow’s Maiden of 1587.”
  10. Haelunor


  11. Delos once again retorts. “You decry the centerpiece of Fi’halen as illegitimate, yet claim to believe the state allowable. The last Maheral disappeared, the Maheral prior to Athelir inactive. You attack our Maheral for lacking legitimacy, leaving no means for him to claim it. What is a state without a leader? What need have we for tradition, then, without any of the markings of our history? Let us speak on the true matter for which you have been called upon, the return of the Eternal Library. You believe they will be mistreated, but in what capacity might we progress without the teachings of our past? It is not, after all, Solaria Soulheart that is the undertaker of those tomes we retrieved ourselves, nor is it she, crippled as she is mentally, whom would benefit from it. It is the mali’aheral you swore to protect, and it is for the release of knowledge to the many that we approached you in the first place. If you wish to speak of Solaria, I ask again, where were you and your council, that she might have contacted you to repent? In the destroyed ruins of our motherland? Perhaps she might have benefited from eternal wandering of the wastes, searching for the many on a council that has disappeared. We believed that the mind could be healed, and in lieu of those whom by ancient tradition would be granted reparations, we assigned her tasks far beyond her known capacity. Should you wish to rest the entirety of this argument on her, I personally would find it not displeasing to have her complete a task you assign – though, as our laws also now state, the purity trials are held in modernity by jury and by council, and not in ways in which vindictiveness might dim judgment. On abandonment, I will be quite frank in that your council issued the proclamation of evacuation well into 1682, when you declared intent to resign in 1681. Perhaps I am mistaken; perhaps you did not resign at all. Perhaps I am mistaken in the opposite factor; perhaps you did not mean to issue the proclamation of evacuation, and it simply passed through your hands and onto written word. If I were to be correct, however, it would mean a successor was never allowed to rise – a strange circumstance for a man that has just declared he left office long before the September Prince’s attacks. Call me insane, then, when I recollect that Mr. Sullas and the good Elervathars no longer issued proclamations after their resignations, instead allowing due course of democracy, and the resulting victors of elections, to issue proclamations. If I am not wrong in that you held onto office, it would mean that, when elcihi fell, you failed to take up the mantle our people had elected you to. In fact, if I am not wrong in that you held office, and I am not wrong in remembering you claiming still to be the Okarir’mali, you fail still to take up the mantle our people had elected you to. Would it not be strange, then, if I wondered as to the meaning behind your arguments on abandonment?” For a moment he pauses, as if to collect his thoughts. “The Maheral was placed by vote of those left among us. Was Dio required to derive his legitimacy from a Maheral that had disappeared? It was a strange predicament we found ourselves in, when all those that had led us suffered from similar dereliction of duty as the past Sohaer Cenwall denounced past Maheral Athedil upon. It was a strange predicament we found ourselves in, when our derivation of legitimacy came first from the people that placed their trust in him and secondly from the past Maheral – like, as you mentioned, Dio Astore, and like Avern’dionne Adriane, successor to Iatrilemar Elervathar and from whose line all Maherals of recent memory have been appointed. Strange it is, therefore, that when we call upon Mr. Sullas to judge us, carrying the dignity of the lines of Maherals prior, that you base your claims of illegitimacy on tradition, as would it not be strange to you that all Maherals after Iatrilemar Elervathar, when Mr. Sullas passed his last fateful judgment, are then under your own definition, as you so quaintly put it earlier, illegitimate? I am afraid we have found ourselves at a point in the debate in which, without Mr. Sullas’ approval here, we shall never have a Maheral again, and all those that claimed to be so after the good Iatrilemar Elervathar will need to be retroactively declared usurpers of the title.”
  12. Delos steps forward once more. “I find it strange that you speak so righteously for yourselves, when so little was done in the dying days of elcihi. The way of the mali’thill, indeed, is not to cast judgement without investigation, for, indeed, without sufficient information, a logical decision cannot be made. The air must be cleared, then, upon which you attack a citizen’s name. It is true that she tattooed her body, in your time. It is also true that when the September Prince attacked, Miss Soulheart stood in elcihi’s defense, and Miss Soulheart was crippled in its defense. Progress and health indeed, that you would so claim one whom sacrificed herself for her home is so terrible, and indeed, one whom takes no position in our governance, has cleansed her body of impurities that could be cleansed, and has repented her violent tendencies before the populace of Fi’halen is impure. Forget not, llir, what you spoke of in our conversation – you released your mantle to no ‘thill, hoarding the texts of the Eternal Library and becoming unresponsive when Haelun’or needed leadership most. One must only look at the dating of the last Council’s proclamations to see that the revival of our people was never considered – the survivors, now inactive, did not rally our people afterwards, nor speak on the need to persevere for the sake of our ways. Haelun’or was a city of ghosts when you left, for it had been depopulated and discouraged. The pleas to the Council for reform in the face of adversity were ignored, and the old ways long lost to time and mismanagement. Haelun’or was plagued by cancer, and that cancer was its leadership. Which right-minded ‘aheral would think of the old times and liken it to the husk it was when you came and left? Remember the ways we once cherished, the term maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The development of wisdom and health, progress and health. Remember, then, that as you have so dutifully acknowledged prior, you have withheld all written knowledge from the Eternal Library from the people of Fi’halen. I ask that you look about – where is Haelun’or? Haelun’or is gone, as so many have wished for so long. We instead have a state in which we seek the progress and health of our people, a state which has recovered the old ways, reinstated security among the mali’aheral, and seeks only the future of our race. You declare us an improper successor, a falsity, as if we profane the name of mali’thill – I declare you the last in an era of rot and backwards conservation, a man that looks back on his reign with nostalgia but disgust at others whom wish the return of a state for Larihei’s people. Remember, perhaps, the circumstances in which Haelun’or of old was forced to rise – eons of exclaves and minorities, lost culture and lost peoples in Aegis. We found ourselves fragmented, with no Maheral, no Okarir’mali, no elheial’thilln. We, the wise and the old and the young and the bold, set to repair ourselves, and when we found the last piece of our great puzzle towards the restoration of proper ways to our people, we were denied it because we were ‘illegitimate’. The accusation that our state is false because we allowed a woman to find redemption within our walls after sacrificing her legs, her eyes, her head for our people is nothing less than the ravings of a madman. The accusation that, because the Sohaer and Maheral on your corrupted council have disappeared or died, and therefore us reverting to the only past Maheral among mali’aheral for declaration on succession, is impure is an obscene misconstruction of our Enclave. Your belief that you, after having left the Silver State to its own devices, did not abandon it, is an affront to the very idea of logic, and that you choose only when we are on the cusp of a return to real, true civilization to attack us is an attack on maehr’sae hiylun’ehya itself. I believe in the mali’thill, just as I always have, and I believe that our people must follow maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. I have penned culture into regulation that we might educate the newly arrived, done everything in my power to remind our people of traditions and ethics. Maheral Visaj spends his time among the blessed citizenry, speaking to the newly returned mali’thill, and the many that we allow within elcihi but not within our sanctums as you claim we do. Sohaer Laureh’onn works tirelessly for the betterment and protection of our people. Where, before you so graciously denounced the only real enclave of ‘thill left on Atlas, have you been?”
  13. “Never before have I been more disgusted in the nature of fellow mali’aheral, even in my interactions with ‘ata.” sighs Delos Telperion at the notice board in Fi’halen. “Dark times indeed.”
  14. IGN(s): Haelunor, bickando Age 20 Timezone EST (PST during Winter Break) Discord: bickando#5883 What map did you join during?: Aegis (which begs the question, why am I still here?) Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes. Average Daily Play Time? 4 hours on average, but it's in spikes of really long sessions. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: GM, about two months during a summer. Removed for inactivity when school year started. LT, closer to 3 or 4 months, same time frame but started earlier, removed for the same inactivity. FM, probably four months to half a year, left when my laptop broke. WT, currently and, in the past for 4 months or so, left when I took a break from the server in the past. These were all 2017, if I recall correctly. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? All of the moderation stuff above. In real life, I worked an internship where I essentially pre-audited and did data entry for the company's accounts. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I was on it before, and, quite frankly, I’m a good workhorse when I’m active. Having me is a simple tradeoff, in that you’re taking on a member you know won’t be extremely permanent, but someone that, when he’s here, wastes tons of hours sitting on the server and is quite willing to do modreqs. I love doing modreqs when I’ve got nothing to do IRL or am taking a break from studying, and I play crazy hours, like 9 EST to 3 AM every other or few days. Other than that, I’d just like to give back to the server itself, put myself to use while I’m here. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: EDIT: Anything else you want to tell us?: I'll be around at least two, three months, probably a little longer, and will tell you if I can foresee a massive inactivity spree (so we can discuss me leaving or going on hiatus, whichever is preferred at the time), and about two, three weeks from now is Finals Week at my university, won't be on for a few days then. Oh, I'll be going on vacation to Australia around New Year's and for 10 days, won't be on at all then. Other than those, though, I'll be hyperactive. I might have applied to the Lore Team, but my writing comes in spurts and I feel bad for going ghost last year on Flambo. At least I can guarantee I'll be on the server, until I'm not.