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  1. Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. I just got Peter Griffin in fortniteitdontmattapetergriffinfortnite.png

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    2. Netphreak


      Resigns from Admin because of a lack of time.. Plays fortnite instead. 

    3. itdontmatta


      Life's more enjoyable now

    4. kindEmperor


      you'd get boxed like a flopper 

  2. to all the people posting status updates (majority of those always complaining about safety)


    guy's unbanned, i reached out to him and explained the situation


    i'm overly cautious with TOS banned players who may be alting


    i connected the dots incorrectly, talked to 60, and he's unbanned now


    i get that i still live in your head rent free but move on

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    2. itdontmatta


      1. Lol

      2. I didn’t ban Frill for posting the KP logs. Keep in mind I pushed for the KP ban. 
      3. Yes I did. Not enough evidence to convince others at first. He was banned, wasn’t he? 

      4. I don’t think De_no was reported while I was the admin. 


      don’t throw stones in a glass house rukio 

    3. Milenkhov


      ur the best itdontmatta omg ‼️

    4. rukio


      1. lol

      2. That was the original reason he was banned.

      3. Because of my efforts, not yours.

      4. De_no's ban was pushed multiple times over the course of several years.


      or what, you're going to go try to cause more rifts in my relationship? 

  3. washed and irrelevant now

    1. DrakeHaze.


      change your name back to arockstar now

  4. washed and irrelevant tomorrow

    1. DrakeHaze.


      lotc will never be the same again for you, enjoy eating BREAD and running to places like a peasant

  5. got some new forum + discord profile drip please drop a like and sub! 

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    2. Pancho


      This west side mfer..

    3. Greehn


      acting like he spent hard earned bands on this

    4. Smmer


      Ur meg griffin 

  6. First warclaim that gets posted gets fees waived for both sides! Offer expires in 10 minutes 

    1. UnusualBrit


      I will be warclaiming the admin team 

    2. annabanana1014


      i wish someone did this. give me war fr LOL

    3. _RoyalCrafter_


      shit missed my chance

  7. btw idk if u guys noticced but im an aether vip now!

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    2. Crevel



      @Crevel's ears just perked


      Waiting for the post any day now. Feel free to give me a mention as one of your most avid supporters.

    3. Enlightenment
    4. ScreamingDingo


      @itdontmattabe careful if u get kicked off it gets ripped from you! 

  8. hrmm.. 1985?

    1. M1919


      good song by bowling for soup

    2. kazoo
  9. @squakhawk hmmm 1984 hmmmmmmm i am evil big bro hmmm piano falls on your head hmmm

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    2. squakhawk


      @itdontmattareally uncalled for bro, thats unapproachable of you. Completely unprovoked- how could you?

    3. LatzMomo


      does that make it better that it's two admins involved in downplaying community concerns or something?

    4. Llir


      @itdontmatta you better watch out my dad owns a piano shop

  10. Just had a great conversation with Telanir on how I can move forward in regard to the recent Your View. I would like to reaffirm my alignment with the mission statement, and I apologize for my poor attitude & recent sh*tposts on the forums.


    Since my proposal of CRP becoming our default combat system in February 2022, it has been my goal to consistently make substantial improvements to our Roleplay Standards, and that will always be my goal.


    If you have ideas or words of advice for how we can improve our quality of Roleplay, I'd love to VC with you.

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    2. Xarkly


      Congratulations Alex 🥳


      I wish you and the rest of the team over at Tythus LTD the best as you move forward this exciting change. Give my best to @GMROand the kids!




    3. itdontmatta


      @tasty_cheesecake I’m trying to get to 1000 LinkedIn connections

    4. Smmer


      R u gonna also fix ur attitude in dms? as head of HR across a span of groups, i’d like to know that you’re abiding by our office behavioral guidelines. If you need training I will gladly schedule a meeting to discuss in length how you can behave better and proper inside of the work place. 

  11. guys STOP with the memes PLEASE IM BEGGING 

  12. Check out my latest responses to the two posts. Hope some of that clears it up and if not lmk

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    2. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      in ten years of playing on the server I think I’ve pvp’d maybe three times @Borin

    3. lemonke


      Take your meds old man

    4. Borin


      @warlord of filth ur a special bloke :)

  13. We know the game and we're gonna play it

  14. So let me go down the line
    I wanna feel it all
    Joy, pain, and sky
    So let me go down the line
    We all burn, burn, burn and then die

  15. Inside, we both know what's been going on

  16. Your heart's been aching, but you're too shy to say it

  17. We’ve known each other for so long 

    1. Apotolofo


      you know the rules. and so do I

  18. Gonna start interviewing mod applicants in a couple days. Send in your application soon if you want to make it in this round!

    1. DrakeHaze.


      do you have resources to help me improve my app?

    2. itdontmatta


      Just apply again bro 

  19. apply for mod!

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    2. z3m0s


      You asked for it

    3. Adelemphii


      join tech team

    4. Icy_Aurora


      Have fun reading through all 200 applications you are about to receive :D

  20. Still interviewing for Mod, send in an application if you're interested.

  21. And to top it off, not a single person reached out to me on Discord to discuss how we can improve our Safety Policy or Player Conduct Policy. 

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    2. Pancho


      But… don’t you have an entire team for this? And community outreach through the community team? Am I missing a lot? Probably.

    3. Eldritch Lagomoprha

      Eldritch Lagomoprha

      I tried, you said to stop DMing you

    4. Tabby64


      I did as a mod and you disagreed and that was the end of it. As i stated before, you should probably start with banning people who ask to continue the ftb in discord, in #looc. After that mister rockstar, you can start your quest. 

  22. To trust God in the light is nothing, but to trust him in the dark, that is faith.

    1. Laeonathan


      so true, but I am curious of the context...

  23. itdontmatta started following you

    1. Aesopian


      itdontmatta started farting on you

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