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  2. theldryn

    Sub forum idea

    I think the Lord of the craft forum should get a sub forum about Toxins, viruses, mutations and curses... The institute can then use it to further defend arcas.
  3. MiaKestrel

    Returning to Roots

    Thank you for everything Toffee. The community you’ve helped build is amazing, and being able to be a part of the institute is as well. We love you, and we’ll miss you! I wish you the very best with everything you do Toffee! ❤️❤️❤️
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  5. Sporadic

    'click for more...' bug

    thank you for your report i will fix it
  6. Chef891

    The Sylric Bloodline

    The Sylric Bloodline “Bilok, taelu, evar.” (To make, to learn, to protect.) https://i.imgur.com/9rrrQre.png Sylricean Coat of Arms History: Attributes, Personality & Culture Sylrics are known to be hardworking, determined and very focused at everything they do, whether that is being a soldier of the Ivae’fenn or taking up a role among the ranks of the Bilok’thuln. Thus, many would consider them more serious than other bloodlines, unlike the notably carefree Tathvirs. However when asked a question, Sylrics tend not to think too long or hard about an answer to it and tend to blurt out what comes to mind and leaving it at that, unlike the Annungilbens. They are known for being rather straightforward and to the point. Despite their often brash behaviors, Sylrics tend to be kind and respectful towards their kin. The Griffin, their sigil, perfectly reflects a Sylric’s state of mind: loyal, noble and determined. Professions & Specialities: Because of their industrious capabilities, the Sylrics are often seen lugging large quantities of raw materials to-and-fro around Tahu’lareh--the fruits of their labour. Thanks to this reputation, Sylrics often find themselves seated among the Grand Council filling the position of Head of the Bilok'thuln, also known as the Grand Exchequer. It is not uncommon to see a Sylric mining or working in general, providing the Princedom with all that is needed to thrive. Alongside this reputation of being hard workers, the Sylrics have a reputation for being good craftsmen and craftswomen, creative and otherwise progressive thinkers, and scholarly patrons; their expertise spanning a wide variety of professions. Physical Traits & Caracteristics: With all of their hard work, Sylrics tend to be muscular, with a strong, bulky, but well-built build to them. Known also for their great beauty, They tend to be the tallest among the Snow Elves and have grey to blue eyes. There have been rare occurences of emerald eyes as well as amethyst eyes. They typically have white to silver hair, but there have been some with blonde hair. Style of Combat: Because of their mighty physiques, they are often on the front lines during times of war. Their weapons of choice includes longswords, greataxes or a warhammer and a shield, though other types of weapons are also used. To stare down a Sylric upon the battlefield is no comforting feat, as their strong posture, large size, and choice of weaponry makes for an intimidating sight. Sylrics tend to wear heavier armor so that they can last longer on the front lines, much like most soldiers of the Ivae’fenn. When a siege is taking place, Sylrics are generally manning the siege engines, specializing in their craft and operation. Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=ILKTR&c=9ul46u525g&f=935319104124893412 Ceremonies: Wryvun’ahern, the newborn ceremony. When a new Sylric is brought into the world a special Ceremony is held called, Wryvun’ahern, translating to Wryvun’s blessing. This ceremony celebrates the life that Wryvun will bless upon the child, whether it be a life dedicated to soldiering or to working hard. A feast is held accompanied by festive music and dancing. Bilok’ihnsil, the coming of age ceremony. When each and every Sylric reach the age of 30, a coming of age ceremony known as, Bilok’ihnsil, is held to prove that they can be truly called a Sylric. This ceremony is much different then Wryvun’ahern. Each child must venture outside of the walls of the Princedom and forge themselves their own personal weapon. They must gather all the materials themselves and by themselves alone. No help shall be offered to them. They must build their own forge and use what they gather to create a beautiful piece of weaponry, whether it be a greataxe, a warhammer, to even the smallest dagger. When they finish and feel that it is worthy of the Sylric name, they are to return to the Princedom and present it first to their father and then to the head of the Sylrics himself. Once their weapon is approved by both their father and the patriarch then a hunt is held to test the durability of the weapon. A feast is then followed provided by the spoils of the hunt. As the feast ends the patriarch approaches the child, presenting him the Sylric Insignia, to be branded on to their weapon as well as stitched onto their cloak. This is to mark that they are now a true Sylric. Politics: Throughout the Snow Elven years and all the conflicts they faced, the Sylrics have tended to be on the front lines of all major battles. Their thoughts on other Elves are complicated, as centuries of battle waged against them has hardened the opinions of some Sylrics against their Mali’mira cousins. A Sylric will marry out from other elven subraces but they try to stick more toward the Snow Elven culture. Be this as it may, they are generally a more accommodating people Notable Members: Ailduin Sylric - Founder of the Bilok’thuln, Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline Velatha Sylric - Sister to Ailduin, Vanguard and Medic to the Ivae’fenn Rythel Sylric - Elder member to the Sylric household, skilled artisan, weaponsmith and member of the Bilok’thuln Airebys Sylric - Founder of the Fennic Institute of Higher Learning, Deputy Exchequer of the Bilok’thuln, esteemed scholar and Guardian to the Ivae’fenn Minapili Sylric - Cousin of Airebys Sylric, member of the Bilok’thuln and Guardian to the Ivae’fenn Alevaera Sylric - Little sister of Airebys, member of the Bilok’thuln Heirlooms: Gostatha - Great Sword of Ailthidon Lercuvanten - War Axe of Thandir I Hadhafang - War Hammer of Agis Daedheloth - Battle Axe of Amaranthea Other Facts: ((Anyone who wishes to join the Sylric Bloodline, contact Chef891, via the forums, in-game, or discord [Chef891#2923] ))
  7. DusRamon

    The Green Cloaks

    Name: Olbrecht von Denhardt. Race: Human Sub Race: Highlander IC Age: 19 IC Reason for applying: Olbrecht has met Zoot Grumblehill, and has the same motives and goals as to protect the people of Adria and beyond, hoping to ensure safety for all. OOC OOC Age: 15 Username: Zyhaveus Discord Tag: Zyhaveus#7841 Timezone: UTC +1, CET.
  8. D3F4LT

    The Death of the King of Mynebor

    Yer daddy was wit' Torkan ladde, a worshipper of k'orvad is an enemy of our religion an' yer dad was toget'a wit' 'im. Cease yer bullshoitery...
  9. Jenny_Bobbs

    [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    I like the detailedness of this, fair game. ( https://www.rollingstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/ayahuasca-what-is-the-drug-read-north-america-9ccd11d2-85ab-47f5-b905-751542f339aa.jpg?crop=900:600&width=440 )
  10. Thornz

    The Ambush of 1708

    Tmw u get shamefully slapped twice in a row so you resort to bragging about banning a player in retaliation to feel better about yourself. YiKeS
  11. | ZipZapMan |

    [✗] Ban Appeal

    Hey Dworfo! My main concern with your appeal here is that you have seemingly not put a whole lot of effort into it. While I am not expecting you to pour out your heart for us and beg forgiveness... The rushed job and the attitude of “I’ve served my time” & “I won’t make jokes ever” does not show to me that you have remorse for your actions that caused offense to certain players. That attitude for me also does not inspire confidence that you’ve thought on your actions and understand why what you said/did is not acceptable on LOTC and will not be repeated. Because of this, I’m going to move forward with denying this appeal and ask that you take a bit more time to think before submitting another appeal on 3/22/19.
  12. Fireheart

    [✓] [In-game Ban] gaurdman Appeal

    Player unbanned. Welcome back, please don’t break the server again 😞
  13. Fireheart


    In reference to this post I would like a more detailed and insightful answer beyond what you provided @cakefool You have quite the lengthy history and I would like to know what is truly going to be changing beyond the same pattern of breaking server rules, being banned, apologizing, and repeating.
  14. -1 nO daRkStalKerZ?!?!?!?! reeEeeE
  15. Samoblivion

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Fortress Libraries 1508 will do laaaaaaaaaater Points and Basic Stats: Population: 1,737,754 Humans Cities: The Bastion, Fort Vane Buildings: Merchant Guild, Temple, Shrine, School, Trading Company, Manufactory x 2, Farmland x 5 (+2%), Bog Silk Market Economy: 6 Education: 7 Size: 2 Military: 2 Mysticism: 4 Trade Partners: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, Bulgar, Ischyros Army: 500 Librarian Knights (50 men per unit) 1000 Medium Infantry 1000 Light Infantry 3 Adepts Economy: Saved: 4000 Base: 3000 Econ Points: 6000 Pop: 4500 Trade: 5000 Merchant Guild: 3000 Manufactories: 2000 Bog Silk: 3000 --- Total Funds: 30,500 Actions: Blackmarrow Enclave [10,000] Tykirfell Enclave [10,000] Chapel of Knauledge Enclave [10,000] ^mechanically paying for the previously established enclaves due to new national idea. 500 saved.
  16. Tha_Mystery_Man

    The Breaking Brandybrook News!

    The halfling Thain approves of the Thain talk, as he believes he has brought to light the most pressing of halfling and weefolk issues... He then takes a look at some Gladewynn Gals after thinking about his thoughts on halfling shirtlessness
  17. Destroyer_Bravo

    [✓] warclaimin10 Ban Appeal

    Please try to be patient with players and moderators in the future, I’m unbanning you with the understanding that your attitude will improve.
  18. Bluee

    The Huntsmen

    Accepted. Contact Headmaster Bell (Talavok#3594) for further instructions.
  19. Straberri

    [Looking for] Builders

    I’d be more than interested to build for you :) my IGN is Straberri and my discord is Straberri#1278 if you’d like to contact me !
  20. Heero

    The Arranged Skirmish, St. Helena Rout cont.

    An onlooking peasant snaps his fingers to the memorable jingle whistled by the Seventh Sons
  21. Kanadensare

    Reaffirmation of Vassalage

    Ser Dominic signed the paper.
  22. Yesterday
  23. 723ctttt

    Player Report - Sheczar

    With that out of the way I would like to close this report.
  24. Skyrunner

    A Proclamation Of Naming

    Utaria Helenson-Anarion cheers her wife on before heading out to continue her patrols of the Whispering Isles.
  25. Cpt_Noobman

    -=Da Kirkja Dverga=- The Dwarven Clergy

    Accepted, I’ll be in contact shortly. Accepted
  26. chaosgamer

    [REQ] Edit Skin

    aight very well I have an edit ready for you, tell me what you think
  27. Europa

    The Evar'okarn

    Diplomat Application [OOC] Username: Europan Discord: Europan#5481 Timezone: EST Availability for RP Interview: Usually Sundays [RP] Name: Chrom’ilvya Atmorice Gender: Female Race/subrace/culture: Mali’fenn Place of residence: Atmorice Manor Prior relevant experience: A student of forms of government, international relations, and ornithology during her childhood. Possesses equestrian and traveling skills valuable during long term and far distance trips. Has learned advanced public speaking skills and can play the violin. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Always
  28. MangoArt

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    Accepted Accepted
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