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  2. KosherZombie

    The Mad Bear Tavern

    The Mad Bear Tavern [!] Notices are spread around the city of Cyrilsburg [!] The tavern in Curon will be reopening under new management, tonight, under the name The Mad Bear. The tavern will be managed by Alasdair Falkenrath and Liana Cadenza de Alba. The halfling Odo Strongfoot shall be the head chef, and Ursurian Alanah Aldahen will be the barmanager. Contact any of them for information on drinks, prices and special sales. The Tavern is located on Devereux drive, directly across from the Lord’s Hall. All citizens of Curon and the empire are invited to come drink, play, games, and sing, at the tavern’s opening, later this saint’s day (5:30 pm EST, Saturday 1/19). Come try our new special, Curonic Pan-Fried Raccoons, as well as a number of other dishes. For more information contact: Managers: Alasdair Falkenarth - Zipzapman Liana Cadenza de Alba - Benelux1 Barmanager: Alanah Aldahen - HipsterGaming Kitchen Manager: Odo Strongfoot
  3. hellfiazz

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    C A N A D A A M A R I U S Q U E A D M A R I S U M M A R Y [Initial Investments] Agriculture [150AP] 1 Carrier [8AP] 1 Missile Cruiser [6AP] 7 Destroyers [28AP] 2 Submarines [8AP] 100 Fighters [4AP] [1st Turn Actions] Agriculture: 15AP Investigating Greenland Meteor: 2AP Asking for trade w/ Brazil, Norway, and Australia Fusion Research: 5RP [2nd Turn Actions] Agriculture: 10AP Continued Investigations: 5AP 1 Carrier: 8AP 1 Missile Cruiser: 6AP 25 Fighters: 1AP Fusion Research: 5RP
  4. J33xt101

    Advertisement blacksmith.

    Balrog chuckles, wondering where he learned to smith ”Lad, a’ would love te’ ‘ave a competition wit’ ye’, see w’o forges better steel. Te’ steel forged in te’ ‘eart of t’e mountain e’s some of te’ best.
  5. Dragonslayerelf

    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

    Fixed. IRL I know almost nothing about drugs aside from the fact that they’re addictive, so I’ve edited it! Thank you for the feedback.
  6. Parker

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: vileblooded Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/5be395bd8ad3c79a6cd34f99e16119bc How you got it: As a gift from a Green blooded- bat faced, STRIGAE. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/14b3e4b10329a6278855d2ea39eaa4c3 How you got it: enchanted from the last Keeper played by AerialKebab Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/6136bf5bbd77a7a0e6a744ae4b02ee50 How you got it: made it through roleplay as shown in the tinyurl Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/a28a74a057a89d69223c3dd09c5dbd93 How you got it: made it myself, got all the ingredients by doing travel rp from different kingdoms and settlements, staying their overnight. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/17cdb0b4420eb689d67862bc3753145d https://gyazo.com/f5d1ea4075632a9fcc938aba43d86122 https://gyazo.com/55a560caa84d10374ebd7fab07d67b93 https://gyazo.com/a0fc61542e42790564878f23bdecf2f7 How you got it: i got it through being offered by Renn in rp as a gift. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/d399fda7a17c3b6badf0f07ecab4fe0f How you got it: i got it through creating it.
  7. xattis_oureax

    [Server] xattis_oureax Ban Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Emraphil Ban Reason memeing, combat logging, inappropriate role-play Players Involved unknown as of the exact Gavin By your own understanding, why are you banned? Gavin of Curon constantly attacks me for no good reason saying that I should be dead and that Im an undead so I was frustrated with him enough to start miming and became a potato person to mock him then I stopped when I was asked to then I logged out when he pursued me further in rp not in combat then I went to jail once I became more inclined to play along and was killed in rp Why should you be pardoned? I don't believe I should have been banned in the first place since the situation was resolved I believe that Auriel decided to ban me out of immature reasons of bias What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will handle situations more maturely and find work arounds to annoying characters like Gavin of Curon by commencing healthy rp and believing that the situation will improve Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Following guidelines will enable players to not turn the server into a cancerous tumor where all there is is demon worship and heresy I believe that a healthy community is one without bullying and where people do not take advantage of the rules like gavin did currently exhaustion has played a major part in why I myself broke the rules it is fatigue that may make or break a community when players feel that playing is no longer suitable for them or there lifespan's and under better circumstances that would be ok but if bullying and rule bending is what breaks the community then no one will beable to play this game I believe in a healthy community and a better lotc but I feel wronged whenever I have to deal with immature trolling and then get banned by the troll since I was the one who finally broke and ignored the rules I hope other players will learn from my wrongs and understand that lotc shouldn't be hard to play on and should be an enjoyable experience devoid of bias or hard feelings but when players are abused and the rules are unable to aid players who actually want to enjoy the rp vs players who are just there to prey on the community I think that instances like mine will happen again and agin for differing and similar reasons .
  8. Haniden

    [Server] Haniden Ban Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Haniden / Hanxen Ban Reason Combat Logging Players Involved DISCOLIQUID By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned because I did not replied IC when someone was intending to attack me. Why should you be pardoned? After months of being banned, I have decided to come back and rejoin LOTC in order to experience a true enthusiast roleplay experience. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Since I was banned due to combat logging, I will reply any attack action or tag myself as OCC. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. As far as I'm concerned, Lord of the Craft's maximum relies on the fact that every last player and their characters create a story with no protagonist, a universe which we take part of by simply being what we want to be. But of course, there are certain limits – gameplay limits, such as power-gaming or meta-gaming. The focus of the server is full roleplay, and taking into account the aforementioned plus this, it creates a unique experience never seen in no other server, making it unique among the rest of Minecraft roleplay servers, and it depends on us, the players, to ensure the server’s spirit through enthusiasm, dedication and authenticity.
  9. Elennanore

    The Order of The Aheral'Parir

    "They know nothing of their own history." Mordred remarks.
  10. HedgeHug

    The Sable Principality of Vira'ker

    Shagarath smiles down upon the parchment, taking another hit from his pipe as he muses a blessing in Old Blah.
  11. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad Haserick sat in his throne room. Pondering on what he should do. He did not want to be involved in this war with Orisium. He would have preferred to attack Skaven now that it was vulnerable. However, he could not do so as long as his ally in Sentinel was being besieged and being threateneed with destruction. As such Haserick pondered. It was a normal day in the great hall of Sentinel when Haserick came to a decision. He then called for a meeting with his military commanders and prominent nobles. Once this meeting was assembled he spoke to the assembled lords, ladies and commanders. “Men of Rihad. As of this moment our ally of Sentinel is being besieged by a force of humans who have sided over the orcs rather than fight with their own kind. And I am disgusted by them. They besiege honest folk because they are allied with the orisimer of all people. We can not stand for any ally of ours to be harrased by such a foe. As such an army will be led North. ” He then turned to Braika, his foremost military commander. “Braika. Though I know you are skilled in combat you will need to stay here.” Braika sputtered in outrage as this and as she was about to reply to Haserick’s statement he raised his hand for silence. “That is because I will lead the army North myself. You will need to stay here to respond to any threats. Delaying them with your numerically inferior forces and maintaining order in the kingdom. I can only trust my most skilled military commander with this task. Whilst I myself wish to see the enemy’s of Sentinel vanquished by my hand. ” Braika grudginly nodded at this though she still felt a little resentment. Just as Haserick had expected. Haserick then looked at a map of the local area around Sentinel and spoke. “As of right now the capital of Sentinel is being besieged by the orismer’s allies. We will need to make sure the city does not fall. In order to do this we will start with harrasing the enemy forces. Whilst we might outnumber them we do not know the composition of their troops and as such I want to weaken them as much as possible before fighting a conventional battle. Furthermore I wish to do something of an... experiment so to speak.” Haserick then began explaining his battle plan to the assembled commanders. Who would in part execute it. Army: total army Cavalry: 3000 mounted palace guards, 2000 light cavalry Infantry: 8000 palace guards, 5000 skirmishers Misc.: 4000 archers, 150 mages Total troops: 22,150k troops The 1st army of Rihad: Cavalry: 2500 mounted palace guard 1500 light cavalry Infantry: 7k palace guards 3k skirmishers Misc: 4000 archers, 150 mages Total troops: 18,15k Defensive forces Cavalry: 500 mounted palace guard 500 light cavalry Infantry: 1k palace guards 2k skirmishers Misc: 1000 archers, 0 mages Total troops: 5k Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 5k septims Trade: 3k septims Guildhall: 5k septims Total: 29k septims Treasury: 20k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: 1000 mounted palace guard (5000 septims) 500 light cavalry (500 septims) 2000 palace guard (5000 septims) 50 mages (2000 septims) 1000 archers (500 septims) Total: 13k septims Seeing the need for something more effective in rousing the spirits of his men Haserick commisions work into a new kind of drum. Something with a bit more kick and something that can give more enthusiasm to the troops. (snare drum) [MOD] (7k Septims) Economy Diplomacy/Military: The 1st army of Rihad is sent North towards Sentinel. Here they are to move North until they reach the capital city of Sentinel. From there on they will head North towards the city of Sentinel. At first staying a distance of about 10miles from the city and setting up a fortified encampment. Once the encampment is set up and well foritifed and if it is not attacked small units of light cavalry will be sent out. They will, with the help of the local populace as guides amongst the terrain, ambush supply convoys of the besieging armies. Making use of quick strikes and retreats. This will inevitebly force the hostile armies to divert more troops to protect their caravans and to grow weary. Lessening the amount of effective troops. Then another part of the plan begins. When it is night quick attacks of the besieging forces will happen accompanied by the sound of a horn. These attacks consist of quick strikes by heavy cavalry. Lead by Haserick himself in order to ensure it’s effectiveness. This horn will sound each night, however, only one in five times that the horn blows is there an attack. With the timing of course being random. This will ensure that the hostile soldiers are conditioned to fear the sound of the horn and wake up when it is heard. This will increase exhaustion from the soldiers as they are unaware if the horn is actually the sound of an attack. This psychological warfare is partly an experiment by Haserick to see how effective it can be in warfare. [MOD/Skype]
  12. Aetosion

    The Adrian Guard

    A folded letter is delivered by a young Conscript of the Belvitz Brigade to Vincent, Aiwin, and Tuazar. Soldier, Welcome to the Belvitz Brigade. Adria is indebted to you for your commitment to serve the duchy. Please report to the barracks at 3 Beesbury Byway for orders. -Chancellor & Lt. Commandant Alaric Vladovic [[I’ll be in touch on discord.]]
  13. Bluee

    [Creature Lore] The Smiling Plant.

    very cool, thank you kayne +1
  14. Bobtacos

    Perthus Alabaster

    Perthus Alabaster Human – Heartlander Height: 6’2’’ Weight: 120 lbs General Attributes: Caucasian, gray eyes, white hair Age: 23 Left Arm is covered in a burn scar and the grip in his left hand is weak Chaotic Neutral Perthus is a very quiet man. When he does talk, his voice isn’t remarkable but still manages to attain a certain tone of authority. He friendly and conversable at most times, but few have the fortune of finding anything regarding his personal life. His father killed and his mother turned a drunk while he was very young, Perthus has never known the pleasure of good parenting. He was taught what he knows of courtesy and chivalry by an uncle who was killed by a band of thieves while on a trade run. He seeks no vengeance, but to help the weak and defenseless at any cost necessary. When protecting his charge, whomever it may be, the law is of no consequence. Only the greater good.
  15. Catostrophy

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Life of Steven Penrith Available on Pay-per-view for Channel 555! Hephaestus Employee’s Preferred Entertainment Hub! Our Latest Deals! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQJeTQiyG8AzmMHG9hMQOZ18_TWYNt_--FXEm9W0bPk/edit The 'Grgl Gondola' puttered through a Protorian solar checkpoint and continued on to Proteum Davun deeper in the system. On the observation deck an ancient human gazed up at the alien warships and defences with barest of interest. This was the third time he'd been here. Or perhaps fourth...? He didn't really remember. Ever since he left 'Failure Central' (Earth) the galaxy had felt smaller and smaller. Once that thought seemed exciting, but the unknowable was known and the impossible realised. Now all he could think about was the ticking clock that had been in the back of his mind for twenty years to the day. In one of his gnarled and weak hands, he slowly turned a coin. The coin was a promise -or a 'deal' depending on who you asked- of life afforded to the eccentric industrialist Steven Penrith. This was on the promise (contractual obligation) that he would return the coin to the Archivar Selraku after twenty years, and now those twenty years were up. That's how he chose to remember it, anyway. His memory was bad enough without over-complicating things. Only problem was the one who gave it to him happened to be very, very dead. But **** it, a promise was a promise, and he wasn't going to let minor technicalities get in the way of his business. "Excuse me, Steven?" The condescendingly pleasant tone of his head nurse Nancy penetrated his door like a rusty nail tearing through paper. Steven scowled at the doorway and muttered the command for it to open. Nancy, a short, plump woman of human-redon descent entered with three other cheerful looking orderlies. "We're almost there, sir! We'd just like to look you over before we touch down-- make sure you haven't got any welts or sores on your skin, and check for any accidents today. Is that all right, Steven?" The old man sighed deeply. Death couldn't come quick enough. After a long flight (and far too much invasive scrubbing), the tiny freighter finally landed on a platform just outside of the Protorian Archives. Steven grumbled angrily as his orderlies helped him down the ramp and up the stairway to the cavernous library. At the doorway, the bubbling anger, embarrassment, and misery finally boiled over. "You lot, bugger off back to the ship. This is private." Nancy glanced nervously to the other orderlies before her slow, saccharine tone returned with a smile. "Steven, I think it'd be better if we followed along with you. You don't have your wheelchair and-" "I said bugger off!" Steven roared hoarsely. Though there was further resistance to the idea, Steven managed to convince his dutiful orderlies through strategic yelling and strikes from his cane. After they had all retreated back to the ship, he took a moment to take in his surroundings. While the planet’s activity had vastly increased due to the Allied Council establishing its headquarters nearby, the Archive wing was strangely quiet. If it wasn't for the small maintenance drones whizzing above his head every so often he'd have thought the place abandoned. His eyes were not as good as they used to be--he thought there was a Protorian scholar far off in the distance, but it was just a few drones flying close to the ground. He took a moment to observe one for its marketing potential, but quickly remembered why he had come here. There was no longer reason to perform business-related investigations or inquiries, and this made him feel a little empty inside. After a long period of hobbling with intermittent rests, he arrived at a great, central room. A throne, supposedly where the Archivar would sit, was placed in the middle of a central dais. Apparently the previous Archivar was entombed beneath, and for Steven this was as close as he could get to handing the coin back to him. He stood and stared at the spot for a few minutes with only the gentle hum of the surrounding databanks breaking up the silence. Finally, he reached in his pocket, and pulled out the spiral-patterned coin. "Here you go, mate." He muttered as he flicked it on the floor with an echoing 'ping.' "Done. Nice joke. May I bloody die, now?" "That's rather rude, Steven Penrith. You should not talk to my brother like that." A reply came from his side, as the current Archivar Kradoku himself stepped out into the open. He may have been drawn by Steven's very diplomatic dismissal of his party. From what could be seen of the data-pad he was carrying, he was interrupted from viewing Saryn artwork. Bloody nerd. "Though, to your benefit, you are the first to do that." He hummed, smiling mildly--something one attuned to the alignment of death was rarely known to do. Steven turned as quickly as his feeble frame allowed and squinted at Kradoku. "Hey? This joker had a brother?" He glanced back down at the coin for a moment, then turned fully towards the Archivar. "So do I give this stupid coin back to you then, or is there some kind of return box?" "Coin?" Kradoku approached, setting the datapad aside on a nearby table. He stood next to Steven, looking down at the coin that lay on the ornate floor. "He gave you that?" he said as he knelt down to pick it up. "Yeah, the cheeky bastard." Steven pointed a wobbling hand at the coin angrily, remembering the day the Archivar gave it to him. "Brief immortality for the sake of some in-joke with him and the old bastard in the white digs." Even the act of moving his arm was exhausting, and he dropped it with a wheezing cough. "I've had my twenty years. I'm tired. I should have died decades ago. He said to bring it back when I reckoned it was my time to go, so here I am." He glared at the floor where the coin once lay. "I'm pretty annoyed he decided to kark it himself, though." Kradoku nodded slowly, turning the coin around to its back reading a tiny inscription upon it. "’A promise unbroken.’" He looked up to Steven again. "Does that mean anything to you?" The Protorian's golden eyes examined Steven thoroughly, almost as if looking through him rather than at him. Steven was unsure if it was unique to Protorians or psionics, but the previous Archivar was much the same. Damn space-wizards. "The previous feller said I'd have twenty extra years to live. I thought once I tossed the coin, I'd fall over, or something." He shook his head at the coin in the Archivar's hand with an angry grunt. "That's probably what it meant.” "If it is truly death you wish for," the Protorian motioned to the coin, "and this is to be left behind here, I can help you." Steven regarded the Archivar for a moment before nodding slowly. "Yeah alright. What are you going to do. Vaporise me, or something?" "Give you eternal sleep." Came the calm reply from Kradoku. "Or in other terms, dissolve your lifeforce. To allow you the rest you desire." "Bloody wonderful!" Steven wheezed with sarcastic triumph. He leaned on his cane, and made himself as comfortable as possible while closing his eyes. "Get on with it, then. I've got a schedule, here." Steven felt Kradoku placing a hand upon his head. "Apologies, this may seem a bit... off-putting. It will be over in a bit." Seconds passed and then Kradoku's hand seemed to withdraw. For a moment Steven thought the deed was done, but then he felt something else. A presence, perhaps? "Brother, this is not the way it's intended." Came a familiar voice as if from a distant memory. Steven opened his eyes suddenly, and saw Salraku, the previous Archivar holding back his brother's hand. Behind Salraku stood a rather unassuming old man clad in a white suit-- the Guardian of the Milky Way. "Aw ****'s sake." He groaned. "Well, Steven, that's one way to say hello." Spoke the Old One. "You returned the coin I assume? That would belong to me now." He stated as he casually plucked it out of a surprised and baffled Kradoku's hand. "Yeah, look mate, get to my age and you really stop caring about the pleasantries." He patted down his coat with a loud, irritated tsk. "What are you and this joker doing here? That one's supposed to be dead, right? He can swap with me, if he likes." "Spot on." Stated the Old One. Salraku laughed warmly at the comment. "That's exactly what's going to happen now." The Old One's words seemed to catch Steven briefly off-balance. "Oh. Alright. Well." Steven cleared his throat and drummed his fingers on his handle of his cane. "Go on. You got your coin back. Is this the part where I die, or are we going to just stand in a room looking at one-another?" "The door is behind you, Steven Penrith." Salraku said, gesturing. Steven glanced behind himself, and indeed a door had opened on one of the walls of data-banks. It appeared almost as if it had always been there, but just out of sight. "But before we go through, let's fix a few things," the Old One added. As he approached Steven, he carefully turned him around towards the wide opening as white light poured from it. When he faced it fully, Steven could feel himself straightening up, and his muscles felt stronger and tougher. He looked down to his hands and watched as the years of wrinkles and age-spots slowly melted away from his skin. "There we go, that is much better, don't you think?" "Hey!" Steven stretched his legs, and pushed a hand through his thick, itching head of hair. "Well that makes a nice change! I could hardly remember what it was like to have control over my bowels!" He shifted in place awkwardly and readjusted his trousers. "Diaper's a touch uncomfortable though. Ah **** it, I'm dying. Who cares." The Old One cleared his throat and snapped his fingers, and Steven felt the uncomfortable heft of his nappy be replaced by svelte, conventional undergarments. "The door ahead." The Old One said, as he placed an arm around Steven's to gently push him along. "I am sure you have a lot of questions, don't you? I will tell you everything you want to know once we are through, but first there are some people up ahead. Some friends perhaps? I think they have been waiting for you." The Old One rambled, as they walked towards the door, leaving behind Salraku and Kradoku. "Oh yeah? Well, that's the bloody best I could hope for!" Steven chortled as he squinted at the bright light. "And here I was thinking heaven would be some kind of philosophical meta bullshit..." "To be honest, it can be anything, Steven. Anything you want." The Old One remarked. "Now you should definitely go and see what Jason Woolard has been doing. Personally, if I had an opinion about it... so, wasteful..." And with that, the door slowly closed behind them. In this case literally, and figuratively. This was the end of the story for Steven Penrith, but in the grand scheme of things he was nothing special. He was neither an intellectual, or a politician. He never had nefarious plots, or a desire to engage in skulduggery. He never sought to harm if he could help it. He was just a strange little man who wanted to sell the galaxy microwaves at an affordable price, and never complicated things beyond that. Some would say he was an idiot, or a bloviating ‘bag of greed.’ He was a businessman, an entrepreneur, an industrialist, and a dreamer. But in the end, he was still only a human. And he was content with that. Imagine for a moment there is a very big game being played that nobody knows about. And among all the normal mortals--all the races present in the Milky Way and those close by--nobody knows about it. Except that Salraku happens to know. Well, know-ish. He predicted some things, and predicted them correctly. The little spiral coin was given to him for a favour he did the Guardian. It was meant to grant him a free wish from that same Guardian's powers. And what occurred is exactly what Salraku wished for, because of that same foresight. But fate isn't written. Liam Fulamius strode down the luxurious hotel hallway. As a member of HERMES, he was contractually barred from taking on private work without the consent of the Board or the HERMES administrator. However, he was a man of significant ambition, and when he smelled a big payday he grasped it with both hands and damned the risks. A Tassaran by birth, his family had been living in Corporate space since first contact. It was rumoured that his mother and father had been professional escorts when they met, and Liam had the handsome features of one who would excel in that same line of work. But good looks, a smooth voice, and a lovely smile were just as useful in business as they were in prostitution--some would argue the two fields were very similar. Millicent Suites was the premier hotel on the resort-world Aphrodite. Its grounds spanned kilometres in order to cater to the vast numbers of visitors, but this month was quiet, due to the planet's winter season having arrived. It was still sunny, but not really swimming or hiking weather. Finally arriving at his clients door, he straightened his tie, put on his best smile, and pressed a little blinking button on the door-frame. A tinny, automated voice rang out after a short beep. "PLEASE STATE YOUR NAME FOR THE OCCUPANT." "Ryan Seacrest," Liam announced with a smirk. "PLEASE WAIT." The voice went silent. After a few moments, a number of clicks emanated from the door, and it slid to the side. Liam sauntered forward into the suite. The place was tastefully decorated. He had expected something a bit more obscenely decadent when he first came here, but it was clear the designer had taste. Turning a corner into the main sitting room, his client sat with her legs crossed on a sofa. Blond, and in her late twenties, she was flicking through something slowly on a datapad and nursing a cigarette. The open bottle of wine and well-filled ashtray gave away her distress despite her cool appearance. "Hello Ryan." She spoke monotonously. "Have you more for me?" Liam, or "Ryan" in this case, tried his best to look sympathetic. "I'm afraid I do have more pictures, Mrs Penrith. Video, too. Your husband has been very, ah, busy, if you don't mind me saying." "Say what you like about him." Snapped Alaya, putting down her datapad. "All I care about is knowing how many women he's been sleeping with since we've been married. That way, I'll be able to tell him their names when I castrate the bastard in front of his ******* Board." Liam nodded quickly, and placed the evidence down on the coffee table. He tried not to look smug, but failed so dramatically that he was worried he'd laugh. Action Points: 4AP by default, 32AP from trade, 18AP from population, 33AP from sectors, 80AP from business, 78AP from industry, 2AP from worm eggs, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 6AP from cargo capacity, 8AP from itoron mines, 4AP from dialite, 41AP from Commonwealth of Redskap, 4AP from Slavic Republic, 2500AP from Saryn. Total = 2767 -Fleet Upkeep: 4AP -The Sayrn wanted guns, and Hephaestus was happy tom supply them. They were sad to learn that their Zyrka customers were no longer able to be served, but now the Saryn had wisely chosen Hephaestus production facilities! (-1818AP for 20,000,000 Saryn disruptor rifles) -With business still booming, the Corporation wisely drew up further plans for industrial expansion. It was actually the largest industrial expansion to date, but at this point no-one was really noticing that fact anymore. (-720AP towards industry) -Fleet expansion was prepared once more. 1 dreadnought, 1 battleship, 4 carriers, 3 support carriers, 2 experimental beholders, and 1 light cruiser. (-150AP) -Along with all the carriers, the newly-patented “Doris” droid fighters are put into production for the purposes of filling up all the carriers without risking precious Employee’s lives. (-33AP towards 3300 fighters) -The Commonwealth of Redskap order further military equipment from the bustling factories of Hades. -209,000 medium infantry equipment, -2100 tanks, -2100 APCs, -1050 Artillery pieces. (-32AP) -The Human Republic sends a disappointingly small order of a single colony ship. Though Hephaestus would prefer far more girthy sales, one could not shun even the tiniest of contracts. (-3AP towards colony ship, sent to the Human Republic upon completion) -The last of this year’s budget is put into an outreach program aimed towards the remaining Zyrka colonies west of corporate space. They are offered opportunities, investments, and protection within Hephaestus Enterprises as well as all the privileges and advantages afforded to subsidiaries, and access to the substantial industrial facilities Hephaestus was famed for! (-7AP)
  16. The Markev Maership Election From the office of the Lady Seneschal, 1699. As the Lady Seneschal of Markev, I am proud to announce the upcoming Maer elections. As four wonderful years have passed, we will be opening the position to new candidates. Runners will have two saint’s days to respond to this call, and Bjolfr Nord, our current Maer, is welcome to run a second time, as he’s served us well these past years. A debate will be announced and held at the soonest time possible, and following the debate, we will allow the populace to vote on their favoured runner. The voters must be citizens of Markev, and may only vote once each. Signed, Lady Viktoria vas Ruthern, Lady Seneschal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
  17. Jentos

    A Madman's Song

    This was all, nothing less than a trial. Baneful chants. A choir of or horrors, nothing unlike burning children screaming in some broken flexio. And so, in the undying stairwell of Wieslaw’s mind, a star shattered. The man howled, the man screamed. The inbred bastard ran. On all fours he wailed and cursed, falling down, collapsing many times before regaining his footing. Only to fall again. Like some wounded, dying dog. Not a coin he owned. His clothes, his sword, were not his own. Why, he owned nothing, nothing at all. Yet that sullen, bewitched, soiled head of his was filled with gaping monstrosities, words and concepts of the likes none sane should keep. His flesh, his frame, was of little use to him now. What he needed was courage, what he needed was a truth that could not be found. A book that does not exist. And any man seeking such a thing, should they not be mad? That is a thing I cannot judge. But the state of this individual was quite logical, seeing where now he held his poor frame; amidst the stars. Murmurs had carried him, bleeding, broken. The Heavens had taken his offer. So there he layed, in some place that by any foreign means, cannot be described. A dead place. Grey, some desolate, silent place. A blasphemous place, some hell. Betwixt was flesh and matter, melded into some horrid landscape. And no, I lied. For while the heart, the very spirit of the place was silent, it was only screams that echoed back and forth. A choir of beastly, abhorrent faces, crying out to some heinously ghastly eldritch God. Their words haunting and revolting, some never-ending chant, a cry, a plea for clemency. They howled in abominable verses for the waking of some eerie entity with no end. What Wieslaw Barrow, child of the Crow, had found. Was a God’s grave. And now his voice was but one to that of the others. He had seen death, he had seen a sea of corpses fleeing a single bird of ash. But this was nothing alike any he had ever witnessed, wretched and foul, broken remainders of some lost hope, yet holy as ever, some terrifying relic to some archaic blessing of yore that was now but a great looming barrow of torturous figures and abominations, hailing forth the coming centuries of pain, years that would never die, presenting but an eternal time of scarring thoughts linked to the hopelessness of the calamitous situation. But Wielsaw knew, Wieslaw understood. What thing this was had died of thirst. And Gods thirst for the blood of men. Ave Stella.
  18. Yesterday
  19. The Imperial Parliament of the Empire of Man ✠ GREAT COUNCIL OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN OF EXALTED GODFREY Consilium Magnum de Imperiale Corona elevati Godefridus The Third Legislative Term The Imperial Parliament, an institution established roughly a decade ago, has been widely successful in facilitating debate between legislators across the Empire, may they be noble Lords, members of the Church, Privy Councillors, or elected representatives. Although the legislature has proven to be an invaluable component of Imperial government, reforms were desperately required in order to boost efficiency within the realm of bureaucratic red tape. As such, after the passage of P.B. 017, the Imperial Parliament has installed “committees” to revise legislation in their early stages, in order to minimize the amount of debate necessary on the floor. For this reason, we wish to offer the constituents of the Empire a list of their legislators, along with general information, and what committees they shall serve on as we enter this new legislative term. COMMITTEES At the beginning of each legislative term – every five years – the Lord Speaker shall appoint every legislator to his or her committees. Each legislator may serve on a maximum of three committees, with the exception of the Lord Speaker himself, who may sit on four. Legislators are assigned to their committees based on which areas of policy reforms they retain the most knowledge, experience, or skills. When legislation is proposed, it shall be reviewed by one or more of said committees, and must pass by a majority in said committee, before moving on to the floor for a general vote, at which point, it will then be ratified into law. Each committee shall also appoint a chairman, who serves for the duration of the legislative term, and is responsible for organizing committee votes. The committees are as follows; Judiciary Committee The Judiciary Committee has been established as the very first committee in Parliamentary history. Their duty is to review changes to criminal law, reformations to the courts system, and to take a major role in Parliamentary investigative inquiries. Any alterations to The Ten Tables shall be processed through the Judiciary Committee. National Security Committee The National Security Committee deals with matters of the armed services, on both domestic law enforcement and national warfare. They are responsible for reviewing legislation relating to war, guard work, and the general safety of the Imperial constituency. Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee The Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee serves to review primarily economic legislation. Any bills relating to national tax changes, budget appropriations, commerce, or any other purely economic proposals shall be brought to them. Infrastructure Committee The Infrastructure Committee reviews all legislation relating to public works, urbanization, housing, and transportation. Bills involving railroad services, public roads, city expansion, or other utilities to be used by the public will be presented to them. Religious Affairs Committee The Religious Affairs Committee will review and legislation in relation to the regulation or embracement of spiritual or theocratic conduct. Any bills which would have an impact on the practice of religion will be brought to the Religious Affairs Committee. Administration & Rules Committee The Administration & Rules Committee reviews all legislation relating to inter-governmental structure, ethical violations, Parliamentary rules, and the organization of the state. Foreign Relations Committee The Foreign Relations Committee is tasked with diplomatic affairs. Legislation pertaining to the conduct between the Empire of Man, other nations, and third party organizations are delegated to this committee. Civil Liberties Committee The Civil Liberties Committee votes on legislation pertaining to the rights or privileges of the individual citizen, private organizations, or other non-governmental groups. LEGISLATORS The following is a list of legislators serving in the third parliamentary term; Theodoric of Markev Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal Speaker of Parliament First Term (INDEPENDENT) Judiciary Committee Infrastructure Committee Religious Affairs Committee Administration & Rules Committee Elizaveta Rosette Bihar Barbanov-Ruthern Queen of Haense Chairwoman of the Civil Liberties Committee First Term (COMMON CIVIC PARTY) Judiciary Committee Civil Liberties Committee Edward Morris Arch-Chancellor Chairman of the Administration & Rules Committee Second Term (INDEPENDENT) Religious Affairs Committee Administration & Rules Committee Civil Liberties Committee Charles Talraen de Rennes Minister of Foreign Affairs Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Second Term (INDEPENDENT) Foreign Relations Committee Judiciary Committee Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Fabius Bracchus Prefect of Markev Chairman of the Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Second Term (COMMON CIVIC PARTY) Judiciary Committee Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Civil Liberties Committee Rudolph Wagner Archbishop of Jorenus Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee Second Term (INDEPENDENT) Religious Affairs Committee Marius Karl Baruch Count of Ayr Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Second Term (COMMON CIVIC PARTY) Judiciary Committee Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Ser Seth Renault Grand Marshal Chairman of the National Security Committee Second Term (INDEPENDENT) National Security Committee Civil Liberties Committee Ingrid Kastrovat Marquess of Styria Chairwoman of the Infrastructure Committee Third Term (INDEPENDENT) Infrastructure Committee Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Aldonza Castelo de Castillo Lady of Stettin Second Term (INDEPENDENT) Civil Liberties Committee Foreign Relations Committee Edward Suffolk Count of Pembrokeshire Third Term (LOYALIST PARTY) Judiciary Committee Foreign Relations Committee Administration & Rules Committee Abdullah Kharadeen Caliph of Kadarsi Third Term (LOYALIST PARTY) Religious Affairs Committee Foreign Relations Committee Alastrine Vientos Baroness of Mehran Second Term (COMMON CIVIC PARTY) Judiciary Committee National Security Committee Raska Ragnarson Baron of Alsace First Term (LOYALIST PARTY) National Security Committee Administration & Rules Committee James III Antonius Windsor de Castillo Prefect of Carolustadt First Term (AURELIAN PARTY) Foreign Relations Committee Judiciary Committee Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Klaus Heldenburg Castellan Engineer Third Term (INDEPENDENT) National Security Committee Infrastructure Committee Henrik Otto Ludovar Baron of Lizat First Term (INDEPENDENT) Infrastructure Committee Religious Affairs Committee Taxation, Finance, & Budgeting Committee Rivaini Othan-Semaili Rutledge Prefect of Belvitz First Term (INDEPENDENT) Foreign Relations Committee National Security Committee Vahyru Daluon Deputy Speaker of Parliament Non-Voting Member First Term (INDEPENDENT) Rhys Vladrick var Ruthern Imperial Election Commissioner Non-Voting Member First Term (INDEPENDENT) The third legislative term shall span from 1698 – 1703. For any further inquiries, please contact the Parliamentary relations office. ((Cash4Gold#1763))
  20. rukio

    Human Subforums

    If you can’t acknowledge that Rosenyr needs it’s own subforum considering it’s not under the Empire of Man then your argument is invalid overall, considering elves have 5 or 6 nations with subforums. Haense is under the Empire of Man but it isn’t a duchy. It’s led by a an acknowledged king. Rosenyr’s activity I can’t speak on, as I refuse to involve myself with that group of players. Haense however, is overall active but like most settlements there are going to be fewer people on with how close we are to the map change, it not being summer anymore etc. I’m glad you think 12 subforums is better than 25 though, even if the amount of subforums shouldn’t be the sole defining feature of what stays and goes. Human rp has changed since you left, welcome back though.
  21. PapiZapii

    Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies

    Vesna Carrion sighs, shaking her head “It should be illegal..” Grunted Vesna.
  22. NotEvilAtAll

    AMA 3.0 Video and Development from a Old Fart

    What’s your favorite build?
  23. Viltaren

    The Sutican Watch

    The Sutican Watch Stalwart protectors of the Federation of Sutica, the members of the Watch serve as the law enforcers and soldiers of the realm. They are foremost loyal to the sitting Trade Monarch of Sutica. In the city and surrounding lands the members of the Watch keep the peace, mediate disputes, fend off predators in the fields, and stop criminals in their tracks. The laws which they are beholden to enforce are bound within the Codex of Sutica, the book of laws within the great realm of Sutica. Their roles and responsibilities are outlined both in this handbook and within the Writ of Governance. There are no exceptions, modifications or other interpretations of the responsibilities of the Sutican Watch other than the written will of the Trade Monarch found in those documents. During times of conflict the Sutican Watch is called to serve as the military force of Sutica, defending the walls and citizens of our beloved city-state with their lives. Table of Contents 1. Mission of the Watch 2. Chain of Command 3. Ranks of the Watch 4. Special Positions and Noncombatants 5. Honors & Medals 6. Administrative Policies Duties Law Exemptions Disciplinary Action Discharge Recruitment Wages Local Security and Supplementary Forces 7. Uniform and Handbook 8. Wages 1. Mission of the Watch “We stand watch and protect the Sacred Monarch of the realm, the rights of the people and its plentiful land” Oath of the Watch “I [Insert name] do solemnly swear without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, To pledge my undying loyalty to the Service of Sutican Watch, to the Trade Monarch of Sutica for which guides this land, And to the citizens and subjects under the Monarch I pledge my efforts to the defense of the institutions of the Federation I pledge my body as a tool for the Federation, a shield to the innocent, and a sword to the unjust I shall uphold to the principles of the creed, and maintain the dignity of the Watch I shall obey the orders of those placed above me, and I shall never falter from this oath On my soul, honor [and on… insert deity here if applicable] this I swear. Sutica Eternal!” Code of the Watch “To be poised and ready to serve with faith and in oath. To guarantee the safety of those we are sworn to protect. To maintain fortitude of the mind and the spirit. To protect and uphold the Law against those who seek to assail it’s writ. To defend against oppression and deception. To guard the peaceful against disorder and chaos.” 2. Chain of Command The Chain of Command begins with the Trade Monarch of Sutica down to Captains then to the Sergeants of the Watch where command stops. Constables and Gate Authority exert no command on those of any rank or stature. 3. Ranks of the Watch Gate Authority Not officially a member of the Sutican Watch, the Gate Authority are certain citizens held in high regard by both the Trade Monarch of Sutica and the Captains of the Watch. These individuals have been granted special permission to access the Sutican Gatehouse. This is to insure the daily flow of traffic is not interrupted through the gates. These members bear no further responsibilities besides maintaining the gates. Constable The first rank of the Sutican Watch, the Constables are the largest body of the organization, handling the day-to-day grunt work and general patrolling of the city and its surrounding lands. When situations arise these men and women are expected to be the first to react, keeping a calm demeanor and establishing a sense of control over any erupting chaos. Sergeant The second rank of the Sutican Watch and the first level of what would be considered to be an officer. Sergeants are senior members of the Watch who have proven their worth and competence in leadership and decision making. During situations the Sergeant has the authority to issue orders to the Constables present unless overruled by one of higher rank. Captain The third and final rank of the Sutican Watch, these few individuals are the senior officers and overseers of the functions of the organization. In the absences of the Trade Monarch, this position has final authority over all actions of the Watch. 4. Special Positions and Noncombatants Prison Guards Prison Guards are members of the Sutican Watch who handle those charged with crimes, maintaining that they are treated to a decent standard. Watch members of this position hold the sole duty of being selected for handling the treatment of detained criminals. Members of this position must be ready to use violence if necessary to protect against escape attempts, or at least be willing to use self defense. Quartermaster The Quartermaster handles the logistics of the Sutican Watch. It is their duty to insure each member receives their proper pay, and that each member is equipped to the highest standards. The member who holds this position will be granted an office within the barracks to work from. This member will be responsible for the inventory of the guard as well as granting and evicting barrack rooms. The Quartermaster may choose to be a noncombatant if they wish so. Chaplain Sutica is a secular nation, but that does not mean our nation does not understand our Watch members spiritual needs. It is the primary duty of the Watch Chaplain to aid the members of the Watch in attaining that need. A Watch Chaplain must be well versed in multiple religious customs in order to provide for that large variety of religions within the guard itself. The Role of Chaplain is a Non-combatant Role and has no further duties associated with it. Field Medic More than other jobs, members of the Sutican Watch are likely to become injured from time to time, and require assistants out in the city away from the clinic. The Field Medic is a position responsible for maintaining the health of our guards. Like the Quartermaster is to equipment, the Field Medic is to the bodies of the Watch. In times where the Watch does not need medical aid, it is up to the Field Medic to apply their knowledge to citizens in need. 5. Honors & Medals Listed in order of precedence -- Additional Medals may be listed in the Handbook Anchor of Valour The Anchor of Valour is the Federations highest honor, awarded by the ruling Trade Monarch themselves. The Anchor of Valor is given to those that demonstrate acts of valor far beyond the call of duty. To receive the award is quite difficult and requires having your efforts recognised by the Trade Monarch themselves. Archrims Legacy - A Royal Eternal Named after Captain Archrim this medal is a level above the medal of sacrifice in that it is only ever bestowed upon those those that have given their all and placed everything on the line in the defence of Sutica. By risking it all, they have demonstrated their dedication to the Oath, and will be forever remembered for their contributions to the Nation. Every member which has been bestowed this medal shall also be granted the rank of Royal Eternal as a lasting mark of their dedication. Medal of Sacrifice This medal is given to those who have sacrificed permanent loss of ability in protecting and serving the federation. It is given with the blessing of the Trade Monarch to show their unending support of those who have sacrificed to see the Federation continue to grow and prosper. This is given to those that were willing to sacrifice something, for the federation to gain something else. Medal of Civic Honor This medal is granted to citizens of the nation who have shown tremendous effort towards the security of the Sutican way of life. It is the highest Non-Watch medal, being granted directly by the Trade Monarch themself. It is to serve as a reminder of the binding nature of Sutican citizenship and those who have risked it all for the greater good fo the community as a whole. Ribbon of Heroism Given to a individual who has against all odds demonstrated boundless courage and has performed above and beyond in service to his fellow Watch members and in doing so saved the life or lives of his companions. As well as those that achieve results far beyond typical expectations in the service of the federation. Ribbon of Loyalty This military honor is given to those individuals that stood and continue to stand firm in their duty to the Trade Monarch. This is usually awarded by the Captains of the Watch. It is awarded to those that have devoted their life to the watch and to the sacred Trade Monarch of the Federation. Campaign Medals Campaign Medals are granted to members of the Sutican Watch who endured during major conflicts or during expeditions. These medals are to serve as a reminder of the actions they took part of and as an outward display to remember those who may not have returned. To receive this class of medal it is only necessary for the member to have taken part in a campaign deemed fit by a Captain of the Watch with permission of the Trade Monarch to receive a medal. Medal of Eternal Memory This Medal is given to the families of those that lost their loved ones in their duty to the Trade Monarch and the federation. At the end of every second year a remembrance ceremony is held to commemorate the ones who lost their lives during the years and to remember the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the years long gone, the medal given to the families of the fallen at this time. 6. Administrative Policies Duties Law Enforcement -- The primary duty of the Watch is to maintain a strict following of the Sutican Codex of laws. The Watch has responsibility for charging crimes and handing out punishment. Every law must be obeyed by everyone no matter what, from the lowest pleb to the highest standing noble no one is above the law as set out by the Trade Monarch and their government. It is the first and foremost goal of The Sutican Watch is to maintain and understand the laws of Sutica. For no matter how much we train our physical bodies, if we do not understand our laws it makes us no different from the wild bandit who roams the highways at night. Therefore it is not an excuse for a guard not to understand the laws of the nation. Royal Protection -- Perhaps the most sacred duty of the Sutican watchman is the defence of the Trade Monarch of Sutica. All Watch members must swear an oath of fealty to the sovereign and be prepared to lay down one's life to protect them. For the Trade Monarch is the primary institution from which all other derive, and without it Sutica would not exist as it does today. Sutican Defence -- The diplomatic stance of the Federation is Neutrality. However as all know even neutral nations may find themselves under attack. It is therefore imperative that Sutica, lacking a proper standing army, have a guard forced trained in the manner of defense and combat in general. All equipment for the Watch is provided by the nation ensuring the members are equipped with the best weapons. This alongside rigorous training ensure the battle readiness of the Watch to bring sword and shield into the fray in defence of Sutica if the need ever arise. No one in Sutica wants to fight, but if a fight shall come, we will be a nation prepared. City Watch -- City watch is one of the main duties of the Sutican Watch, watching to city proper and seeking out and putting a stop to any criminal behaviour. The simple presence of a member of the Watch walking the streets or standing in a tavern on watch has proven to lower the chance of criminal activity significantly. At times the simple presence and show of force the Watch exerts by being around is enough to quell much of the unrest known to infect the city. However, if deterrence alone is not enough, and creatures of the night take to flight through our city, it is the duty of the men and women of the Watch to pursue until the criminal is caught. Gate Management -- The city gates are one of the first line of defence, it allows the Watch to check the identities of any visitors. This short screening process is crucial to the protection of Sutica as it enables a method of weeding out the unwanted miscreants from entering the city. Such as those whom have been banished from the federation of Sutica. The Gate house should always be manned by at least one or ideally two Watch members at a time, one works the gates and takes down notes on those entering the city to be included in reports filed at the end of a Watch’s shift. The other conducts interviews and inspections searching for suspicious and shady persons. Patrols -- Patrols are exterior excursions outside of the city walls by groups of Watch members to survey the full extent of Sutican land. A common misconception is that Sutica is the City itself, but Sutican law extends far beyond the walls, and this land must be protected and kept free from bandits. Watchmen must uphold the and protect citizens along the road outside of Sutica. This will help ensure the safety felt by all the merchants that flock to Sutica and its policy of free trade. Expeditions -- Expeditions are military and diplomatic excursions beyond the lands of Sutica. They are called up when a great emergency exists throughout the world in which it becomes necessary for Sutica to respond. The most commonly known example of Sutican Expeditions is the multitude of expeditions taken on by the Lord Protector to combat the threat of the Dark Druid in the war for Ceru. Public Relations -- The Watch are the face of the Federation of Sutica. Watch members are the first impression that any visitor has of Sutica, and therefore it is the duty of the Watch to uphold an air of decorum and civility which reflects upon Sutica. Watch members are members of the community as much as any citizen, it is therefore recommended that Watch members take part in daily community life. However, watch members must also maintain a level of authority when it is necessary to be firm. Remember that Every individual Watch members represents the federation of Sutica and we should carry ourselves as such and act accordingly. Reports -- Reporting on major events and incidents is a crucial part of a Watch members’ job, this allows fellow Watch members to be aware of the happenings of Sutica during their own off hours. Ideally every Watch member should read the reports of their colleagues thus allowing each shift to be made aware of any major incidents involving suspicious people. This ensure that every Watch member is on the same page and allows us to be more vigilant in regards to repeat offenders, being able to catch them in the act or even before they have the chance to cause trouble. Reporting also allows Superiors and members of the government to keep a tracked record of the success and failures of both the Law and the Law enforcement allowing any changes or adjustments to be made to counter any critical issues. In this same regard Reports allow a way of the Watch expressing their own opinions and ideas for change to higher ups via their reports, suggestions from the point of view of those of us that walk the streets upholding the law and protecting Sutica and all the struggles we encounter in doing so. Training and Maintenance -- All members of the Watch are responsible for the maintenance and maintaining of all gear granted to them. A rusty and dull sword will not pierce and a rotted out shield will not stop an arrow from piercing it. Therefore making sure your equipment is always at a peak state is an important responsibility of the Watch. Much like your other equipment your body is to be a sword and shield to the Federation, and as such must always be maintained just like your actual sword and shield. They must ensure that they do not suffer from any crippling injuries that may hinder their fighting capabilities, if any arise the Watch member should seek immediate medical aid. Weapons training and sparring is a necessity to maintain oneself as an able bodied fighter ready to draw steel in defence of the Federation. One cannot train alone however, and therefore the Watch shall have joint training sessions to both practice our tactics and to earn trust and faith in our fellow Watch members. Wages Full Details on current Wages are found in the Sutican Watch Handbook Base Pay -- Each member of the Sutican Watch will receive a flat rate of pay for merely serving in the ranks of the Watch subject to adjustment by the Trade Monarch of Sutica, Quartermaster, and Captains of the Guard. Service Pay -- In addition to the Base Pay of the Sutican Watch, Members shall receive additional bonus pay for reported hours working. (Such as working the Gate or other additional tasks.) Incident Pay -- For taking part in actively apprehending and charging suspects, additional stipends will be granted directly correlating to the extent of the crime. Drilling and Combat Pay -- Additional lump sum amounts may be paid based upon serving in Expeditions and for taking part in training. These amounts are regulated by the officer directly in control of the operations. Recruitment Recruit of the Watch falls to the duties of the Sergeants, overseen by the Captains and the Trade Monarch of Sutica. The recruitment process is rather simple as it is only once recruited that a Watch member is truly tested in their ability to serve as such the only requirements are a individual is of fit and fighting shape and can follow orders. From there most of the needed skills and knowledge require to dutifully carry out one's role as a Watch member can be taught through experience and instruction. There are three methods of recruitment currently, the first is by approaching a watch officer of which can be identified by their distinct uniform when compared to the regular rank and file. After a short interview process and perhaps a trial of combat to prove one's ability to fight the officer can decide to give the potential recruit a position in the Watch. The second method of recruitment is done via a recruitment notices posted throughout the world of atlas, potential recruits can post an application via courier or bird to the Watch barracks in Sutica where there application will be reviewed by a officer, upon the completion of the review the applicant will either be invited to come to sutica for a in person inspection and interview or they will be denied if deemed unfit and receive a letter informing them of such. The final method of recruitment occurs when a Captain of the Watch or the Trade Monarch themselves note the aptitude and abilities of a citizen and personally invite them t0 the Watch force. This method of recruitment will usually provides the fastest entry into the force as it does not require an interview or a trial of combat. Disciplinary Action In the unthinkable case that a member of the Sutican Watch exploits the trust which was placed in them. The leadership of the Watch is granted the ability to punish the individual as deemed fit. Disciplinary actions are necessary to ensure the rigid standards of the Watch. As a member of the Watch you are held to higher standards than the Citizenry and therefore shall be punished to a higher level for similar crimes against the Federation. It is also the duty of all Watch members to report any such dishonors to their higher ups, or they shall be punished for the same acts. For minor offenses such as minor uniform violations and other minor conduct violations the punishment might include barring of pay, requiring the offender to do additional exercises, public humiliation, or other minor and temporary punishments. For major offenses such as disobeying orders, undermining Sutican defences, aiding criminals, and other major conduct violations more lasting disciplinary actions will be used. These include but are not limited to flogging, reduction in rank, discharge, branding, and execution. However, all major disciplinary measures must be signed off by a Captain of the Watch or the Trade Monarch. Any member found guilty of a major offense can request an audit by the Trade Monarch. All disciplinary actions are subject for audit by the Trade Monarch. If the punishment is found to be grossly unfit, the original arbitrator of the punishment shall be forced to be dealt the same punishment three times over. Any officer found under audit for a punishment can request to be tried in a public court. Discharge Discharge from the Watch can occur in one of two ways, voluntary retirement or forceful ejection. When a Watch member retires from the force they give up all the responsibilities and privileges of that they once had however in some cases a reward or entitlement for long and dedicated service may or may not be bestowed upon a retiring veteran of the Watch this is rare and occurs only at the discretion of the Captains of the Watch and his/her superiors. A forceful Discharge is akin to a dishonourable one but not always the same, however in effect both have the same outcome as the Watch member in question is ejected from the Watch, stripped of their uniform and all privileges that went along with the uniform. Forceful discharge can happen due to a range of reasons the most common of which is failure to follow orders of superior officers. A more unique situation is that if it is decided that a Watch member is simply unfit for the rigours and responsibilities of serving and protecting the people and federation of sutica it may be decided that they are to be ejected from the Watch for their own good or the betterment of the Watch itself. Local Security and Supplementary Forces In certain situations the Trade Monarch of Sutica may authorize additional public security for certain aspect of Law Enforcement in the Federation of Sutica. These forces while in the Federation of Sutica these forces are under the service of the Sutican Watch. All members of forces must uphold the standard of the Watch in order to continue service inside of Sutica. Local Security forces are internal public safety agencies tasked with law enforcement in certain sections of the Federation of Sutica. These forces are entirely internal and may not act outside of their local area unless levied by Watch officers for the defense of the Federation or for an expedition. Supplementary forces are forces hired or given permission by the Trade Princess to exist within Sutica and have been given explicit authorization for handling law enforcement. While in Sutica all operations by Supplementary forces are overseen by the Sutican Watch. Supplementary forces do not represent Sutica in any official capacity, and the forces may not act outside of Sutican borders. 7. Uniform and Handbook Standard of the Uniform The uniform of the Watch is granted great protection and status among all walks of the world. It is a sign of self-sacrifice for the realm of Sutica; a symbol of strength and honor among a world full of bandits and degenerates; a shield to the all innocence and to the freedom of liveliness to all. To wear it is a great honor, and to shame one’s self is to shame both the Uniform and the Federation. To disgrace the Uniform is not only an insult to your people; it is a violation of the the trust and faith put into you as part of the Watch and a horrendous case of misconduct. Modifications to the Uniform But onto more practical matters: the uniform of the Sutican Watch will not be edited in any way that is disgraceful or of ill-taste, but personalization is otherwise welcomed. Adorning an armband, sporting basic decal painting on the shoulders, and one other single personalized touch to the uniform is encouraged. A gross infringement upon the uniformity of the Uniform shall lead to disciplinary measures to be taken against the offender. Alternative Uniforms In addition to the normal Guard Attire several alternative uniforms have been created to allow for a fluidity of our members. As we understand a large section of our city is made of voidal mages we do offer robes to accommodate for being unable to wear heavy armour. Also understanding that our Watch members do not alway wish to be in uniform we also offer Armbands which can be placed over their sleeves in order to uphold the authority if the situation arises while they are off duty. Handbook Members of the Sutican Watch will also receive the handbook of the Watch which details the full code of conduct for members of the Watch. It contains sections for reporting as well. Other sections include guidelines for the operation of weaponry and other operations in the field. This book serves as a legal document for operation unless it conflict with the Writ of Governance, The Codex of Sutica, or any other official act of the Trade Monarch or government.
  24. Ragnar the Viking

    1912; The Great War

    Bonaparte France Civil Affairs Women are introduced into factories to increase productivity, they will work to supply the troops A speech about how history’s greatest retreat feint explains the front’s situation Military Affairs Extensive anti tank program has begun Specialized AT troops are now being equipped with bundled high explosive grenades, which should effectively disable or destroy enemy armor A variant of the lebel rifle is also developed firing a high caliber bullet with an attached bipod for recoil compensation. A makeshift AA gun is developed, sticks 4 chauchat LMGs together ACTIONS Woman introduced into the general labour force AT rifles Napoleon /suicides, minister of propaganda Jean Aleund takes over
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