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  3. Discord: DarkElfs#1259 Skin Name – Bid: Houzi Hanboks 1k
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  5. Kingdom of Orteau KEEP TENIERT, ORTEAU SYSTEM, ORTEAU Blain stood quietly in an alcove as his prince was married. Music thrummed through the air, a cacophony of grandiose notes which filled the Teniert ballroom and made the glass shake in the great vaulted ceiling. As duties to his masters went, this wasn’t the worst. As the most senior of their security he’d get the blame if anything went wrong, but it would take some nerve to try something here, in the very seat of Teniert power, surrounded by nobles and officers from a dozen systems. No, all Blain would have to do tonight would be to watch. And watch he did. He watched the beautiful new princess, Lady Annabella Dryden, as she walked to her fiancee escorted by her brother. He watched the younger Lord Teniert, Alain, already two cups deep and cracking jokes to an even drunker naval captain and his pretty date. He watched the world-lords of Orteau, stoically arrayed in a line behind the prince. Why hadn’t Lord Ashweather come? It was none of Blain’s business. He watched. He watched the musicians, watched the priests, watched the servants and the guests. He watched the youngest Teniert, Anna. That was all he ever did now. He hadn’t spoken to her in years, but he knew her better than most. With his augmentations he could see her face, but it was unreadable. What was she feeling? Had her thoughts of him changed? The last time they’d been together, she’d stopped hoping that she would get a day like this. But Anna was never one to let her own sadness get in the way of others happiness. Nobody would know how she felt, not unless they asked. Blain suspected nobody did anymore. With a snort, he turned away. On Orteau, one remembered one’s place or ended up in the gutter. He knew his. He was a tool, a knife fashioned to kill, and he had been fashioned well. The sooner he fully accepted that, the easier his life would be. So Blain stood quietly, and watched. It wasn’t as if he could do anything else. Actions 195,800 Credits in Treasury [800 Credits to Rob] [41,200 Credits to Hell] - rent and construction of freighters [35,000 Credits to Tank] - construction of 7 freighters [3 NP, 3 M, 7500 C] - Construction of 3 freighters [2 B, 20,000 C] - Construction of two shipyards around Locronan. (21H) [4 B, 20,000 C] - The craftsmen of Orteau expand their business, creating more jewelry and fine clockwork on the capital. (4 luxury industry on Orteau, 25H) [70,000 C] - Adrien Teniert, house heir and acting ruler of Orteau, finally enters into matrimony. In an exceedingly-public wedding, Adrien marries Annabella Dryden in the center of Teniert power. Every noble family of consequence within Orteau and most from the surrounding provinces are invited, and the Teniert brothers go to special effort to ensure proper accommodations and high-class companionship for Admiral Rewi and his staff. The wedding itself takes place on the top floor of Keep Teniert, the vast skyscraper home of Orteau’s rulers. Naturally no expense is spared, and the ceremony is both preceded and followed by a massive reception spanning from garden balconies to a cavernous dining room, where guests are served intricately-prepared meals of pastry, meat and fruit, liberally interspersed with full chalices of wine. In the lower levels, the traditional beggar’s feast is possibly more extravagant, for here the Tenierts serve the exact same fare the nobles enjoy to a horde of commoners. For a brief time a procession of noblewomen visits these levels to dance with the peasants, but they of course leave before the gathering descends into complete drunkenness. At the end of the evening, each guest is permitted to leave with a single bottle of their choice plucked directly from the massive Teniert wine cellar. Each guest, that is, except for one... [1,300 Credits to Treasury] Shipments 4 Freighters carry 4 units of food from Rob’s nation to Orteau. :ragie:
  6. Alluin Miravaris listened to the news of the pact and people's comments alike, to find himself in the end agreeing with Saeldur. This pact was necessary for the safety of the mali'thill and their legacy, and reverence was acceptable for this pact and protection. However, the 'thill should be aware to keep their integrity intact – these were draconids, after all, and could never be considered pure.
  7. I nominate the following for the master of the honorable company of scriveners Name of the Company Member and of its Owner: The Helena Harold, Victor C. Halcourt Full Name of the Livery Candidate:Victor C. Halcourt Age of the Livery Candidate:31 Street Address of the Livery Candidate:1 Helena Bazaar -Tirilan Sentinel Sheriff General of Oren Sentinel Legal Resources and Representation
  8. I think there should be an illatian roleplayer too, no?
  9. "Absolute non-sense," A herald of Azdromoth remarks in his typical accented drawl. "I bet they think Larihei was evil and corrupt as well when leading the mali'thill through Nether gateways to span the gap between Aos and Eos." He sends the missive into his fire place. "Why are they even sticking this to a Kharajyr's door?" He sighs, before returning to his hookah to smoke some fat cactus green.
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  11. Isottae Harkness waited out in front of the door an Elven hour before the shop would even open, talking with the other in line with her, as they’d bide their time before they could get into the shop.
  12. I will say that this is a very inaccurate assumption. Johann began writing this after I handed him my incomplete rewrite for a Voidal Magic CA, which had been in the works for the past several months (although at a snail’s pace) whilst Phil was still playing on the server. This has nothing to do with the original writer, but rather the author of this rewrite’s ambitions.
  13. Wilhelmina Helvets felt the crescendo of this momentous honour deep within her humors, electing immediately to draft a letter to her prized scribe, detailing her immense gratitude.
  14. Alaric Stafyr took his wife into his arms after two years apart. As they embraced, all the memories of their life together came rushing back to him, causing tears to form in his eyes. “I missed you.”
  15. “By decree of the enshadowed, thou shall not be granted passage.” Far to the darklit reaches and hyperborean depths of a cold land abandoned by sunlight, impending evil awaited birth by sacrilege at the hand of an occult tribe abound old woods, accosted by defiant devil-flames cultivating even within the taigan frost. Nearer to the provenance of this sabbath, inaudible chantry could be heard below the earth, where hideous shrieks made clear by shifts in the wind deposed one clear phrase; The second child will soon be born.
  16. When the bandages came off after the accident, Yuliya spent hours looking at her mutilated face in the mirror. A vanity leaned against the wall across from her bed. Propped up on her pillows, Yuliya could see her reflection. Is this my face? she thought, gazing at the scarred, cycloptic thing framed in the glass. It can’t be. It can’t be. Her father used to pet her curls and tell he what a pretty child she was – how she’d break every heart in the village when she came of age. Family friends cooed over her crow-black ringlets and lush green eyes. Her smooth, milky-pale skin. The thing in the mirror didn’t look like her at all. It was as though someone had taken a drawing of her and wadded it up, scribbled all over it with red. Her skin was creased with licks of fire. Blisters clustered like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Her lips were drawn in and dried like the teeth of a death’s head. Yuliya would fall asleep and be haunted by nightmares of her own face. As the years passed, the shock of her ugliness began to wear off. Yet it was replaced with a growing, empty ache inside of her chest. Yuliya saw other girls of the village courting, falling in love, marrying, having children. She held onto hope at first, wondering if there might be some enlightened man who saw past her outward looks and into her soul. (Your soul, Yuya, her uncle, the priest, said. He called her ‘Yuya’ affectionately – for as a toddler, she’d had not the capacity to pronounce her full name. Just the first and last syllable. That is where true beauty lies. In your soul.) But over time, Yuliya forced herself to reckon with the facts. Men’s eyes possessed the power to view the body and the face, not the soul. No man wanted to look at her long enough to know her soul. Cold comfort, to know that one had a beautiful soul trapped within a mutilated body. Love – the kind of love between man and wife – was not something she would be privileged to know. A man did take her hand eventually. Not because he saw past her scars into the shining creative mind underneath. No, she would never enjoy something so romantic. He married her because of the small fortune left by her father – a fortune he quickly whittled away on booze and prostitutes while Yuliya lay crying from pain, alone, at night. ~ When Lady Helvets asked Yuliya to write an epithalamium for her wedding, Yuliya almost interpreted it as an insult. She took up the charge anyway, not wishing to deny the wish of her patroness. It was thanks to Lady Helvets’ good graces that Yuliya wasn’t rotting on the street. But no matter how she scrawled on the page, nothing came out right. Every verse about love and beauty was tinged with a tangible bitterness. An unspoken anger at having been denied what came naturally to every other woman. Perhaps that’s why my every play is a tragedy of wrecked love, Yuliya thought. That seemed as true a reason as any. Eventually, she managed to scribble out something. A set of moralistic verses. Preachy, perhaps. Trite. But they would do. What else could one expect, when one asked the tragedian to write a wedding verse? OOC: Added FIVE SONNETS ON THE SUBJECT OF MARRIAGE: Lessons from an Old Wife to a Young Bride
  17. [!] The Journey [!] [!] A ship depicting the journey to Aedro The first part of an overarching story! It was the day after Ser Jacques “le fondateur” Sauvageot had been slaughtered by the Empire. His wife Belle and three sons, Jean, Lumiere, and Valentin and daughter Marie, along with Jacques sister, the grand chevalier, Dame Noemie “la honnête” Sauvageot, prepared themselves for the long journey ahead of themselves, to make the trip back to Aedro from where they came from. After saying goodbye, the family, fortunately with more food and jewels from the new land, would be going back to the once plagued land of Aedro. The people had once left the land because of the plague that spread upon it. Now after time, it would be gone and the family could reforge and claim the land for themselves because of the downfall of the Rosier family. The sea was calm, the waves not much as it took two months to reach their lands. Upon arriving at Aedro, the Sauvageot family found themselves in the old city of Matia, completely ruined by the plague and war that had gone down upon the land. Upon trailing around the island they found themselves upon the bustling capital of Rosenyr, the once crowned jewel to the Rosier family now seen fully capable of running themselves the people leading instead of a crowned prince. Upon docking the ships the people quickly rushed to find that instead of a Rosnian prince arriving it was the honorable chevalier family. Upon explaining what had happened in the descendants’ land, the people did not know what to expect. The family in ruins, the last of the Rosnian people to survive the new world, had now found themselves in a city that had no real leader. The people told the Sauvageot they may reside in the palace until the people could decide what to do, now that there was a new Prince back in the city…. ...To Be Continued!
  18. “Hrm.” A ker continued on with his daily life. “Looks like he needed some bread instead.” He chuckled, going back to his prayers to the ancestors.
  19. Anne sits in her room and tries to read the paper, giving up halfway through she starts to pack a bag for Carrot incases they have to leave soon. “Eh Carro’ yeh thin’ I should pack yeh more food or salt?” ((OOC: I hope you get well soon!))
  20. A post is nailed to each den door of the Sanctum. ”Dear resident. It’s come to our attention that over all and daily spiritual devotion is lower than desired. Many look at the spirits and see only sacrifices. If you are struggling with your own creativity or simply are dull, have no fear. The following will contain standard ritual practice for every day. This is to help other spirits than Luara gaze their eyes upon you. To know only one spirit, is to shun the rest. Many can say they have faith, so let’s put that to the test. “ Overall worship concepts: Step one 1: Early Morning: Awaken and offer thanks to Dazkur and Deltrhok. Dazkur, the Greater Immortal spirit of loyalty and protection (For keeping you safe another day.) An offering to Dazkur can be simple. The act of protecting, or in a more simple case. Deltrhok, The Greater Immortal spirit of dreams and slumber. Step 2: Early Morning: The elementals. They help make life possible, and unlike Immortal Spirits. Elementals do not require mortal praise to be. Though they still enjoy praise. Step 3: Mid Day: Immortal Spirits: There are many, many immortals. This time in the day should be used to give praise to an immortal or few. The more devote tend to do as much as they can, however, simply praising a different Immortal each day works fine. This example, will use Akezo. Step 4: Late day: Ancestors The Ancestors are a stable of Maehr Culture. From the great and mighty Krug, to the Dalmakia trio. Many have their own ancestors, and we implore you to praise your direct own during this time. Ancestral offerings range from anywhere to personal things that the spirit enjoyed in life. To valuables. Ancestral spirits follow the same rules as other spirits with offerings. Many ancestors have their own prayers. If you’re looking for offering ideas to an ancestor, read above. Any of the rituals preformed can generally be applied to other spirits. Acolyte Qudlia Jusmia
  21. Kohta somewhere after deciphering the missive. Would take a long sip of her ale and slow clap to no one in particular. Eyes raising like she was praying for the stupidity of others.
  22. OOC – characters mentioned in entry 68 – @Thorten @Lirinya
  23. Update – made some new changes whilst waiting for reviewal: - Shade Tenets have been entirely removed. No longer will Shades have to follow the Tenets / Creeds that were previously denoted in the section “The Will of Arun’Asna.” This brings the rewrite even further away from the original Deific concept of Shade Lore, under which this rewrite, Shade is not a Deity Magic in any way. - New T4 Spell, Parasitic Purging, has been added as a result. This allows Shades to purge other Shades either forcefully or willingly, so long as a set of conditions are filled.
  24. A Fete of Prosperity 1780 With the recent appointment of Lorena Annabelle and the reforms following in her wake, inevitable prosperity is bound to surface within the confines of Kaedrin. Consequently, after perpetually waiting for years and years, the heart of the Commonwealth being Owynsberg yearns for a festivity. After heeding the advice of its beloved citizens, Superintendent of the Arts George Dubois alongside the rest of the Commonwealth deems it fit to hold a festival like no other, to revel in these times of prosperity. But to also bear in mind the Demon peril, to not forget, but to allow not the menace to topple us down, for our spirit can not and will not ever be tainted, we will always rise and remain triumphant. For the Commonwealth! All in the Empire are invited to this day of carousing, taking place on the date of 1780. In the morn: Once everybody has rallied for the event, a speech will be given by the Superintendent of the Arts. Then all in attendance will be allowed much of the day to knock a few, or many drinks back and mingle. Being mindful of such, the Commonwealth will be inviting all purveyors and entrepreneurs alike to host their own stalls in the city, vending, auctioning or even hosting games. Said stalls will be free of any charge, the only constraint being that your goods must be deemed worthy and enticing for the public. At Noon: It is expected at this point that at least everybody is marginally tipsy, with drunk souls comes young vigour and staggered talent, a spectacle for all to marvel at! A ring will be constructed on the day and when the time comes a boxing tournament shall be held, with a considerable prize of 3000 mina proffered to the gallant victor. Amongst that, the victor ludorum shall be crowned with the petty title of ‘The Kaedrini Lionheart’. Nearing Night: Everything will be coming to an end at this point, but fear not, as the excitement will only grow into the day’s end. A freshly thought out competition will be taking place in honour of the Imperial State Navy and their recently constructed port. It will consist of both archery and boating, a challenging task and the deciding factor will undoubtedly be teamwork. Two people will be assigned as a team per boat, in which they will compete against others for the fastest time in a race. Along the way posts within the water will be set up with troublesome targets, you may only proceed in the race once said target has been hit. The victors will receive a mina prize of 2000 mina and will have their portraits painted, depicting their victory, to be hung inside one of the halls inside of the Port. To conclude in all, we hope to see each and every person reading this missive in attendance on the day of the event. Bringing numbers and activity to the once forgotten province will without doubt bring further strength and glory to the Empire. So to repeat, join the Commonwealth on this day of celebration and carouse til the night gives out. Her Excellency, Lorena Annabelle Helvets, Lieutenant Governor of Kaedrin Mister, George Dubois, Superintendent of the Arts and Minister of Finance OOC: Taking place on Saturday (07/08/20), at 6PM EST in Owynsburg/Kaedrin.
  25. You seem cool. We should hang out some time 😉
  26. Orc horns are cool. Unless every other orc suddenly began to appear with red horns, I wouldn’t think twice of them. Neat aesthetic. Thank you for your concerns, @BrandNewKitten. Valid critique.
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